I want to draw a Viewfinder doujin but don’t feel skillful enough. Another tricky point is that I want to write the story in English yet I’m not really fluent in English. But in my mind, because I’ve read all Yamane-sensei mangas in English, so English is the natural language for reading and writing Viewfinder.

Still English is not my language so the plot I’m ending up with is totally PWP. I can only visualize smex and smex and smex… Bad bad bad fiendish fangirl meh! I need a plot!!!

I wanted to draw it for Christmas, but I think I won’t be able to make it in time. Perhaps would I be able to draw something for Valentine.

There’s also this contest running at Fei Love. I wanted also to draw a picture of Fei Long.
Problem is I’m not a Fei Long fan.
Joining the Fei community makes me a bit uneasy because of this. That’s why I haven’t started drawing anything about him.

Well, I still want to draw a Fei illustration. Even though he pisses me off, he’s one hot long-haired beautiful bishie I can drool on.
Argh, if I can kick myself to do it, I’ll try drawing one just for my journal and my comrades—the Yamane Ayano’s fans.