When I first discovered that my computer could actually draw better than me, I felt betrayed. *laugh*

In fact, I wanted very much to create illustrations like the cool digital art I could see everywhere. I like drawing… but only faces. I suck at drawing bodies—hands make me feel like gouging my eyes out.

But sketching with a pencil is okay and kinda relaxing. Painting is a real pain in my butt. Many times I’ve ruined a not-so-bad sketch by painting it with watercolors. You’ve already seen the results in my resolution post.
I’m a disaster as a painter.

The first graphic art software I bought was Corel something. Took me ages to understand how to use it. But since then, I’ve quit painting with traditional brushes.
I was just so glad I didn’t have to touch them again.

And when I finally learned how to manipulate photos, the real fun started for me.


Ici, il s’agit de mon premier essai en photo-montage avec le logiciel Corel. En ce temps-là, je voulais illustrer mon roman médiéval et avais passé des heures incalculables à retravailler l’image.
Stupide… quand je pense qu’aujourd’hui, je suis en train de reprendre cette première version en virant le château pour en mettre un autre.

Stone Angels / Anges de Pierre

Voici une autre de mes manipulations d’images de l’époque, toujours pour illustrer une autre de mes histoires. Mais le projet d’écriture a capoté, faute d’enthousiasme de ma part. Reste que j’affectionne particulièrement l’ange de droite et ne me décide pas à effacer ce travail.
Qui sait si je ne découvrirai pas une autre source d’inspiration pour cette illustration ?

I remember how pityfully long I took to create those 2 pictures. I’m still such a klutz with my PC. But I don’t work anymore on Corel.
I have Photoshop for over 2 years but am unable to use it. I’ve also Bryce and Poser but don’t know how to only set them up since my computer crashes every time I try to install them.

Back then I couldn’t understand how Photoshop works, even after six months scratching my head wondering what a layer was or a filter and so on. That’s when I started playing with the Gimp. And I’m still playing with it.