Happy Yuletide to everybody!

I draw too slowly so this doujin is still unfinished.
It took me 2 weeks to make the 4 darned pages and I couldn’t even find the time to clean my drawings and screen-tone them.
And I didn’t even have time to create a cover.
So sorry.

I really wanted to release it all for christmas eve, but I fear I’ll only finish it next year.
At page 4, I think we’re about halfway in this one-shot.
I’ll try to continue and finish it ASAP.

Kids, go away!
This is yaoi, meaning images depicting homosexual relationships.
If the concept offends you, don’t clink on the link!

Les gosses, barrez-vous !
Ceci est du yaoi, c’est à dire des images illustrant des relations homosexuelles.
Si le concept vous offense, ne cliquez pas sur le lien !

Title: Still Night (I should title it Very Late Night, seeing how slow I am drawing it)
Characters/Pairings: Asami x Akihito
Warnings: none yet (WORKSAFE for now)
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Yamane-sensei.
Note: Read from right to left

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