I’ve been on a BL banner spree lately. It’s so much easier to create banners than to draw.

Now I’m feeling shameless about using them as siggies when discussing on a normal board. I just keep my most explicit ones for specific places where people have the yaoi spirit. ^___^

Now, here comes the banners I’ve done with the artworks of some of the finest BL artists IMHO.

Kids, go away!
This is yaoi, meaning images depicting homosexual relationships.
If the concept offends you, don’t clink on the link!

Les gamins, tirez-vous !
Ceci est du yaoi, c’est à dire des images illustrant des relations homosexuelles.
Si le concept vous offense, ne cliquez pas sur le lien !

Yoo Hajin
yoo hajin
I’ve recently discovered this korean artist. His/her Totally Captivated series is quite enjoyable.

Kaoru Yukifuna
I’m a total sucker for her beautiful art. I can’t remember the name or the american publisher who’s licensed the Flesh & Blood light novel series. Is it BLU or Juné or another one? Whatever, I’m waiting for the books!
F&B | F&B2 | F&B3

Inariya Fusanosuke
I’m crazy for her style. Love love her art style to bits. Though, she’s really not for the faint of heart. Her mangas are very angsty, not necessarily happy-ended. But they’re very intense.
Maiden Rose | Giglio
The end of this two shot manga is bittersweet and kinda tragic. I think this might become one of the best hard yaoi manga ever. And it is still going on at 2 volumes for the present.

Kazusa Takashima
If not for this revolting scandal involving one shoujo mangaka I can’t stand anymore ever since I learned about it, Takashima-sensei would surely have become one of the most famous yaoi mangaka.
Wild Rock | Last Client
This sweet fluffy yaoi manga got Takashima-sensei into her sad predicament.
Curse the shoujo mangaka! Because of her sneaky actions, I might never know the end of my beloved Last Client. *cry cry cry*
Even unfinished, this manga is one of the best piece of hard yaoi you can ever read. I don’t mean hard as in very explicit. It is explicit. But I mean hard as in adult themes, as in disturbing for soft hearts. A very dramatic and captivating and unfortunately unfinished masterpiece.
Curse the shoujo mangaka! One day, your karma will bite you back for your sins!

Ayano Yamane
My most beloved one obsession. I’m sure that if one day, I lose interest in BL, I’ll still be a Yamane fan.
My one true love: Asami. Why must he be gay? *wailing pityfully*
Aw well, he’s so sexy when smexing molesting Akihito. After all, it’s his fault if I’m a rabid yaoi fangirl.
IIR | Not worksafe banner here
Crimson Spell is after Viewfinder my most cherished yaoi manga. Okay, whatever Yamane-sensei draws is my cherished one.