Ah, my fanfiction for Viewfinder fandom will be included in the fanbook the Yamane com. will send to Yamane Ayano. There were 15 slots for the fanfics and luckily, there are 15 submissions so we’ve all made it. The fanarts aren’t so lucky as they exceed the number of 15. Thus there’s a vote to decide which ones will be included in the fanbook.

Kids, go away!
This is a yaoi fanfic, meaning a fic depicting homosexual relationships.
If the concept offends you, don’t clink on the link!

Les gamins, débarrasez le plancher !
Ceci est une fanfic yaoi, c’est à dire une fiction dépeignant des relations homosexuelles.
Si le concept vous offense, ne cliquez pas sur le lien !

Title: Do I know…
Author: Lethalene

Fandom: Viewfinder
Pairing: Asami x Akihito
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Naked Truth 18
Disclaimer: Viewfinder and all its characters belong to Yamane Ayano.