It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something at this blog. I’ve wanted to update for quite some time, since in fact the rumours last summer of Youka Nitta’s coming back, but I’ve waited and waited to get more reliable sources than just hearsays. I’m still not certain of her whereabouts, but there are signs that she’s back to work.

So last summer was published the second volume of her only mainstream series Otodama. The fact it’s this series which is the first one she’s working again comes as not really a surprise. I’m not as optimistic as her die hard fans because she got troubles because of her most popular BL series. Thus, it’s sensible to come back with a mainstream manga —ergo no connection with BL— which was also a new series when the scandal broke. Therefore amongst her works, Otodoma was the least damaged of all.

It was also last summer an announce at Libre site was made that the last chapter of Harudaki will be published this fall as well as the final volume #14 —it will be released on November the 11th if the publisher does not decide to postpone it. I haven’t heard of any other series she would be continuing. And for the moment, I don’t see Libre putting back in their catalogue the volumes prior to volume 14 of Harudaki. So this might be just an exceptional publication. I guess they must have reached an agreement with the offended partie(s) concerning the contents of the last volume of Harudaki in order to at least be able to conclude the series.

I won’t jump on the conclusion that now everything’s back to normal as I suspect there are still issues. This reminds me of artists working in the past in BL industry who, after a scandal in their career and a period of contrition, came back to quit BL and work instead in mainstream genre. I’m not saying it’s Nitta’s case, but I can’t dismiss this possibility for the lack of update on her other BL series and considering the kind of mangas she’s been working on lately.

But enough speculations already. I should continue on other news.

Drama Queen has at least ceased their drama concerning Inariya Fusanosuke’s manga series: Hyakujitsu no Bara, aka Maiden Rose. It was confirmed for a couple of months now that June manga has acquired the licence for this series. So even though I’m not overly crazy about June, I’m relieved to know with this publisher, I will definitely get my copy in English of Maiden Rose.

Drama Queen had by far the best quality when they were actually releasing something, but they’ve worn out my patience with their excuses and never-ending announces that they’re just about to release X or Y books which in the end were never released.

To those waiting for episode 2 of the animation adapted from the manga series, Hyakujitsu no Bara DVD2 was on sale yesterday in Japan. And today, the Chinese fansub is already available. I won’t upload the videos to any streaming site anymore as it’s too troublesome: deleted accounts, anti-yaoi reports and such. Now, I’m only going to upload the files for you to download them. And if you want to watch the videos online, google is your friend.

While waiting for your download to be completed, have a look at the screenshots that I’ve posted at my livejournal a few days ago.
(download links for the Chinese subs removed)

The English fansub was released. You will find download links at Aarinfantasy. If you can’t access the fansubber’s site, I’ve put links to watch the video online in this post.

Kids, go away!
This is yaoi, meaning images depicting homosexual relationships.
If the concept offends you, don’t clink on the links!

Les loupiots, décampez d’ici !
Ceci est du yaoi, c’est à dire des images illustrant des relations homosexuelles.
Si le concept vous offense, ne cliquez pas sur les liens !

Next month, Prime Time will also release an OVA based on Kaori Monchi’s manga: Seito Kaicho ni Chuukoku —it is due on November the 27th.

I don’t think I’ll watch this one. The chara design is not to my taste and I’m a bit overdosing with all those BL high schoolers romances. I’ve tried reading the manga just to have a feel of the plot —rather lack of plot— but so far, I still can’t go further than the first chapter.

Sorry to Kaori Monchi’s fans but I’m really not fond of the artist. Though you can take a look at the trailer:

Another update on BL animation, concerning this time Sex Pistols OVAs, adapted from Kotobuki Tarako’s manga series. At the official site, they’ve finally announced the first DVD will be on sale starting March 26, 2010 and the second OVA will the released on June 25.

It seems like Hoikushi, an original character voiced by Yusa Koji, will be introduced in the extra animation Yoi Kono Madararui 1.

So if you’ve missed the trailer, here it is:

And to conclude this long post, the release for Ai no Kusabi remake was postponed. Now according to the official site, the first DVDs should be out sometime in spring 2010.

You should watch the 2 trailers if you haven’t yet, to get a feel of it. The production is superb and so much superior to your average Boys Love animation.

Then I’ve noticed for quite a while now that adaptations based on Rieko Yoshihara’s novels always show a superior quality compared to other BL works.

Guess the author must really be an important name in the industry.