BéèlleI’m not much into French BL, but the initiative is interesting. For those of you who can read French or are curious to take a look at the first issue of this fanmade magazine, you can read it online at the Boy’s Love site. I’ve retrieved the pictures and zipped them for those of you who would prefer to download it as a file — link in the next part of this message.

WARNING: there is explicit gay sex and nekkid guys, so don’t download/read the magazine if these things offend you!

Download: Béèlle #1

The magazine features French artists like:

  • Clover Doe (Sweet Home: one-shot story),
  • Mélina Moreno (Caelum & Terra Ch1)
  • Shin & June (Ephemeral Ch1)

Is included the French version of StarFighter part 1 by American artist Hamlet Machine. There are also articles and excerpts of novels: Magie by Phoebé and Sable mouvant by Marlène Jedynak.