So I decided to colorize my clumsy sketch from the previous post — please, just forget that lousy rough! >.<
As you can see, I made some modifications between the penciled draft and the final colorized illustration. For instance, after finishing the draft, I started seeking a jacket design from actual ones and noticed that I was wrong about which side the zipper is on men’s jackets. *headdesk*
It’s been quite a while I haven’t drawn that much in a few months, though I used to doodle a lot more years ago. But I think it’ll be months away before I feel again such an itch to draw a fanart of Yamane-sensei’s work. ^_^;

Title: I’ll give you the ride of your life
Spoilers: same as before, meaning none, except eprime‘s fanfic Under the skin — especially chapter 16 and 17.
Warnings: SFW.
Disclaimer: VF and Asami belong to Yamane Ayano.

Click on the picture to enlarge. (Size: 955*1024)

And if you prefer slightly bigger images, here you are: 1194*1280 | 1493*1600 | 2239*2400