I haven’t tidied my room for New Year’s. Bad me! I’ll do it for the Chinese New Year’s day. I don’t care for yuletide — this time of the year is just depressing me. I couldn’t sleep at night for about a week, dozing most of the day. I sure don’t get enough rest. Don’t know if it’s anxiety or a ghost playing tricks on me. And if you ask, yes, I believe in ghosts, angels, demons, witches, etc. Maybe I should go to mass again. I can’t remember last time I attended church, maybe it was over 10 years ago.

I’m bored, waiting for time to pass.

Today, what was my special dinner? I didn’t have lunch, wasn’t hungry then. Tonight, I ate rice, steamed cabbage with a sauce made of boiled egg and nuoc mam. And because I was still a bit hungry an hour ago, I made myself a plain pork rillettes sandwich. The fancier thing I prepared for myself was hot cocoa with a hint of cinnamom and with soy milk as I try to avoid dairies. But from time to time, I still can’t resist buying croissants or pains aux raisins at the baker’s… and there’s an aerosol of whipped cream in the fridge, still untouched for now but I’ll succomb to its creaminess call soon. Gah!

Out of boredom, I listed my purchases of the month for BL manga ebooks. Wow! I’ve busted my budget this week. I’ve never bought that much BL mangas within a week in the past. But I wanted to make use of booksonboard holiday season promotions, so I paid about half the price of those ebooks — in fact, a little less than half their prices thanks to BoB rewards and extra discounts.