I haven’t tidied my room for New Year’s. Bad me! I’ll do it for the Chinese New Year’s day. I don’t care for yuletide — this time of the year is just depressing me. I couldn’t sleep at night for about a week, dozing most of the day. I sure don’t get enough rest. Don’t know if it’s anxiety or a ghost playing tricks on me. And if you ask, yes, I believe in ghosts, angels, demons, witches, etc. Maybe I should go to mass again. I can’t remember last time I attended church, maybe it was over 10 years ago.

I’m bored, waiting for time to pass.

Today, what was my special dinner? I didn’t have lunch, wasn’t hungry then. Tonight, I ate rice, steamed cabbage with a sauce made of boiled egg and nuoc mam. And because I was still a bit hungry an hour ago, I made myself a plain pork rillettes sandwich. The fancier thing I prepared for myself was hot cocoa with a hint of cinnamom and with soy milk as I try to avoid dairies. But from time to time, I still can’t resist buying croissants or pains aux raisins at the baker’s… and there’s an aerosol of whipped cream in the fridge, still untouched for now but I’ll succomb to its creaminess call soon. Gah!

Out of boredom, I listed my purchases of the month for BL manga ebooks. Wow! I’ve busted my budget this week. I’ve never bought that much BL mangas within a week in the past. But I wanted to make use of booksonboard holiday season promotions, so I paid about half the price of those ebooks — in fact, a little less than half their prices thanks to BoB rewards and extra discounts.

From December 27th to the 30th, here are all my BL manga purchases of the month:

  1. AGAWA Kouko: Facing the Incoming Wind
  2. AGAWA Kouko: Love Soul
  3. AKIBA Jiro: And Love
  4. AOI Yuna: Knight’s Terms
  5. ARAYA Miki: Secretary’s Job
  6. ARAYA Miki: Shackles Called Love
  7. CHAYAMACHI Suguro: Chayamachi’s Collection BLANC
  8. CHAYAMACHI Suguro: Chayamachi’s Collection NOIR
  9. ENOMOTO Tsubaki: Outrageous Cherry Voice
  10. ENOMOTO Tsubaki: Secret Garden
  11. Est Em: Kine In!
  12. FUJI Tamaki: Anatomia
  13. FUJI Tamaki: ATA
  14. FURUTSUJI Kikka: For My Cherry Blossom
  15. FUSA Juuji: Faraway Places
  16. FUSA Juuji: Renji Jumonji’s Hardship
  17. HABUYAMA Hebiko: My Sempai
  18. HATORI Mui: Conditions of Happiness
  19. HIMAWARI Souya: The Conqueror’s Chalice
  20. ISAKA Juugorou: Love Equation
  21. ISHIDA Ikue: All the Time
  22. ISHIDA Ikue: Border Control Fate
  23. ISHIDA Ikue: Horizon Line
  24. ISHIDA Ikue: Pride
  25. ISHIDA Ikue: Pride : A Deceitful Man
  26. ISHIDA Ikue: The Kneeling Butler
  27. ISHIDA Ikue: The World Is Full of Cheating Boyfriends
  28. ISHIHARA Satoru: Betting My Life with You
  29. ISINO Aya: Weekend of Dreams
  30. KAGURAZAKA Hanko: Mourning Dinner Party
  31. KAGURAZAKA Hanko: Oh, and a Bowl of Moxa Is Coming
  32. KAGURAZAKA Hanko: Would That Not Be the Case!
  33. KAIYA Tatsumi: Healing Music
  34. KAJIMOTO Jun: Indefinite Sociogram #1
  35. KAJIMOTO Jun: Indefinite Sociogram #2end:
  36. KAMO Nabako: Again Tomorrow
  37. KAMURO Koreaki: Isn’t It Tempting
  38. KANADE Hazuki: Passing Line
  39. KANAI Kei: I’m the Big Brother
  40. KARI Sumako: These Are the Hungry
  41. KINOSHITA Keiko: A Lovely Day with Yuri Sensei
  42. KINOSHITA Keiko: That Cute Kid Is Mine and Mine
  43. KINOSHITA Keiko: You and Tonight, Volume 1
  44. KINOSHITA Keiko: Yuri Sensei Is in a Good Mood Today As Well
  45. KITA Matose: Piece of Love x Love Sickness
  46. KONNO Kita: Country Boy
  47. KONNO Kita: Salva Me
  48. KONNO Kita: Sunday’s Child
  49. KONNO Satomi: Rainy Day Love
  50. Koshino: My Neighbor
  51. Koshino: Want to Be Happy?
  52. KUJOU Aoi: It May Not Be Love
  53. KUMOTA Haruko: Wild Rose
  54. KUMOTA Haruko: You in the Window
  55. KUSAMA Sakae: Spirit of First Love
  56. KYO Youya: He’s Mine
  57. KYOUDA Kahiro: Curve
  58. MAKI Ruis: A Passion of Oranges
  59. MATSUO Fukuko: Snow and Kisses
  60. MIENO Saori: The Reason Why He Loves Him So Much
  61. MIENO Saori×RIO: Full Bloom #1
  62. MISUGI Karin: Fever
  63. MOMOYAMA Naoko: Love in My Heart
  64. MURAKAMI Sachi: In The Sweet Palm Of Your Hand
  65. NAKAMURA Koume: OverDrive
  66. NIHONKAI Aranami: Meteor Echoes
  67. NISHIMURA Shuuko: Career Gate
  68. NOGAKI Suzume: Silly Gossip
  69. OKUYAMA Puku: The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe
  70. OUMI: Long Version #1
  71. OUMI: Long Version #2end:
  72. PSYCHE Delico: Pure Love’s Sexy Time
  73. ROKUYA Sanae: My Boyfriend, the Mad Dog
  74. ROKUYA Sanae: Not for Sale!
  75. SAKURANO Nayuna: What? Sensei
  76. SASAKI Ayumi: Moon Centaur
  77. SHIMA Asahi: Cheap Chase
  78. SHIMA Asahi: I Can Feel Your Hand
  79. SHIMA Asahi: Kizu-Ato
  80. SHIMA Asahi: Neck-Tie
  81. SHIMA Asahi: Reset
  82. Shimaji: Merry Men
  83. SHINDO Himeko: I Love Love, Too
  84. SHINDO Himeko: Kids Are Doing Fine Today!!
  85. SHINOHARA Nagisa: Help Me Reach the Top Shelf
  86. SOUMA Jinko: Crazy About You
  87. SUGITA Satomi: Secret Love Finale
  88. SUGITA Satomi: Secret Love Overture
  89. SUGITA Satomi: Take Me Away
  90. SUGIURA Rokka: Fantasy Paradise
  91. TAKADA Yuuki: Climb On To My Shoulders
  92. TAKADA Yuuki: Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun
  93. TANAKA Suzuki: Slow Starter
  94. TATSUKI: If the Wish Is Fulfilled
  95. TAUMI Mayu: Love and a Sin
  96. TENZEN Momoko: Welcome to SMC
  97. TORI Maia: You Get an Angel
  98. UCHIDA Kazuna: SPIDER
  99. WATANABE Asia: Tie Me Up with Your Love
  100. YAMADA Mario: The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers

And for a change, I only bought 1 Harlequin comics — An Officer and a Princess, by Megumi Toda and Carla Cassidy. It’s okay, I previously bought all HQ comics in English available at BoB, except for this one and another one.

I’ve read 4 Shima Asahi out of the 5 in my list, and have just finished Yamada Mario’s Faithful dog waits for flowers — entertaining dysfunctional read. Let’s read more while waiting for the sun to rise if I don’t fall asleep before the end of the night.