HQcI’ve gotten my hands on a couple of HQ comics that I’m adding to my list of raws: Forgotten Love and Heidelberg Wedding.

Forgotten Love raws have watermarks and the height of the pages is about 824px.

HQcI’m excluding the French scanlation teams for Heidelberg Wedding raws, but scanlation groups in other languages can send me a request. The height of the pages is a little over 2150px.

Why this choice of ignoring the French teams’ requests for Heidelberg Wedding raws?
The scans are there if you know where to search in the Internet. It’s not like you can’t get the raws by any other means than through my site.
I’ve recently bought the 4 and only HQ comics paperbacks published in French in 2007. They went out of print only a few months after their releases. The sales were too weak so the publisher dropped the HQ manga imprint in France. But the fact is that official French versions of those 4 books do exist. Thus, scanlating them in French would be redundant now. And Heidelberg Wedding/Amoureuse d’un Chirurgien is one of them.

HQ manga France

These 4 books are collector and not too easy to find all together. That’s why I’m very reluctant to debind any of them, even if they aren’t in pristine condition. So if someone wants to share their own copies, you’re welcome because I’m not going to be the one who does it.

But since I’ve got them in French, I might decide to translate part of them to English. It’d be best if a Japanese-English translator works on them, as I don’t know Japanese and English is not even my mother tongue. I can only translate based on the French version but it’d be far from accurate. I don’t even know whether the French translation is any good. Imagine it’s crap, adding another level of translation from French to English would just increase the crappiness of it all.
Besides, the French publisher mirrored the pages so the French versions are read Western-style, i.e. starting at the beginning of the book, from left to right —whereas the Japanese way of reading starts at the end of the book, from right to left. I also noticed that some texts and SFXs were edited in the French versions, gone as if they never existed. And I suspect some lines might have been switched in the speech bubbles.

Enchantment in Venice Author: Lucy Gordon
Artist: Kei Kohsaki | 光崎圭
English title: Enchantment in Venice + Vengeance is Mine
Japanese title: 花ざかりの街 + 忘れえぬ人


Diamond Girl Author: Diana Palmer
Artist: Kasumi Kuroda | 黒田かすみ
English title: Diamond Girl
Japanese title: ダイヤモンド・ガール


If some good Samaritan wishes to share the raws, I can try translating these mangas into English based on my French books. At least, my very limited knowledge of the Japanese language enables me to differentiate the “ahhhs” from “ohhhs”, piece together some SFXs and recognize one or two basic words in the missing bits.