August 2013

Have found the new mangas translated into English at amazon.

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Seems like Softbank and Harlequin K.K. are actively working on translating the Lords of the Underworld series. Also, this month, they’ve released the whole Italian Grooms trilogy.

I’ve read the June releases, and overall, they look a bit more professional than those official English version we got of the Harlequin comics from half a year ago. The newest translations flow quite nicely. And the lettering is better too, though there’s room for improvement, like the fonts on the covers — I dislike most of the letterers’ choices on this matter, the titles look so Western comic like.

The Darkest Kiss 1

English title : The Darkest Kiss
Author : Gena Showalter
Artist : Yoko Iwasaki

Volume I

…So, will this ugly angel pull me out of chaos?? Long ago, beautiful, immortal warriors were created by the gods to maintain law and order in heaven. But these warriors fell ? Now, housing demons within themselves, the warriors live on earth for centuries in solitary, waiting for the god’s grace. Anya, the goddess of anarchy, arrives in Budapest to check out on these rumors. Contrary to her beautiful appearance, wild Anya brings disaster and chaos wherever she goes. These warriors were just supposed to be a great time-killer; however…!?


The Reluctant FiancéeAdding another HQc to my list. The Reluctant FiancéeAs expected from Iwasaki-sensei, the art is gorgeous and the story looks charming. I’m not too fond of Leon’s curly hair, but later on the manga, the curls are cut short… which I like better. Bea looks like a nice and strong woman. Maybe a bit young and quick to jump to conclusions, but both characters’ shared past speaks of so much love and probably explains Bea’s and Leon’s insecurities related to their age gap. The ending is lovely, with a hint of humour. -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ

If someone is interested in scanlating this manga, you’ll find the specifications and samples of the files in Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection and you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

HQcAuthor: Jacqueline Baird
Artist: IWASAKI Youko
English title: The Reluctant Fiancée

Second-time seduction! Bea has been reunited with Leon Gregoris, her ex-fiancé. But this time Leon won’t mesmerize her with his dark Greek-Cypriot good looks. Bea is older and in charge of herself now; she won’t be captive to sexual chemistry!
Then Leon announces they are engaged again—which is news to Bea! Before she can protest, Leon has whisked her away to his luxury villa in Cyprus. And guess what: that same mutual, intense physical attraction is as strong as ever. Bea might be unwilling to be Leon’s fiancée a second time, but it’s proving harder to steer clear of his bed!

I really like Hashimoto Takako’s art style. She’s amongst my favourite illustrators for the Harlequin and Romance comics. Though I wouldn’t purchase just any book drawn by her hand.

The Marriage DebtThe fact is that the plot of The Marriage Debt novel appeals to me very much. Starting with the heroine having to marry a convict sentenced to death, how can I resist such an introduction, set in the Regency era?

The Marriage Debt 1Combine this storyline with Hashimoto-sensei’s drawings, which seem prettier than usual to me — Nicholas’ shaggy appearance at the beginning is so masculine, even Hashimoto-sensei’s unkempt males are sexy ✿♥‿♥✿ —, you get here all the right incentives for me to buy this manga. I’ve wanted to purchase it ever since I first glimpsed at it.

Now, it’s done. And despite my inability to read Japanese, the manga feels quite lovely.
If someone is interested in scanlating this 2-books manga, specifications and samples about the files are compiled in Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection and you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

HQc1 HQc2
Author: Louise Allen
Artist: HASHIMOTO Takako
English title: The Marriage Debt
Genre: Historical

Is she a highwayman’s bride…
Marrying a highwayman awaiting execution is Miss Katherine Cunningham’s only hope — for that way her crippling debts will die with him. But it turns out that her new husband, Nicholas Lydgate, is innocent — and the son of a duke!
…or the wife of a marquis?
Katherine is determined to save his life, although this will make a temporary husband into a permanent one! Truth be known, she is attracted to Nicholas, but she won’t hold him to a union made in such circumstances — until he shows he cares for her…