Have found the new mangas translated into English at amazon.

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Seems like Softbank and Harlequin K.K. are actively working on translating the Lords of the Underworld series. Also, this month, they’ve released the whole Italian Grooms trilogy.

I’ve read the June releases, and overall, they look a bit more professional than those official English version we got of the Harlequin comics from half a year ago. The newest translations flow quite nicely. And the lettering is better too, though there’s room for improvement, like the fonts on the covers — I dislike most of the letterers’ choices on this matter, the titles look so Western comic like.

The Darkest Kiss 1

English title : The Darkest Kiss
Author : Gena Showalter
Artist : Yoko Iwasaki

Volume I

…So, will this ugly angel pull me out of chaos?? Long ago, beautiful, immortal warriors were created by the gods to maintain law and order in heaven. But these warriors fell ? Now, housing demons within themselves, the warriors live on earth for centuries in solitary, waiting for the god’s grace. Anya, the goddess of anarchy, arrives in Budapest to check out on these rumors. Contrary to her beautiful appearance, wild Anya brings disaster and chaos wherever she goes. These warriors were just supposed to be a great time-killer; however…!?

The Darkest Kiss 2

Volume II

Lucien, keeper of death, has been tasked with killing the goddess of anarchy, Anya and stealing her All-Key in order to keep tragedy from befalling the world. Lucien pretends to fall victim to her seduction and pushes her down onto the bed. However, the moment he kisses the wild temptress, he sees something on her face that he never expected: timid fear, and innocent tears…

Ah, Iwasaki-sensei is my hero! This artist’s drawings are the sole reason for me to be interested in this manga series. How can I not admire a mangaka who can make a character so very visually sexy and virile with long hair, leather outfit and scars on his face?! Gosh, lots of those shoujo artists should learn to draw men right like this! Even lots of BL mangakas should learn to draw manly men like this!

Now, let’s take a look at Lucy Gordon’s Italian Grooms trilogy.

  1. Wife By Arrangement

    English title : Wife By Arrangement
    Author : Lucy Gordon
    Artist : Rin Ogata

    Heather has been charmed by Lorenzo, a rich elite from Sicily. He’s a gentleman, but weak and powerless in the face of his overwhelming brother Renato. Suspicious that Heather may simply be after their fortune, Renato investigates and subjects the woman to a bizarre test, even going as far as to tempt her with a large sum of money. She refuses, and so he rewards her by ordering her to marry his brother…

  2. Husband By Necessity

    English title : Husband By Necessity
    Author : Lucy Gordon
    Artist : Hiroko Miura

    Angie, a British doctor, flew to Sicily for her best friend’s wedding, where she meets her destined love. Bernardo was the half-brother of the groom, son of a great family in Sicily. She instantly fell in love with this naive, thoughtful man, and spent wonderful moments just exchanging kisses. However, her love was quickly turned down the moment Bernardo found out Angie was from an upper-class. “I was going to beg you to marry me. I’ve been living in a fool’s paradise.”

  3. Bride By Choice

    English title : Bride By Choice
    Author : Lucy Gordon
    Artist : Min Kyuka

    Lorenzo Martelli is a young bachelor from a wealthy family in Sicily. He’s under pressure from his family to find a wife because his brothers have recently settled down with their loved ones. He tries to get away, but today, his mother told him to visit the family friend with four single daughters. Meanwhile, the oldest girl, Helen, is upset with Lorenzo whom she hasn’t even met yet, thinking “He must think all of my sisters are just dying to have him because he’s so rich…I’ll teach this bastard a lesson…!”

Urgh, second volume looks like the kind of stories I dislike. But Renato and Lorenzo’s stories seem more fun. I especially like Renato’s type of heroes. Have a soft spot for those authoritarian control freaks who get taught a good lesson in humble love.