5 new mangas translated into English have been released. The previous times, there were just 5 books out so I’m assuming this should be all releases for this month. You can already buy these mangas at amazon.


Finally, we get to see the rest of The Rich, the Ruthless and the Really Handsome trilogy. But to keep us on our toes, the publisher has released the first installment of From This Day Forward trilogy, all 3 mangas illustrated by Mayu Takayama. I like this mangaka and have been wondering whether to purchase the raws for this series or not. Seems like I’ll get to read the translated version first.

Considering the publisher has released the whole The Rich, the Ruthless and the Really Handsome series within 4 months, I have hope The Russian Rivals duet will be completed in the future. I need to know what kind of a friggin’ control-freak and horrible alpha male Vasilii is with Laura!? Maybe I’ll get to read the translated book for Xmas, won’t I?


English title : Doukakis’s Apprentice
Author : Sarah Morgan
Artist : Mizuho Ayabe

The advertisement agency started by Polly’s father has been bought out by Damon Doukakis. Why would the leader of such a large corporation choose this tiny company as his target? The workers are baffled, but Polly knows exactly why: Damon is trying to punish Polly’s father for eloping with his sister, Arianna. Damon declares he will fire all of the executives, and also warns Polly that she will no longer have nepotism on her side. Damon’s arrogance and Polly’s determination to protect her company pit them against each other—but one night, sparks of passion end up leading to intimacy.

Oh, this plot looks interesting! Plus Mizuho Ayabe’s art style is nice. And Damon’s haircut does not distract me in a bad way, which is a very good point.

I hope the heroine is a tough cookie since Damon looks like the obnoxiously domineering kind on a personal vendetta. Am expecting much fun reading this one.


English title : Capelli’s Captive Virgin
Author : Sarah Morgan
Artist : Keiko Kishimoto

While searching for her missing sister, Ruby, Lindsay visits the office of Alessio Capelli, where her sister was employed as his personal assistant. Alessio is a slick divorce attorney, while Lindsay is a counselor who works on reconciling marriages. Their natures clash like natural enemies that would make great reading on any of the tabloids. Lindsay embarrassingly finds herself taken by Alessio’s fine body. She discovers that he was planning to dismiss Ruby as she is MIA. In order to save Ruby’s job, she must accompany him to the Caribbean to fill-in as his personal assistant!

Uh, not a fan of Keiko Kishimoto’s art style and the plot is not really my cup of tea either. Maybe I’ll get a nice surprise despite my lack of interest for this book.


English title : No Regrets
Author : Candace Camp
Artist : Mayu Takayama

It is May 1949. Claire Winters falls in love at first sight with a sudden visitor—a handsome, dark-haired man. Jack Murphy is a close friend to Claire’s brother, Dennis, who died in the war. However, Claire is already in courtship with a man whom her parents have decided for her—Harlan, who is set to take after his father’s banking business. “I can’t bear to marry without knowing what love is. Mama, I’m sorry. I want to be with this man, at least until he leaves this town.” Here begins the first part of a trilogy chronicling a time-transcending romance!

Alright, this is the first story of From This Day Forward series. I hope the 3 books will be fun and not too heavy on drama. Mayu Takayama-sensei is great at drawing comedies with a nice touch of drama.

She moved me a lot with Amber by Night and Married Under The Italian Sun. There is just something special about this mangaka, when she switches from hilarious scenes to serious moments, when just the sad smiling face of the heroin speaks volumes about her past wounds whereas few words she says go straight to my heart and tell me of authentic maturity.

I can’t wait for the publisher to translate the 2 other stories of this series:

The rest of the series was translated and published in December.

Now, let’s have a look at the 2 last books of The Rich, the Ruthless and the Really Handsome series.

English title : The Greek Tycoon’s Defiant Bride
Author : Lynne Graham
Artist : Natsu Momose

Maribel has a crush on her cousin’s boyfriend, Leonidas, the Greek billionaire who constantly makes the tabloid headlines. She has a passionate one night stand with him, the day her cousin dies in a car crash! Maribel is convinced that she is nothing but a poor replacement for her cousin, yet she can’t help feeling hopelessly destroyed by Leonidas’s cold goodbye the morning after their tryst. Two years later, she is unexpectedly reunited with Leonidas, but she has a secret that she can never reveal to him. She had given birth to his child. Now, the truth has leaked to the paparazzi and tabloids alike!


English title : The Italian Billionaire’s Pregnant Bride
Author : Lynne Graham
Artist : Natsue Ogoshi

“You won’t leave this game until every part of you belongs to me.” Sergio Torrente, an Italian businessman, is surprised at who he sees in the surveillance camera. The mysterious person making moves every night against his challenging chess display at the office turns out to be a cleaner clad in a shabby uniform. But how could such a beautiful woman be just a cleaner? Drawn to the mysterious woman, Sergio summons her and declares that she will play a game of chess with him every night, starting this very day!

I like a lot Natsu Momose’s art style and the storyline looks not bad. So I’m hoping The Greek Tycoon’s Defiant Bride will be a nice read.
The Italian Billionaire’s Pregnant Bride has piqued my interest. Chess game and a cleaning lady, this sounds intriguing.