November 2013

I bought lots of books this month. One day, I hope to be able to get all those manga adaptations based on Western romance novels. o (◡‿◡✿)

Romance comics

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Now, let’s take a peek at my acquisitions.


I was surprised to see new HQc released at amazon and other online bookstores.


So, this month, we get the Raintree series. Fujita-sensei’s fans will be elated to get 3 stories/4 books illustrated by her. I’m more curious about Shiomiya-sensei’s book, which looks like the nice prince type comedy. It’s also the first installment in the Princess Swap series. I just hope the publisher don’t forget all the other pending series they’ve started translating but haven’t completed yet.

The publisher also started the Anetakis brothers trilogy, wrtitten by Maya Banks and illustrated by Nanao Hidaka. There’s also the first volume of Virgin Slave, Barbarian King, illustrated by Hashimoto-sensei. Gosh, I’ve just bought the Japanese version of Hashimoto-sensei’s manga adaptation as well as the first volume of the Anetakis series. I’ll buy the rest of this trilogy to complete my raws collection. At least, I’ll be able to read these in English.

Aside Virgin Slave, Barbarian King, I’m pretty interested in Minato Yoriko’s and Hanatsu Yoshiko’s books. Minato-sensei draws smexy mangas, and this one HQc looks to have some nice smut too. I also like a lot Hanatsu Yoshiko’s style. I just bought a few Japanese HQc illustrated by her and am quite taken by her skills. She can draw well comedy and drama. And in one of my new purchases, I even discovered that she can draw smoking hot sex scenes but I don’t think Like a hurricane has the same level of smut.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ RAINTREE TRILOGY ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. HQc

    English title : Raintree: Inferno
    Author : Linda Howard
    Artist : Kazuko Fujita

    Professional gambler Lorna lives the drifting life: hit one casino, clean house, and then move on to the next. Her luck runs out when savvy casino owner, Dante Raintree notices her unusual winning streak. She expects an interrogation, but what she gets is far more eerie: he reveals he’s psychic, just like her! Dante, convinced Lorna’s a supernatural spy sent to collapse his clan of psychics, drags her to his home as a captive! In book 1 of the Raintree miniseries, Lorna travels on a journey of self-discovery and passionate romance! (more…)

Today, I’m adding to my raws collection 5 prince theme Harlequin comics and 3 noble Waterloo veterans.

Harlequin comics

The publisher already translated and released Lord Calthorpe’s Promise, but its 2 sequels remain untranslated as of now. It’s such a pity! Colonel Ancroft’s Love manga version looks nicely spirited.

■ Sylvia Andrew & OGATA Rin: The Waterloo Trilogy

  1. Lord Calthorpe’s Promise
  2. Lord Trenchard’s Choice
  3. Colonel Ancroft’s Love

■ Cara Colter & ICHIJU Yuko: The Prince And The Nanny
■ Penny Jordan & KISHIMOTO Keiko: A Bride For His Majesty’s Pleasure
■ Lynn Raye Harris & AKIMOTO Nami: Cavelli’s Lost Heir
■ Emilie Rose & INOUE Emiko: The Prince’s Ultimate Deception
■ Rebecca Winters & CHIHARA Esu: Bride Fit For a Prince

You’ll find information and snippets about these mangas at my Harlequin and Romance comic raws list. If someone is interested in scanlating one or more stories, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.