I was surprised to see new HQc released at amazon and other online bookstores.


So, this month, we get the Raintree series. Fujita-sensei’s fans will be elated to get 3 stories/4 books illustrated by her. I’m more curious about Shiomiya-sensei’s book, which looks like the nice prince type comedy. It’s also the first installment in the Princess Swap series. I just hope the publisher don’t forget all the other pending series they’ve started translating but haven’t completed yet.

The publisher also started the Anetakis brothers trilogy, wrtitten by Maya Banks and illustrated by Nanao Hidaka. There’s also the first volume of Virgin Slave, Barbarian King, illustrated by Hashimoto-sensei. Gosh, I’ve just bought the Japanese version of Hashimoto-sensei’s manga adaptation as well as the first volume of the Anetakis series. I’ll buy the rest of this trilogy to complete my raws collection. At least, I’ll be able to read these in English.

Aside Virgin Slave, Barbarian King, I’m pretty interested in Minato Yoriko’s and Hanatsu Yoshiko’s books. Minato-sensei draws smexy mangas, and this one HQc looks to have some nice smut too. I also like a lot Hanatsu Yoshiko’s style. I just bought a few Japanese HQc illustrated by her and am quite taken by her skills. She can draw well comedy and drama. And in one of my new purchases, I even discovered that she can draw smoking hot sex scenes but I don’t think Like a hurricane has the same level of smut.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ RAINTREE TRILOGY ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. HQc

    English title : Raintree: Inferno
    Author : Linda Howard
    Artist : Kazuko Fujita

    Professional gambler Lorna lives the drifting life: hit one casino, clean house, and then move on to the next. Her luck runs out when savvy casino owner, Dante Raintree notices her unusual winning streak. She expects an interrogation, but what she gets is far more eerie: he reveals he’s psychic, just like her! Dante, convinced Lorna’s a supernatural spy sent to collapse his clan of psychics, drags her to his home as a captive! In book 1 of the Raintree miniseries, Lorna travels on a journey of self-discovery and passionate romance!

  2. HQc

    English title : Raintree: Haunted
    Author : Linda Winstead Jones

    Volume I

    Hope Malory’s first day as a homicide detective isn’t going well. Not only assigned to her first gruesome murder, but also partnered to the infamously eccentric Gideon Raintree. Gideon is quite handsome, but a tad creepy, seemingly talking to the very air! Hope’s homicide investigation reveals some intriguing facts: the victims roommate is none other than Gideon’s cousin! With supernatural meddling, suspicious circumstances, and romance in the precinct, Raintree: Haunted starts off with a bloody bang!


    Volume II

    As Hope and Gideon creep closer the truth, the stakes get higher! Not only is the murderer eluding their grasp, but they turn out to be directly involved in the downfall of the Raintree clan! Now that Hope and Gideon are now sharing a bed along with the office, can they make their relationship last through pregnancy predictions and bomb threats? Find out in the final volume of Raintree: Haunted!

  3. HQc

    English title : Raintree: Sanctuary
    Author : Beverly Barton

    Mercy Raintree, princess of the Raintrees, has a surprise visitor: Judah Ansara, heir to the Ansara clan! She claims he’s an old flame and a faint memory, but how can she forget him when they share a daughter? As the war between the Ansara and the Raintree comes to head, Mercy must take up her clan’s fabled sword and fight for a future her daughter can proudly live in! Is Judah truly a man worth trusting? Can their daughter, who shares the blood of both clans, be the key to ending the conflict? Don’t miss this exciting conclusion of the Raintree miniseries!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Now, on to the Princess Swap series, with the first book:

English title : Ordinary Girl In A Tiara
Author : Jessica Hart
Artist : Yuki Shiomiya

Vintage clothing lover Caro decides she wants an ordinary life with an ordinary man after a failed relationship with an upperclass, cheating fiance. But it’s terribly difficult to be ordinary when you’re friends with a princess! Caro is offered the chance of a lifetime: swap lives with her good friend Princess Lotty of Montluce! The catch? She needs to play the girlfriend to Lotty’s unwilling fiance, Prince Philippe. Lotty and Philippe have dreams of their own and marriage to each other isn’t in cards, but not if Dowager Blanche, Lotty’s grandmother, has anything to say about it! Swapping lives sounds all well and good, however if Caro and Philippe can’t play a convincing couple, it’s over! Philippe is as far from ordinary as he can get—not exactly Caro’s type. Can an eccentric fashion fan and a pompous prince pull it off in this dramedy of romantic deceptions? What happens when they both start to believe the lie?

And the second story of this duet looks just as fun. Plus good for me, I like both illustrators’ art styles. I hope the publisher could translate the sequel soon.

Edit: The second book of this series, The Secret Princess, was translated and released in January 2014.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : Wife By Contract, Mistress By Demand
Author : Carole Mortimer
Artist : Marito Ai

Gabriella fell in love with her stepbrother, Rufus, on the day her mother remarried. However, her love for him was shot down by Rufus’s words: “Don’t try to seduce me for my money.” Since then, hatred has flared between the two. Five years later, Gabriella’s stepfather has passed away, leaving behind a strange will. Gabriella and Rufus are to live together for six months as husband and wife in order to inherit the fortune! Gabriella will live with a man who accuses women of being money-grubbing mares?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : A Bride Worth Waiting For
Author : Caroline Anderson
Artist : Marito Ai

Annie and Etienne meet each other working for a French winery. The two instantly fall in love, but Etienne is somehow caught up in violence and loses his life. Nine years later, Annie is the owner of a tearoom located in a small British town. She still holds her feelings for lost Etienne, but recently another man has started to approach her. He is Michael Harding, the bestselling author and landlord of Annie’s tearoom. Although he has been her landlord for years, Annie somehow has never met him in person. Michael looks nothing like the gentle Etienne Annie fell in love with 9 years ago. Yet somehow she sees the two men overlap….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : Blackwolf’s Redemption
Author : Sandra Marton
Artist : Kyoko Sagara

Sienna Cummings is out on an expedition in Montana. She is with her university crew to research a canyon owned by a man named Jesse Blackwolf—an ultrarich hero of the Vietnam War who suddenly fell off the radar in the mid-1970s. What exactly happened? The truth remains unknown. Just when Sienna dazes off, lost in her thoughts about the mysterious hero, she blacks out in the sudden presence of green lightning. Meanwhile, Jesse Blackwolf is twisting his head in confusion. He finds Sienna knocked out on top of a dangerous cliff. Who is this blonde beauty, and where did she come from?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : Cinderella And The CEO
Author : Susan Meier
Artist : Yoriko Minato

Laurel had determined that she would never fall in love again after her last marriage to a disloyal ex-husband. She occasionally hosts trainees at her company from New York to supplement her income, but she has never been interested in them as men. However, Deek’s gentle smile has moved her heart in a very sweet way. She falls for his attractiveness, but finds out that his real identity is the successor of the CEO of her company. She realizes that they come from two completely opposite worlds. Moreover, his real motivation is to investigate the fraud within the company. Is Laurel one of the suspects, too?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : Her Sheikh Boss
Author : Carol Grace
Artist : Earithen

Claudia is a hardworking personal secretary, working 24/7 for her arrogant boss, Samir, the CEO of a shipping company. The only reason she is so devoted to her work is that she is in love with her boss, who, despite his arrogance, is very charming. One day, Samir gives an unexpected gift to Claudia, who has been working so hard that she forgot her own birthday. The gift is an order to join him on a business trip to his home country in the desert. Is it going to be a romantic getaway for just the two of them? Or will it all fall apart when she finds out that he is a sheikh who is already engaged?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 1
Author : Louise Allen
Artist : Hashimoto Takako

The beginning of the fifth century—the flourishing Roman Empire has been attacked by the Visigoths and is becoming a lawless state. Julia, the daughter of an aristocrat, escapes the chaos and conflagration that fills the town—but is then captured by the mob. A strong Visigoth man accompanied by a wolf saves her at the last minute. The man with the long blond hair is Wulfric, the King of Wolves! Julia thanks him, but he only takes her in his arms and says, “Rome is ours. And so are you.” Julia is abducted as a slave! A historical epic of love and fate!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : Like A Hurricane
Author : Roxanne St. Claire
Artist : Yoshiko Hanatsu

Every man has his “one.” His perfect woman… His soul mate… Once he meets her, he’ll know she’s the one.
That’s what Grandma always used to say. Well, Grandma—I met her! I met my one and only! She’s a sexy young lady with ocean-blue eyes, and she’s crazy about me! We’re a perfect match….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


English title : The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress
Author : Maya Banks
Artist : Nanao Hidaka

Billionaire Chrysander Anetakis is known to the world as a rich Greek hotel magnate, but Marley Jameson knows him differently. They made passionate love whenever business took him to New York, but Marley’s hopes for future happiness are dashed when he tells her, “This isn’t a relationship. You’re just my mistress,” and kicks her out of his penthouse. Still reeling in shock, she fails to notice the kidnappers trailing her on that shadowy New York street. Chrysander thinks she has left him for good, until she is discovered three months later, suffering from amnesia, and pregnant to boot!

Edit: the rest of the series was translated and released in December.