And here I go with a new batch of Japanese Harlequin comics I recently acquired.

Harlequin comics

As usual, if someone is interested in scanlating one or more stories presented in this post or listed in my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

So, these are the 12 mangas I’m introducing to you. Amongst them, I finally purchased the second book of the Twin Brides duet to complete this series.

  • Annie Burrows & MURATA Junko: The Rake’s Secret Son
  • Caitlin Crews & OKADA Junko: The Replacement Wife
  • Caitlin Crews & UCHIDA Kazuna: Heiress Behind the Headlines
  • Cindy Gerard & HANATSU Yoshiko: Storm of Seduction
  • Lori Herter & SAKURAYA Hibiki: Right Husband! Wrong Bride?
  • Jo Leigh & TOUJOU Kazumi: Kidnapped!
  • Judith McWilliams & FUJIMARU Hiroko: The Matchmaking Machine
  • Renee Roszel & ITO Kako: Blue Moon Bride (translated)
  • Alice Sharpe & ITO Mon: Missing: One Bride
  • Annie West & HANYU Shion: A Mistress For the Taking
  • Cathy Williams & UESUGI Kanako: At the Greek Tycoon’s Bidding
  • Rebecca Winters & CHIHARA Esu: Rush to the Altar

The Rake's Secret SonThe Rake’s Secret Son
By Annie Burrows & MURATA Junko

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Before Carleton Tillotson left Nell, the rebellious rake broke her heart. Now he is back, just in time for Christmas, and Nell can’t hide her secret any longer—Carleton’s the father of her son!

I’m not into that kind of story. But I have to commend Murata-sensei for not shying away from designing a hero who is not pretty like she usually draws her male lead. Gone were his youth, innocence and carefree life style. Carleton’s looks are a clever silent rendition of the time which has passed since he left Nell. And the shadow of a man he’s become implies without needing pages and pages of description that he’s matured and changed through suffering and hardships. It’d be interesting to know the details of what happened between Nell and him.

Now, on to Caitlin Crews’ Whitney heiresses duet:

  1. The Replacement WifeThe Replacement Wife
    Illustrated by OKADA Junko

    (Click on the cover to read a sample.)

    Becca Whitney has always lived with the knowledge that her aristocratic family disowned her as a baby. So when she receives a summons to return to the ancestral mansion, she’s intrigued.
    Theo Markou Garcia needs a wife—or at least someone who looks strikingly similar to his infamous fiancée. Becca would be the perfect replacement.…
    The deal: masquerade as the Whitney heiress in exchange for your own true fortune, but do not fall for your husband!

  2. Heiress Behind The HeadlinesHeiress Behind the Headlines
    Illustrated by UCHIDA Kazuna

    (Click on the cover to read a sample.)

    Haunted by one scandal too many, tabloid-savaged and vulnerable, Larissa Whitney turns her back on her gilded fortune. Desperately hiding from the paparazzi’s relentless cameras, Larissa escapes to a small, secluded island, seeking refuge. But she’s not alone—instead, Larissa finds herself face-to-face with Manhattan tycoon Jack Endicott Sutton.
    Now she’s trapped on an island with a man she had a wild affair with five years before.…
    A man she’s still achingly attracted to. A man who knows the outrageous truth!

Heiress Behind the Headlines is quite smutty. I don’t like much Uchida-sensei’s BL mangas but I find her art style more attractive in shoujo. This story looks plenty interesting and the female lead isn’t the usual Harlequin type. I’m intrigued.

HQcStorm of Seduction
By Cindy Gerard & HANATSU Yoshiko

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Tonya Griffin had been a lovestruck assistant when she had thrown herself at her boss. Twelve years later, Web Tyler was making the now-famous photographer a lucrative offer. Tonya had dreamed of this moment for years, but her revenge had soured: Web Tyler had forgotten their night together!
Web had come to Tonya’s remote cabin hideaway to convince her to sign his contract, but the close-quarters’ contact made keeping his mind on business impossible. Her scent drove him wild, her touch made him shiver and he was desperate to test the springs on her creaky iron bed. He’d never met so tempting a woman…so why was there regret in her eyes?

Hanatsu-sensei is great at comedy. The humour oozing from the first pages are enough to make me grin from the beginning. And throughout the whole book, I never stopped being amused. The story looks charming and fun as hell! And OMG, the mangaka almost made me cry towards the end!

Right Husband! Wrong Bride?Right Husband! Wrong Bride?
By Lori Herter & SAKURAYA Hibiki

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

The new self-help book How To Marry Your Dreamboat can fix that. It teaches you–yes, you!–how to win the man of your dreams. How? By turning yourself into the woman of his dreams….
It certainly worked for a young woman we’ll call “Nellie B.” She studied her Mr. Right–“Kent H.,” an up-and-coming executive at her office–and faked an interest in everything he did….
Of course, now she doesn’t know if he’s falling for her, or the woman she’s pretending to be. But that’s not our problem….

It’s cute, so very cute. I didn’t notice at first but at the second reading, it came on me the girl is blushing in over 80% of the manga. Furthermore the male lead is blushing more than your usual hero though not half as much as the girl. But all that blushing doesn’t bother me because it is tastefully drawn like a discreet tinge on innocent faces, reminding me of a vintage holiday postcard. Yup, it brings out even more the sweetness of the story. Plus it fits with the christmassy setting: the snow and winter cold biting our characters’ cheeks to color them rosy.

By Jo Leigh & TOUJOU Kazumi

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Okay, it’s certainly an unconventional way for Manhattan heiress Tate Baxter to conquer her fears. But when your whole life takes place behind the tinted windows of a limo and your household staff are all gun-toting ex-CIA, drastic measures have to be taken. Especially when one member of that staff has got her all hot and bothered.
Chauffeur Michael Caulfield has just one assignment– keeping Tate safe. But when she’s kidnapped for real, the only way he can save her is to become a prisoner with her. He may be just “the help,” but as her take-charge protector, he’s the Michael of her sexual fantasies. Maybe a man she can trust and even dare to love? Except once out of his uniform, he isn’t exactly laying bare all his secrets– to Tate.

The manga is mostly about suspense and tension. I’m not a fan of that kind of art style, but it works at the advantage of the plot. The rough sketchiness of the drawings kinda gives an edge to the storytelling. There’s an interesting maturity in the art, dark, sketchy and not shoujo-like pretty. The only real let down for me is the heroine’s chara design—she looks like some clumsy, shy and unfashionable urchin. Trade her shapeless clothes with a sailor uniform and you’ll get the picture of your typical underage Japanese shoujo manga heroine instead of a legally adult American lady.

TheMatchmakingMachineThe Matchmaking Machine
By Judith McWilliams & FUJIMARU Hiroko

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

I, Maggie Romer, am about to teach my new boss a lesson he won’t soon forget. The minute he took over my company and fired my friend Sam, John Richard Worthington became my enemy.
But this man has many sides. Turns out the sexy man I’ve been dating, whom I mistook for a plumber, is none other than Worthington! Fortunately his interest in me fits perfectly into my master plan. You see, I designed a program that will make him wildly attracted to me. And when the mighty man falls, well, let’s just say revenge will be mighty sweet….

Blue Moon BrideBlue Moon Bride (translated)
By Renee Roszel & ITO Kako

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Hannah threw her letter of resignation at her boss, who called her “below average.” Still full of hurt, she visits the Blue Moon Inn, where the inn owner suggests she take a walk in the garden. That night was the night of the blue moon– the second full moon of the month. Under the magical moonlight reflected on the derelict stone-walled church, a rude yet sexy man suddenly appears. To Hannah’s astonishment, it is her offensive former boss, Roth Jerric! Why would fate punish her like this?

Missing: One BrideMissing: One Bride
By Alice Sharpe & ITO Mon

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Alexandra Williams was certain her coworker Natalie’s wedding was a mistake. It was clear Nat was interested only in her fiancé’s money; she seemed totally immune to Thorn Powell’s good looks, his personality, his— Well, okay, maybe Alexandra was a tad jealous.
Now Thorn was furious. He insisted bridesmaid Alexandra help him track down his missing bride. The gorgeous groom had never given her a second glance before, but now all this togetherness was having a most unexpected payoff. Would there be a wedding after all?

A Mistress For The TakingA Mistress For the Taking
By Annie West & HANYU Shion

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Inexperienced Marina Lucchesi must save her brother from ruin. Rich, handsome Ronan Carlisle wants to settle a score. Ronan’s strategy is simple: if Marina poses as his mistress, he’ll ensure that the man who made them both suffer will pay. But Marina wonders, why would Ronan, one of Australia’s most eligible tycoons, want her?
However, she’s not in a position to refuse Ronan’s offer…or resist the overwhelming physical attraction pulsing between them…

Pity there’s not much sex, but it’s very sexy. I especially like how Hanyu-sensei draws eyes. The hero’s gazes to the heroine are smoldering hot. And the chemistry between them is sure to burn the sheets. I should definitely buy the novel and read what’s going on.

At the Greek Tycoon's BiddingAt The Greek Tycoon’s Bidding
By Cathy Williams & UESUGI Kanako

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Theo Miquel doesn’t have time for love–his work is his life. He dates slim, beautiful women, but once they start talking about commitment it’s over!
Heather is different from this tycoon’s usual prey: frumpy, talkative and his office cleaner. Although she lacks polish, there’s something feisty and passionate about her. Theo thinks she’d be perfect for an affair, at his beck and call until he gets tired of her.
But he doesn’t know Heather….

Uesugi-sensei draws the cutest and funniest faces! I had so many laughs with this manga. The artist has a way of drawing baby-face female characters that makes them endearing to me. They often aren’t beauty queens but the cute plain Jane next door type girls. In this manga, Heather is totally unrefined and adorably funny. I’m definitely going to read the novel in order to know how exactly Theo is falling in love with such a bubbly frump.

Rush to the AltarRush to the Altar
By Rebecca Winters & CHIHARA Esu

(Click on the cover to read a sample.)

Riley Garrow is the ultimate bachelor—he’s always had a string of glamorous women on his arm. Only one woman has ever turned him down and he’s been determined to pursue her ever since…and claim her as his wife!
Ann Lassiter is stunned to discover that she’ll be sharing her sister’s Italian hideaway with Riley. The attraction between them is amazing, but Ann is reluctant to get involved with a playboy like Riley. Only, now Riley is emotionally blackmailing Ann to the altar and she has no choice but to accept….