Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

New HQc books listed at amazon.
Week 1


So the Anetakis trilogy is completed this month, as well as the Virgin Slave, Barbarian King. Can’t wait to download the last part so I can actually read in English the funny end. I’m very glad there’s another Hashimoto-sensei’s book, this one with a sheikh theme. I already bought the Japanese version of it and it looks very fun too.
Week 2


All of them look interesting and what pleases me even more, is that I like most art styles from this batch. I may be wrong in my assumptions, but I have the feeling since last summer releases, compared to the first ebooks from over a year ago, that the artists selected for the English-speaking market have nice or neutral art styles. I can only agree if this is the publisher’s new policy. I just regret that many untranslated HQc are drawn by artists whose art styles hurt my eyes, especially when they are adapting novels or writers I love.
Well, enough of my reflexions. I’m glad we finally get the last 2 books of From This Day Forward. But there are still lots of pending series the publisher started and has yet to complete. Please, don’t forget them!
I’m saying this because the publisher has started the multi-author Park avenue scandals mini-series with High-Society Secret Pregnancy. And this series comprises 6 books, so there’s a lot of translation waiting here.
Lynne Graham’s Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife looks intense. And Kakuko Shinozaki’s drawings sure give this a nice mature appearance.
The Boss’s Mistress, illustrated by Fujiwara-sensei, looks hot. Hot darn! Nudity with sex is always a selling point for me! LOL

Week 3

I just purchased the raws of the Buchanan saga and now, the publisher has released the second story in English. Why translate the first story when you can start by the second, or even the end?! LOL
Tongue-in-cheek, this reminds me of Falling for Prince Federico. Because you know, after reading the manga in English, I just couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be some back story for a couple of secondary characters. And that’s how I found out Falling for Prince Federico is actually the last story of a 4 book series. And of course, the 3 first books have not yet been translated though each of them has a manga version.
Alright, no continuation of the pending series this time, but the publisher started the Carramer legacy. There’s also the first volume of the multi-author Balfour Brides series, which is just partly adapted into manga in Japan — the stories look fun so I do hope the remaining novels will also get their manga versions. And more Hanatsu-sensei in this batch, which is always a pleasure for me — plus the plot is just my kind of trashy romance. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Week 4
The publisher and their staff really outdid themselves this month. Just for Christmas, they released a few more HQc.

I’m glad The Baron & the Bodyguard was released so fast. It was the one book I wanted to see after the releases from the previous week. I’m also pleased to see 2 former series completely translated at long last.

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The Italian Boss's Secret ChildThe Italian Boss’s Secret Child
By Trish Morey & SHIOMIYA Yuki


Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanted feel-good mangas for the holiday season. So part of this selection consists of sweet light stories and the other part of Christmas theme Harlequin comics.
These are only a few of my December acquisitions. Among them, there are the San Rimini series and the Princess Swap duet the publisher has started translating into English but hasn’t yet completed. In case they would forget about these pending series, I at least have the raws to get an idea of what’s going on for other characters.

Harlequin comics

As usual, if someone is interested in scanlating one or more stories presented in this post or listed in my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

Princess Swap
The first story of Jessica Hart’s Princess Swap duet is already translated and published. I still wanted the raws for both books while waiting for the publisher to release the second story in English.