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Week 1


So the Anetakis trilogy is completed this month, as well as the Virgin Slave, Barbarian King. Can’t wait to download the last part so I can actually read in English the funny end. I’m very glad there’s another Hashimoto-sensei’s book, this one with a sheikh theme. I already bought the Japanese version of it and it looks very fun too.
Week 2


All of them look interesting and what pleases me even more, is that I like most art styles from this batch. I may be wrong in my assumptions, but I have the feeling since last summer releases, compared to the first ebooks from over a year ago, that the artists selected for the English-speaking market have nice or neutral art styles. I can only agree if this is the publisher’s new policy. I just regret that many untranslated HQc are drawn by artists whose art styles hurt my eyes, especially when they are adapting novels or writers I love.
Well, enough of my reflexions. I’m glad we finally get the last 2 books of From This Day Forward. But there are still lots of pending series the publisher started and has yet to complete. Please, don’t forget them!
I’m saying this because the publisher has started the multi-author Park avenue scandals mini-series with High-Society Secret Pregnancy. And this series comprises 6 books, so there’s a lot of translation waiting here.
Lynne Graham’s Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife looks intense. And Kakuko Shinozaki’s drawings sure give this a nice mature appearance.
The Boss’s Mistress, illustrated by Fujiwara-sensei, looks hot. Hot darn! Nudity with sex is always a selling point for me! LOL

Week 3

I just purchased the raws of the Buchanan saga and now, the publisher has released the second story in English. Why translate the first story when you can start by the second, or even the end?! LOL
Tongue-in-cheek, this reminds me of Falling for Prince Federico. Because you know, after reading the manga in English, I just couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be some back story for a couple of secondary characters. And that’s how I found out Falling for Prince Federico is actually the last story of a 4 book series. And of course, the 3 first books have not yet been translated though each of them has a manga version.
Alright, no continuation of the pending series this time, but the publisher started the Carramer legacy. There’s also the first volume of the multi-author Balfour Brides series, which is just partly adapted into manga in Japan — the stories look fun so I do hope the remaining novels will also get their manga versions. And more Hanatsu-sensei in this batch, which is always a pleasure for me — plus the plot is just my kind of trashy romance. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Week 4
The publisher and their staff really outdid themselves this month. Just for Christmas, they released a few more HQc.

I’m glad The Baron & the Bodyguard was released so fast. It was the one book I wanted to see after the releases from the previous week. I’m also pleased to see 2 former series completely translated at long last.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

The Italian Boss's Secret ChildThe Italian Boss’s Secret Child
By Trish Morey & SHIOMIYA Yuki

“Ms. Brown Rat,” that’s what Philly’s idol boss, Damien, has contemptuously nicknamed her. Even knowing that her boss would never be interested in her quiet and dorky self, she is still hurt by this name. Nonetheless, Damien has a passionate eye on her while she is wearing a Cleopatra costume at a masked ball, and they end up making love. The next day, he still doesn’t know that Cleopatra from the party is Philly, and he selects her to join him on a big project. Now they are flying to the Gold Coast on their own….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

The Sheik and the Bought BrideThe Sheik and the Bought Bride
By Susan Mallery & HASHIMOTO Takako

Victoria was handpicked to be an assistant by the crown prince of the desert kingdom of El Deharia. So then why would the Imperial Guard suddenly break into her room and drag her away wearing nothing but a negligee? Her good-for-nothing father has been in trouble for gambling before, but to think he would have tried to cheat at cards against Prince Kateb… The prince’s personality is as fierce as his scarred face. He earned the scars amid a failed kidnapping, during which they say he killed a man. Rejecting palace life, he has been known to disappear to a desert village for months at a time. Victoria despises her father, but can’t abandon the promise she made to her dying mother. She pleads with the prince to set him free, and the prince agreed…on one condition. She would become his lover, and join his desert harem!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ANETAKIS BROTHERS ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. The Tycoon's Rebel BrideThe Tycoon’s Rebel Bride
    By Maya Banks & HIDAKA Nanao

    Isabella has been carefully cultivating her love for the Anetakis family’s middle son, Theron, since she was a little girl. Their fathers had been close friends, but when they passed away, she found that her wealthy Greek love had inherited responsibility of her well-being. Now she has her chance. She’s determined that he will never treat her like a little girl again. She tosses all her innocent clothes aside and transforms herself into a woman too sexy to resist. Seeing Theron flustered after her first attempt at seduction, she thinks she’s won. Imagine her surprise upon learning that he not only is set to wed a chaste social relation, but as her guardian, has seen it his duty to assemble a list of bachelors for her, as well! It is clear–he still hasn’t opened his eyes to his love for her. And she is hell-bent on giving him a rude awakening.

  2. The Tycoon's Secret AffairThe Tycoon’s Secret Affair
    By Maya Banks & HIDAKA Nanao

    Jewel thinks she’s found paradise when she lands a job working as an executive assistant on a picturesque land resort. The man she meets in the hotel bar that night proves just as alluring. He is gorgeous and powerful. Intoxicated by her good fortune, that chance encounter turns into a night of sultry passion, and drives her to ecstasy in the arms of a man whose name she does not know. Two days later, Jewel comes to work, excited to meet her new boss, the hotel’s owner. Little does she know that the man waiting behind that office door is Piers Anetakis–the stranger who had coaxed her to such sensual heights–and he’ll fire her without rhyme or reason just hours later. Outrageous! What a coward!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Virgin Salve, Barbarian King 2Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 2
By Louise Allen & HASHIMOTO Takako

Julia, a girl from a noble family, is kidnapped by the Visigoths, who have attacked the Roman Empire, and is turned into a slave. Between the customs of the savage tribe and heavy labor she is not used to, she is on the verge of despair. Her master, Wulfric, the King of Wolves, speaks to her with arrogance—until she turns into a totally different girl from who she initially was. A wild kiss stolen in the bath lights up the flame of love in her heart for the first time in her life. All she thinks about are his shining green eyes and his robust body. He is an enemy, and she is just a slave…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ SAN RIMINI ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Falling for Prince FedericoFalling for Prince Federico
By Nicole Burnham & TAKAI Mio

Pia was invited to the palace three years ago. It was to attend the wedding banquet of her close friend Jennifer and the crown prince San Rimini. Everyone dressed up, and everything including the building she saw there was like a dazzling dream. Prince Federico, the younger brother of the crown prince, whom people called Prince Perfect, was also beautiful to look at. As Pia visits the palace again to see Jennifer, who is now pregnant, she wonders if Prince Federico will even recognize such a commoner as she. When they meet she is surprised to hear the prince say to her, “Oh, I remember you. You are that rude girl.”

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. Always the GroomsmanAlways the Groomsman
    By Gina Wilkins & TAKAYAMA Mayu

    Rebecca works as a wedding planner whose job is to help every bride find their happiness. Her work is top-notch, but her love life has remained inactive for two years. After being left by Ryan, the boyfriend she once passionately loved, she has been unable to get over him. And then one day, at a wedding she plans, Ryan shows up as the groomsman! Still having feelings for him, Rebecca finds her gaze constantly following him. “Ryan, why did you disappear that day?” Her desire for him grows stronger and stronger….

  2. The Daddy TrackThe Daddy Track
    By Allison Leigh & TAKAYAMA Mayu

    Nate is an arrogant businessman who blames himself for causing the deaths of his best friend and his friend’s wife. His best friend had a beautiful sister named Jordan, who has two children. Thinking that it might be a small act of atonement, Nate spends his time being close to Jordan and her children, but the more the children grow to like him the greater the guilt in his heart grows. Having learned the meaning of the words follow your heart, passed on to him by his grandparents, will Nate ever find long-lasting love? Part three of From This Day Forward is finally complete!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Father's DayFather’s Day
By Debbie Macomber & SHINOZAKI Kaoru

Robin, a public accountant, has finally purchased her dream home. Her new life is about to begin, but next to her lives a cantankerous man. His name is Cole, a handsome and intelligent but unfriendly lawyer who lives with his dog in a big mansion. After the death of her husband, Robin thought true love would never come again, but when her only son runs away from home, the two become closer and closer….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed WifeReluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife
By Lynne Graham & SHINOZAKI Kakuko

Katie is a single mother with two twin babies. Having lost both her job and house, she decides to swallow her pride and ask the father of her twin children for help. Alexandros, the father, is a millionaire and president of a large bank. Katie loved him body and soul, yet he played with her feelings and dumped her in no time. It has been a year and a half since he dumped Katie, and he does not believe her words when she tells him about the children. Instead, he coldly tells her, “You need to get a DNA test. I’ll take responsibilty if they are mine.”

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ PARK AVENUE SCANDALS ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

High-Society Secret PregnancyHigh-Society Secret Pregnancy
By Maureen Child & CHIHARA Esu

Julia, a resident of the high-society apartment building at 721 Park Avenue, meets a successful businessman named Max in a café and has a magical night with him. Then, she finds out she’s pregnant. She tries to tell Max but he doesn’t believe her. Soon after, the threats begin….

You can see samples of the Japanese version for the rest of this series by clicking on the covers at THIS PAGE.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

The Boss's MistressThe Boss’s Mistress
By Kathryn Ross & FUJIWARA Motoyo

Oh, no! Laura finds herself in a fender bender with a luxury car owned by a handsome but rude young man. He is in fact so rude that she loses her temper and starts to argue with him. Laura’s on her way to work to meet the scary new boss who’s taking over her company, so she’s already under a lot of stress. Then she finds out just who her new boss really is….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

The Sheikh's Innocent BrideThe Sheikh’s Innocent Bride
By Lynne Graham & MOMOSE Natsu

Lured by a sweetly beautiful piano melody, Prince Shahir meets a beautiful lady. But, once the figure at the piano notices him, she runs out as if trying to escape from him… “Just who was that woman in my castle?” He finds the answer soon. Her name is Kirsten, and she is one of the castle custodians. He is the crown prince of a kingdom, and has no intention of something as foolish as laying a hand on an employee. However, he can’t believe a woman so beautiful is a custodian… Could there be some sort of reason? And the prince playfully gets close to Kirsten?!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Scandal: Unclaimed Love-ChildScandal: Unclaimed Love-Child
By Melanie Milburne & HANYU Shion

Why is he… Why is Luc Sabbatini here!? Two years ago, Luc – son of the famous hotel tycoon – used and dumped me, to him just nobody. He’s reappeared in my life again and asked me out on a date by blackmailing me and exploiting his power. I thought I had no feelings left for Luc but…the little things he does have rekindled my blind heart. I have to be strong. I have a big secret, one he can never find out. If he does find out, there will be even worse misery than what happened two years ago.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

A Wife of ConvenienceA Wife of Convenience
By Kim Lawrence & HANATSU Yoshiko

“Be my scapegoat!” is what Rosie’s twin sister said to her, begging her to act out a marriage with a man in order to make her boyfriend jealous. The fake fiancé was Morgan Urquart, a stunning, handsome man, who had a need to wed within six months to gain management rights to his company. With the understanding that this is merely a marriage based on contract, Rosie feels relieved, but at the same time starts to feel sweet, heartrending sorrow. Rosie tries to hide her discomposure while trying hard to act as her twin sister, but Morgan detects that she is a scapegoat…!?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ THE BUCHANAN SAGA ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

By Susan Mallery & TAKIGAWA Eve

Volume 1
Elissa is having trouble changing a flat tire when she is caught off guard by a man offering her help. The man, who appeared out of nowhere, was Walker Buchanan, a handsome man who had recently moved in to the upstairs of her apartment. Not wanting to be in debt to a man, Elissa tries to refuse Walker’s generosity. Irresistible is a popular spin-off work that depicts love and hate of the Buchanan restaurant empire in Seattle and is now available as a manga! Also included in the book is a side story, Loving Spoonful.


Volume 2
Elissa lives with her daughter, Zoe, in Seattle. She slowly reaches out to her neighbor, Walker, and begins to form a relationship. With her new job and a reunion with her estranged family of eight years, everything is in favor for her. That is until her drug addict ex-boyfriend, Neil, reappears in her life. Once again Elissa is thrown into hell with her daughter being used as her weakness, but who will save her? This is the final installment of the popular manga depicting love and hate of the Buchanan restaurant empire! Included is a side story, Loving Spoonful.

Irresistible is the second installment in the Buchanans series:

  1. Delicious
  2. Irresistible
  3. Sizzling
  4. Tempting

The first 3 books have already been adapted into mangas by Takigawa-sensei. I hope to see the last story of this series soon in manga form.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ BALFOUR BRIDES ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Mia's ScandalMia’s Scandal
By Michelle Reid & ARISAWA Ryou

When Mia turns twenty, she is told by her aunt that her real father is Oscar Balfour, the English billionaire. The people of the upper class are unfriendly to Mia when she moves in with the Balfours. Her father, concerned about her future, picks a wealthy Greek man, Nikos, to be her instructor. After enduring vicious abuse from him, Mia’s temper finally explodes—only to find Nikos suddenly grabbing her by the neck, drawing her so close she can feel his breath, and piercing her with a heated, suggestive gaze…

So I said this story is the first of the Balfour Brides mini-series. I could only find info about the manga adaptations up to the 5th story. I’m assuming the 3 last books are still waiting to be adapted.

  1. Mia’s Scandal by Michelle Reid
  2. Kat’s PrideKat’s Pride by Sharon Kendrick & FUJIMOTO Sami/li>
  3. Emily’s InnocenceEmily’s Innocence by India Grey & ARISAWA Ryo
  4. Sophie’s SeductionSophie’s Seduction by Kim Lawrence & KURODA Kasumi
  5. Zoe’s LessonZoe’s Lesson by Kate Hewitt & ARISAWA Ryo
  6. Annie’s Secret by Carole Mortimer
  7. Bella’s Disgrace by Sarah Morgan
  8. Olivia’s Awakening by Margaret Way

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ CARRAMER LEGACY ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. Crowns and a CradleCrowns and a Cradle
    By Valerie Parv & TAKAYAMA Mayu

    Sarina wins a radio station prize draw to go on a vacation to the island principality of Carramer on the south Pacific Ocean. As she arrives with her heart full of anticipation, she is greeted by none other than Prince Josquin of Carramer! “What could the royal family possibly want with me?” Sarina’s anxious question is met with a shocking answer from the Prince: “You’re the princess of this land. And we need you.”

Finally, the Carramer legacy. I’m most interested in the yet-to-be-translated next book of the series: The Baron & the Bodyguard. I admit it’s mainly because it’s illustrated by Minato-sensei, and I’m always hoping to see lots of smut when she’s the one illustrating a story. She’s one of those very few in that type of mainstream shoujo who would draw dirty graphic sex and actually make it look very smexy!


  1. HQcThe Baron & the Bodyguard
    By Valerie Parv & MINATO Yoriko

    One year ago, Jacinta was a bodyguard for Prince Mathiaz of Carramer. Although they were attracted to each other, Jacinta left the castle, feeling that it was taboo for her to be romantically involved with her client. After she has put her feelings behind her, Jacinta is called back again to be a bodyguard for Mathiaz, who has fallen into a coma from an accident. Jacinta is in turmoil. Mathiaz, on the other hand, has lost his memory.

Technically, the series is completely translated. But officially, the publisher has the last book — The Marquis and the Mother-To-Be — to translate. Fan readers like me already have read the last story when it was scanlated. But a new official translation is always a good thing.


HQcEmma and the Earl
By Paula Marshall & HARA Chieko

Emilia, the only daughter of a rich family, falls in love with the charming, poor aristocrat Dominique. And he cared for the awkward Emilia, as well. However, once she found out his goal was her fortune, she declined his proposal. After, falling upon hard times, Emilia left the high society scene. Changing her name to Emma and working as a tutor, one day, she receives a work request from an earl…

Emma and Earl Chard are gradually starting to establish an emotional bond. However, a commoner and a noble could never marry. However, they have no intention of becoming lovers. And what if the Earl noticed that Emma’s true identity was that of Emilia, who rejected him a long time ago…! Emma decides to stay away from the Earl. But on the other hand, Lady Clara lays a trap for Emma, wanting the Earl for herself!

I know this manga was scanlated long ago, but I still think it is very neat that we get to read another translation, this one being the official version for the English-speaking market.
And the story is very sweet so it’s a nice read for newcomers to Harlequin comics.


HQcIf you still remember the first digital Harlequin comics in English, there was Valerie among them. I liked that manga, more than I thought I would back then. And after such a long wait, the rest of the trilogy is finally translated.

  1. HQcStephanie
    By Debbie Macomber & KARINO Mao

    “No one can stop my feelings for you!” Stephanie puts everything on the line for her beloved Charles. Even though she acts like a child sometimes, his smiling face brings her the highest happiness! Though, there must be mention of his horrible treatment of Stephanie, as well… Three years after his rejection, Stephanie, who has returned from her studies in Italy where she planned on forgetting everything about Charles, had a fantastical meeting with him in her hometown! Stephanie finds herself feeling guilty after having Charles’ kiss awaken her feelings… Even if just for a while, she doesn’t want to wake up from that dream. Not thinking about the past or future, but just being in that moment. Will Stephanie, whose chest is full of both happiness and uneasiness, find her way to love?

  2. HQcNorah
    By Debbie Macomber & KARINO Mao

    Lodi Cassidy is the sharp, good-looking, and charismatic young CEO of a large company. In a terrible accident he is hospitalized with serious injuries, what will he do now!? Then, unable to adapt to hospital life, he becomes violent, selfish, and accusatory. Only Norah, the sole nurse charged with his care, has the power to make him behave. She comes to have more than just sympathetic feelings for Lodie, who acts out violently, crying as he endures his pain. She is caught unawares, finding herself caring for him beyond what her position requires… For those obstinate people out there, this story shows you the happiness in true, affectionate love.


HQcAnd another series is finally completed, this one also being part of the first digital Harlequin comics in English. But in this case, the publisher first translated the last book of the series: To Marry McAllister. I hope we won’t have to wait years before the recently translated series get completed too.

  1. HQcTo Marry McKenzie
    By Carole Mortimer & MURATA Junko

    Logan McKenzie is an attractive single man who heads a major company and has the blood of British nobility. The girls can’t leave him alone! One day, a waitress serving lunch at his company starts crying and he can’t help but pull her to him and comfort her. It isn’t like him to be so kind! Her name is Darcy, and he suspects she’s in trouble because of an affair with a married man. He wants to help her, so he goes to the restaurant where she works… Is he in love with her? No, it can’t be!!

  2. HQcTo Marry McCloud
    By Carole Mortimer & MURATA Junko

    Fergus is gloomily tipping back drinks in a nightclub when an exceptionally beautiful woman with black hair and blue eyes appears. Her name is Chloe. Somehow, she knows he’s a popular writer and she begins tossing questions at him. Is she a fan? Or a reporter? Fergus is suspicious at first, but after the alcohol sets in… The next morning, he wakes up in bed next to Chloe. He slept with a total knockout but doesn’t remember a thing!


HQcBaby at Bushman’s Creek
By Jessica Hart & FUJIMARU Hiroko

A determined Claire comes all the way to a small town in the Australian Outback from London to fulfill her sister’s dying wish. She has come seeking the father of the baby she left behind, but finds that he has gone overseas and ends up meeting the man’s brother, Grey. She decides to wait until he returns at Grey’s station, an area of natural beauty beyond her imagination. Grey is cold and indifferent because he thinks she could never make it as a city girl. However, once she tells him that the father of the kid is his younger brother, will he decide Claire is a scam artist!?

Baby at Bushman’s Creek is the third book of Jessica Hart’s Outback Brides series.

  1. Outback Bride
  2. Outback Husband
  3. Baby at Bushman’s Creek
  4. Wedding at Waverley Creek
  5. HQcA Bride For Barra Creek illustrated by MIZUI Youko

I don’t know if the Japanese publisher plans to adapt the whole series into manga as I could only find information for one more book.


HQcA Wedding in the Family
By Susan Fox & KUREBAYASHI Tsukiko

Raised under her millionaire aunt, a young Woman named Lillian has grown up in high society. However, for some reason, her aunt has always ignored her, favoring her rambunctious younger sister. “There must be some reason why I’m always hated by everyone…” One day, her younger sister suddenly elopes with a cowboy! Ordered by her Aunt to bring her younger sister back, Lillian heads off by herself to Texas. Waiting to pick her at the airport is Rye, the older brother of her sister’s lover. Although he has a charm not found in New York men, why does he have a prejudice that all city girls are stuck up and flamboyant?


HQcPossessed by the Sheikh
By Penny Jordan & HANABUSA Yoko

In the desert country of Zulan, Katrina, a visiting natural sciences researcher, is mesmerized by a man she meets one day in the marketplace. His eyes shine a brilliant amber, and he exudes the strength of one who lives in the desert. Chased by armed soldiers, he approaches Katrina, and pretending to be lovers so that he may make his escape, leaves her with a passionate kiss. Even though it was just an act, why does her heart beat so anxiously?

From what I could find, Possessed by the Sheikh is the third story of the Arabian Nights series. Most of them are not related but are set in fictional desert kingdoms of Zuran and Dhurahn.

  1. HQcThe Sheikh’s Virgin Bride illustrated by HANABUSA Yoko
  2. HQcOne Night With The Sheikh illustrated by HANABUSA Yoko
  3. Possessed By The Sheikh
  4. HQcPrince Of The Desert illustrated by SHINOZAKI Kakuko
  5. HQcTaken By The Sheikh illustrated by KUREBAYASHI Tsukiko
  6. HQcThe Sheikh’s Blackmailed Mistress illustrated by JET

So far, all books of the series have a manga version. Now, if we could have a translation for all of them, that would be sweet!