And a new set of HQc books in English were released. Wait a few more days to find all of them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.

Week 1


Heck, I already bought the raws of the Bride of Windermere. It’s… different. I’m not a medieval fan, but it’s nice to have something different from time to time. I don’t like Maki-san’s art style, bu it’s very much expressive so I kinda got used to it. It doesn’t bother me so much anymore, as I can still enjoy the story. No need to comment about Mori-sensei’s manga, I like that kind of design, so I just hope the story will be good. It does intrigue me. I’m always curious about stories of couples already married and what difficulty they have to overcome.

And heck again! Another Asou Ayumu book. Sorry for sensei’s fans but I really can’t stand this kind of art style. The design makes me think of plastic dolls, with the girl always on tip toes, and expressiveness limited to what? 4 faces? And the worst, when the heroine says the hero is handsome, I just scream in my head: “Are you kidding me?! His creepy eyes are lifeless and he’s effin’ fugly! Even more fugly than you!” Argh, I really dislike this kind of art style.

I’m amused to see a Harlequin comics illustrated by Omi Shinano this time. I liked her BL mangas, not my favourites but they are fun and the art is quite nice. It’s sometimes a bit weird how the BL artits, being too used to draw males, have difficulty drawing a feminine female. Some of them draw very pretty females, but some draw… manly females. LOL. At least, Omi-sensei draws a very hot scar-faced hero here.

Week 2
Only previous French releases. No new Harlequin comics in English.

Week 3


Sweet, I wanted these books to be translated for a while. I already have Misletoe over Manhattan raws, so I already guess this one is gonna be much fun. The other 3 have nice art. Thus I’m a happy customer today.

Week 4


I’m quite pleased by this week’s releases. I wanted to see The Marriage Debt translated for quite some time now. And overall, I like the other artists’ styles too. The publisher treated us with the complete Bridegroom boss duet and officially completed the Carramer legacy series. But we are starting new mini-series. Just, I wish I could read in English the last book of the Russian rivals duet and it’s been a long wait already. And maybe, if the publisher could remember the rest of the Waterloo trilogy from the older digitial releases, it’d be nice.

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HQcThe Italian’s Wedding Ultimatum
By Kim Lawrence & ASOU Ayumu