And a new set of HQc books in English were released. Wait a few more days to find all of them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.

Week 1


Heck, I already bought the raws of the Bride of Windermere. It’s… different. I’m not a medieval fan, but it’s nice to have something different from time to time. I don’t like Maki-san’s art style, bu it’s very much expressive so I kinda got used to it. It doesn’t bother me so much anymore, as I can still enjoy the story. No need to comment about Mori-sensei’s manga, I like that kind of design, so I just hope the story will be good. It does intrigue me. I’m always curious about stories of couples already married and what difficulty they have to overcome.

And heck again! Another Asou Ayumu book. Sorry for sensei’s fans but I really can’t stand this kind of art style. The design makes me think of plastic dolls, with the girl always on tip toes, and expressiveness limited to what? 4 faces? And the worst, when the heroine says the hero is handsome, I just scream in my head: “Are you kidding me?! His creepy eyes are lifeless and he’s effin’ fugly! Even more fugly than you!” Argh, I really dislike this kind of art style.

I’m amused to see a Harlequin comics illustrated by Omi Shinano this time. I liked her BL mangas, not my favourites but they are fun and the art is quite nice. It’s sometimes a bit weird how the BL artits, being too used to draw males, have difficulty drawing a feminine female. Some of them draw very pretty females, but some draw… manly females. LOL. At least, Omi-sensei draws a very hot scar-faced hero here.

Week 2
Only previous French releases. No new Harlequin comics in English.

Week 3


Sweet, I wanted these books to be translated for a while. I already have Misletoe over Manhattan raws, so I already guess this one is gonna be much fun. The other 3 have nice art. Thus I’m a happy customer today.

Week 4


I’m quite pleased by this week’s releases. I wanted to see The Marriage Debt translated for quite some time now. And overall, I like the other artists’ styles too. The publisher treated us with the complete Bridegroom boss duet and officially completed the Carramer legacy series. But we are starting new mini-series. Just, I wish I could read in English the last book of the Russian rivals duet and it’s been a long wait already. And maybe, if the publisher could remember the rest of the Waterloo trilogy from the older digitial releases, it’d be nice.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Italian’s Wedding Ultimatum
By Kim Lawrence & ASOU Ayumu

Samantha meets Alessandro, the brother of the bride of Samantha’s old friend—a friend whom she still has feelings for. Initially, Samantha dislikes Alessandro, who has exhibited hostility toward her since their first meeting at the wedding. However, one day he forcibly steals a kiss from her. His ulterior motive is to protect his sister from Samantha—he has discovered Samantha’s feelings for his sister’s husband, and so he plans to seduce her for himself! Samantha soon realizes that she loves Alessandro, despite his cold black eyes that imprison and disturb her heart. Even though she knows that his seducing her doesn’t stem from love, she can’t control her feelings toward him….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcWife to A Stranger
By Daphne Clair & MORI Hinoto

Capri can’t remember anything! She was involved in a train crash during her travels and now she has amnesia. When she wakes, she finds Rolfe, a man with a cold gaze, beside her bed. Could he be her husband? His touch makes her heart skip a beat. Among all the anxiety, her life with him begins. When Capri goes for a walk to the beach, a young, handsome man calls out to her. He tells her that before losing her memory, her marriage had failed, and she was planning to elope with him. So who did she really love?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Bride of Windermere
By Margo Maguire & MAKI Akemi

Though she’s merely an earl’s daughter, the king calls Kit to London. What could the king want with a simple country girl like her? She tries to run away but she’s caught by her stepfather and beaten. The black-haired knight, Wolf, who has come to take her on the king’s orders, is shocked by her bruised face and her muddy clothes. “This filthy uchin is Lady Catherine?” But despite her beaten face and dirty clothes, her eyes and hidden hair are beautiful beyond imagination….


Sir Wolf is troubled. Though he thought Kit was nothing but a slip of a girl, a sprout, she’s strong, beautiful and truly brave. Not only that, he’s attracted to her. However, he’s just the king’s envoy, and cannot let her know his feelings. For her part, Kit is also troubled. On her journey to London on the king’s orders, she has fallen in love with Wolf. He’s different from her violent stepfather, and he’s gentle and kind with both her and her elderly nursemaid. But now that she knows what the king truly wants with her, she has to dismiss her feelings for Wolf. She’s the daughter of the previous king, and now must marry the duke the king has decided on for her…!

This is the first story of the Medieval Brides trilogy. I couldn’t find a manga adaptation for the second book, Dryden’s Bride but the 3rd one, Celtic Bride, illustrated by Sanazaki Harumo, has a manga version.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcUndone by His Touch
By Annie West & OMI Shinano

One day, Chloe, the housekeeper of the wealthy Carstairs family’s villa, meets a mysterious man by the mansion’s pool. He has a strong, sun-kissed body with a long scar running down his thigh and a deep scar carved into his cheek. Learning that Declan is the owner of the house, Chloe tries to hide that she was gawking at her boss by greeting him. It is then that she realizes that he is practically blind. It is the beginning of their dangerous relationship, and Declan is on a mission to find the woman who jilted his deceased little brother.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcMistletoe Over Manhattan
By Barbara Daly & OGOSHI Natsue

Mallory’s a lawyer who believes that efficiency and performance is everything in life. Because of this perfectionism trait of hers, her superiors and coworkers don’t view or treat her as a woman. But she has secretly had her heart set on someone. His nickname is “21st Century Casanova” and he’s been the target of her unrequited love since their law school days. For this next job, the lawyers are broken up into pairs and she ends up paired with him, Carter Compton. The two of them are sent to New York, alone, for a job. In order to attract the playboy, she decides to transform herself into a sexy, gorgeous type of girl that he won’t be able to resist…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Petrakos Bride
By Lynne Graham & KOBAYASHI Hiromi

Petrakos Industries is Greece’s international maritime transportation company. The manager, Janis Petrakos, is well known for his ruthless competence in the industry. He’s also the secret crush of Maddy, a temporary employee in his home. Things don’t look like they’re going well for Maddy. When she makes a huge mistake at an important meeting, she incurs his wrath. Later, she goes to his room, with the intent of apologizing, only to find him waiting for her half-clad and still wet from a shower. He has a beautiful , upper-class fianceé! But…he’s the object of her desires, as well! Can she resist his coercive temptation? What will happen if she gives in to him?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ SONS OF THE DESERT ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcSheikh’s Temptation
By Alexandra Sellers & KISHIDA Reiko

Young Lanna is the daughter of the world’s foremost multimillionaire, and because of that fact, she finds that all of the men who approach her are disgusting. She just wants to go somewhere where nobody knows who she is, and to finally meet somebody who will love her for her, not for her father’s wealth. Enter Arash, an exchange student come to study at a British university. With purple eyes and a mysterious appearance, she believes that he’s her destined love. However, it turns out that he’s actually a prince from a desert country. Since their worlds are so different he tries to stop seeing her, but finds that he cannot free himself of his feelings for her. War arises in his homeland and he’s called back. With no time left, they spend one last night together. “Love me,” she says to him. But the next morning he leaves in a cold and distant manner! What has happened?

This is the 5th book of Alexandra Sellers’ Sons of the desert series.

  1. HQcBride of the Sheikh illustrated by HOSHIAI Misao
  2. HQcSheikh’s Ransom illustrated by HOSHIAI Misao
  3. HQcThe Solitary Sheikh illustrated by HOSHIAI Misao
  4. HQcBeloved Sheikh illustrated by HOSHIAI Misao
  5. Sheikh’s Temptation
  6. HQcSheikh’s Honor illustrated by HOSHIAI Misao
  7. HQcSheikh’s Woman illustrated by HIMURA Soraha
  8. Sheikh’s Castaway
  9. The Ice Maiden’s Sheikh
  10. HQcThe Fierce and Tender Sheikh illustrated by CHIHARA Esu
  11. HQcSheikh’s Betrayal illustrated by TAKAGI Yuri

Except for Sheikh’s Castaway and The Ice Maiden’s Sheikh. I found manga adaptations for the rest of the novel series. I hope the publisher will translate them all — don’t like it when publishers translate just partially a series.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcHis Cinderella Bride
By Heather Allison & TSUYA Satomi

While managing a high-class rental boutique, Rose often dreams of her own wedding. Then, one day, she has an unexpected encounter. Included with a returned wedding dress is a planner that must have been forgotten. To return the planner to its rightful owner, she goes to a famous advertising firm and there she spots the man of her dreams; his name is Duncan Burke. As soon as she catches sight of him, he owns her heart, and then everything changes. It’s obvious that many women desire him. To be with him, she abandons her previous image of jeans and flats, and dyes her hair blond, all to transform herself into a beautiful princess.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Price of a Bride
By Michelle Reid & KOBAYASHI Hiromi

Mia, the daughter of a wealthy family, has just become the pawn in a cruel transaction. Due to the death of her older brother, her father now has no male heir. To remedy the situation, he promises his daughter’s hand in marriage to a businessman named Alexander. However, this is not just an engagement, it’s also a business deal. The purpose of this marriage is for a male heir. If one is born, then Alexander must deliver the boy to Mia’s father, and in exchange Alexander will receive an entire island in the Aegean Sea. This arrangement that so resembles slavery makes Alexander angry, and the fact that Mia does exactly as her father says has him looking on both her and her father with disgust. Mia, however despicable the situation, complies with her father’s wishes…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcAn Old-Fashioned Girl
By Betty Neels & MAKI Akemi

Patience takes care of her aunties and lives humbly day to day. One day, a Dutch doctor, Julius, comes to their village for a short time to work on his book, and for a considerable salary she agrees to do housework for him. At first she finds Julius to be quite curt, but as time goes on, she finds that he’s actually quite charming. Gradually, a love for him grows inside her. He also starts to unknowingly become attracted to her frankness and simple “rat” clothes…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ CARRAMER LEGACY ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Marquis and the Mother-To-Be
By Valerie Parv & TSUJI Rikako

After many years, Karissa has finally returned to the Caramel kingdom to secure her dream job of managing a boardinghouse. Upon her arrival, she meets the son of a major noble family. This very man was her first love and had cruelly rejected her affection. Painful emotions, unhealed by time, run wild in her heart. As she’s reeling from this encounter, she learns something even more unsettling: he’s the owner of the boardinghouse that she’s been hired to run.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcHearts Are Wild
By Laura Wright & ISEZAKI Towa

Maggie’s in a bit of trouble. She’s soon going to be opening a new business—a matching service. But she’s having a lot of difficulty acquiring male clients. Her mind is full of worries when a charming young man, Nick, approaches her and tells her that, as of today, he’s her roommate. Apparently, her grandmother had arbitrarily signed a rental agreement with him. Maggie, flustered, agrees but only on one condition: Nick helps with her matchmaking service by becoming her first successful male client. However, the more pressing issue here should be: can she live alone with Nick?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcSheikh, Children’s Doctor…Husband
By Meredith Webber & YAMASHITA Tomomi

Alex, a young female doctor, travels to Al Janeen for work. While there she angers the king, Azam, who has her thrown out of the palace for being a heretic. This is a great blow to Alex. Ever since she was a child she has dreamed of the world described in Arabian Nights. While attempting to return to her home country, she suddenly becomes entangled in a civil war, and finds herself being left behind in a mountain village—with Azam! There’s no safe place for outsiders. After being unable to locate lodging, Azam suddenly gives Alex a kiss. One that she thought was like magic… Then, suddenly, he says to her, “There’s only one way to overcome our current predicament. Marry me, right now.”

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ DEPIERO SIBLINGS ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Legend of De Marco
By Abby Green & NANAHOSHI Sae

Her little brother, Steven, has disappeared with a million euros in tow? Gracie, seeking a more detailed explanation of what happened, rushes to the company where her brother works. The president of the company, Rocco De Marco, meets with her to explain that her brother has stolen money from them and disappeared. Furthermore, they are also questioning her as if she is an accomplice to the crime. “You are an important person in relation to the incident. Until Steven appears, we would like you to stay in the company penthouse on the top floor of the building.” Isn’t this imprisonment?

This story is the first in the DePiero series, consisting of 2 books so far. The second story is Forgiven but not Forgotten? about Siena. I can’t find online if there’s a manga adaptation for this one.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ BRIDEGROOM BOSS ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. HQcOutback Boss, City Bride
    By Jessica Hart & TAKIGAWA Eve

    When Meredith reaches the backwoods of Australia, where her younger sister is working, she stands dumbfounded in front of the vast land with clouds of red dust dancing around her. She understands how her sister has come to love this land and enjoys making her living here. Her sister is the opposite of Meredith, who is good at cooking and cleaning. Unfortunately for her sister, she has to leave immediately and return with Meredith to London. A dying man is waiting for her. Sadly, they are unable to convince her sister’s surly and unpleasant employer, Hal, to just let her go in the middle of their contract. So before she knows it, Meredith finds herself taking her sister’s place and working at the ranch…

  2. HQcAppointment at the Altar
    By Jessica Hart & TAKIGAWA Eve

    At first Lucy hated Guy. Working at a farm in Australia, grinding flour, Guy constantly calls her “Cinderella.” Whenever he does, she feels like smiling and has a hard time calming down. Guy is handsome and smells of the privileged classes, but then again, since he is a visitor to the farm it is easy to think this. And now, due to certain circumstances, she finds herself returning to London. It just so happens that Guy is also returning, and they are sitting beside each other on the flight. She would never have thought that only a couple days later she would be working at his company and referring to him as her boyfriend.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Man Who Risked It All
By Michelle Reid & TAKAI Mio

Lexi is shocked by the accident she sees on TV. It shows a speed-racing boat tumble through the air. It is the boat of Franco, her soon-to-be ex-husband, whom she’d been living separately from. When she arrives at the hospital the sight of him, covered in tubes and wires while connected to numerous medical equipment sends chills down her spine. It is almost too painful to gaze upon the figure of her husband, who she’d just sent the divorce papers to… She is overwhelmed and confused; she feels both love and hate for this man. She had made this trip solely to talk to him, verify he was okay and offer condolences for their lost friend. However, she’s suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of situations, all of which make her love for him grow stronger and stronger. She thinks to herself, Why now? I thought we loved each other truly, but then I saw that picture of you in bed with another woman! Our relationship was supposed to be over then, wasn’t it…?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ D’ANGELI FAMILY ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcUnnoticed and Untouched
By Lynn Raye Harris & UCHIDA Kazuna

Faith, Fiorenzo’s secretary, is to accompany Fiorenzo to a party as his date. Fiorenzo is a five-time world-title holder in cycling and also manages a bike company. Furthermore, he is a globe-trotting playboy. In contrast, she is very plain and doesn’t think that they are a good match. She also doesn’t really know much about high society, or want to draw any attention to herself. With little confidence, Faith allows Fiorenzo to take her to a beauty parlor and boutique. To give her the appearance of a date worthy of him, they dress her up gorgeously. He’s so taken with her transformation that he kisses her!

So, this manga is the first installment in the d’Angeli family series. I found the manga adaptation for its sequel, not yet translated bu hoping it’ll be soon. I’m not too fond of the cover for Revelations of the Night Before:

But the art inside should be better — I like Uchida-sensei art style, and I’m hoping to see some nice smut as she’s not afraid of drawing dirty scenes.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Marriage Debt
By Louise Allen & HASHIMOTO Takako

Because of her little brother’s gambling addiction, young Catherine now finds herself shouldering a five-thousand-pound debt. A nurse advises her that if she were to marry a death-row inmate the debt would be absolved, and that it would be better than becoming the mistress of an old nobleman. With no other options left, she goes to the prison. She actually follows through and ends up marrying an unshaven, scary-looking man named Jack. Jack’s infamous in town because he’s a known boss in the criminal underworld. During their wedding night, Jack’s freed from his shackles and allowed some freedom to tidy himself up. He suddenly transforms into an impeccably mannered and handsome young man! Not exactly what Catherine was expecting…
In order to have her family’s debt absolved, Catherine marries a man who was made to seem like a criminal. On the one-night honeymoon allowed them within the prison confines, she convinces him to tell her the truth. The truth is that he had been set up and was innocent of the charges brought against him. Believing his sincere manner, she sets out to find the true culprit of the crime and manages to do so, just in the nick of time, thereby saving Nick from execution. Unfortunately, this also means that her family’s debt remains intact since her death-row inmate was pardoned. Furthermore, it turns out that Jack’s the son (disowned) of a distinguished noble family. As his wife and still the holder of a large debt, she takes it upon herself to contact her husband’s family for help. What will their reaction be…?

Hashimoto-sensei is an instant purchase for me. The story is interesting, the art is fantastic, the expressiveness top-notch… I just can’t wait to get my hands on the English mangas.