And this month first releases are out. Wait a few more days to find them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.

Week 1
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Finally, we get to read the conclusion to the Russian Rivals duet. I’ve been waiting so long for this one. I see that the publisher is resuming the Lords of the Underwold series, but for some reason, they’ve skipped Sabin’s story. Ah, the reading order is not their forte — like many publishers — as I can see. But then, it’s not such a bad thing because I do think the art for The Darkest Whisper disturbingly weird. There are lots of new series. So I’m hoping the publisher won’t let us wait too long for them to be completed too.

Week 2
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Um… Not much interested in artists from this week’s releases. I’ll have to rely on authors I usually appreciate.

Week 3
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Alright, the publisher finished the Payback affairs series, resume The lords of the underworld — whatever you may say, I hate Fuyuki-san’s chara design for Darkest Whisper — and started the de Burghs — I love the novel series, I don’t like much Hidaka-san’s drawings, what a waste of good stories! Regarding the de Burghs series, they’ve released the 3rd story today. I often say, why start by the first book when you can begin by the second, third or even the last! LOL

I’m mostly pleased by the release of Twelve nights of Christnmas. I bought the raws last Christmas and really enjoyed what I could see, wanted so much for it to be translated. Now, my wish has come true.

Week 4
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The last batch of releases for this month is rather interesting. We get new series and the publisher has translated the latest manga for the Lords of the Underworld series — sadly, there’s no more until a new book is adapted in Japanese.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcClaiming His Chirstmas Bride

By Carole Mortimer & MAKI Akemi

Molly is depressed. Her brother and his wife have invited her to spend the Christmas holiday with them, but when she arrives at their home, she learns she will also be spending it with the last man she ever wanted to see, Gideon. They had met three years ago, a chance encounter at the house of Gideon’s brother. Seeing Molly in a disgraceful mess, Gideon assumed she was his brother’s mistress, and he’s hated her ever since. Completely unaware of their history, Molly’s brother and sister-in-law try to play cupid to the two of them. All Molly can do is sigh.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ MEDICI MEN ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcFrom Playboy to Papa!

By Leanne Banks & OGATA Hiromi

Nicole’s younger twin sister was a beautiful, bright woman who was loved by all. But she died leaving a son by a shipping tycoon, Rafe Medici. Three years have passed since then, and now an unbelievably gorgeous man, who shakes with anger, stands before Nicole. This is the first time she’s met a man of the Medici family. After finding out about his child, who her younger sister secretly gave birth to, he comes to collect him. The rumors of him were true and he arrogantly tells her to quit her job in order to raise his child in Miami as a part of his family…

This is actually the second story of the Medici men series.

But I was only able to find 2 manga adaptations out of the 3 remaining stories.

  1. Billionaire Extraordinaire
  2. From Playboy to Papa!
  3. The Playboy’s Proposition
  4. Secrets of the Playboy’s Bride
  1. HQcBillionaire Extraordinaire

    Illustrated by NARUKAMI Yutta

    Man of the Month
    Mr. May: Damien Medici, uberbillionaire
    Mission: Revenge…through any means
    Method: Seduction, of course!
    Finally he could avenge his family. And the key to achieving all Damien desired lay in the hands of his sweet new secretary, Emma Weatherfield. She could reveal the privileged information he so desperately wanted. But in order to gain Emma’s trust, he had to win her love. Romancing his way into Emma’s heart was easier than he’d imagined. Doing so without entrapping himself, however, was not something this risk-taker had ever anticipated.

  2. HQcThe Playboy’s Proposition

    Illustrated by OGATA Hiromi

    He’d never met a woman he couldn’t have.
    When Michael Medici spotted the beautiful cocktail waitress, he made his move. One extraordinary night later, he knew he wanted more from Bella St. Clair. Too bad he’d just acquired her family’s business — and she despised him.
    The word no wasn’t in the Medici vocabulary so he made Bella an offer even the proudest woman couldn’t refuse. Become his mistress, and she’d regain the company. Though she agreed to his proposition, she refused to surrender to his no-emotions-involved rule. Would this Medici millionaire succumb to his heart’s hidden desire?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Rake’s Secret Son

By Annie Burrows & MURATA Junko

Helena marries the man she’s always adored, the viscount Carleton. But her husband believes that their matrimony was all so that she could gain his fortune and he refuses to open his heart to her. He even goes so far as to declare that her son is no child of his and goes off to war, only to go missing. Everything after that is a living hell for Helena. Her husband’s family treats her like a hussy, cuts her off. But seven years later, while she’s been diligently raising her son, her husband suddenly shows up, ragged and on the verge of collapsing!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ LORDS OF THE UNDERWOLD 4.5 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Darkest Prison

By Gena Showalter & Earithen

At long last, he’ll finally have his revenge. He, Atlas, remembers when Nike, a goddess, had trapped him, a Titan. She had carved her name into his chest, and even now it burned and ached. Following the fall of the Greek gods, he’s become responsible for this prison. His imprisonment, until only a few days earlier, is still fresh and raw in his mind, especially the female prison guard, Nike. She had tried to claim his body for herself by carving her name into him, and the hatred he feels for her can only be reduced by inflicting the same humiliation upon her. He pins her down, while she screams and cries, and carves his own name into her porcelain-white back. After he is done, he commits to memory this dark yet pleasant feeling. With this she will know who she belongs to.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Spaniard’s Defiant Virgin

By Jennie Lucas & OKAMOTO Keiko

Determined to save her family’s company from ruin, Tamsin agrees to become a bride to the wealthy shiekh tycoon Aziz. But on the day of their marriage, the wedding party is suddenly attacked by bandits. After being drugged and knocked unconscious, Tamsin wakes up to the sight of a handsome, mysterious man who tells her, “I’ve waited my entire life to exact my revenge of destroying your fiancé and your family!” before stealing a kiss from Tamsin! But who knew that a kidnapper’s kiss could be so hot and so arousing?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ CASTALDINI CROWN I ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Once and Future Prince

By Olivia Gates & KYUKA Min

Phoebe, an international legal consultant, is dumbfounded by the work she is assigned by the king. Her work is to bring Prince Leandro, who left the country seven years ago, back to Casterdini. Leandro is the only man that Phoebe ever loved. But for him, Phoebe was nothing but a convenient woman whose heart he shattered and abandoned. Coming face-to-face with that man again? It’s hard enough recalling the painful parting, but reuniting with him sweetly shakes up Phoebe’s heart…

And another trilogy started by the publisher.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcHis Virgin Mistress

By Anne Mather & FUJITA Kazuko

“I want you to pretend to be my lover.” At the request of her lovable friend, the old millionaire Kastro, Joanna arrives in Greece to play the part of a wicked woman who deceives the elderly. Sure enough, the Kastro residence is in an uproar over the young lover the sixty-seven-year-old head of the family has brought with him. But a fated meeting awaits her there. It is with old Kastro’s son, Demetrios. Each time she is shot through with his glances of intermingling hostility and jealousy, her body and heart are shaken. But in their positions as a father’s lover and his son, they cannot possibly be drawn together…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ PAYBACK AFFAIRS I ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcShattered by the CEO

By Emilie Rose & AI Marito

Tara left her job as a CEO’s personal assistant because of her boss’s son, Rand. They’d been in a relationship, but the moment she brought up their future, he broke up with her. And so Tara turned in her letter of resignation. But five years later, Rand shows up at her doorstep asking her to help fulfill a strange task left behind in his father’s will. Tara must work for a year as Rand’s PA—or he’ll lose his position and the family fortune. Is this a second chance from a higher power? Determined to make Rand fall in love with her again, Tara gives him a wild ultimatum!

Shattered by the CEO is the first installment of a trilogy, the 2 other books already adapted into mangas and just waiting to be translated.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcBedded by Blackmail

By Robyn Grady & OKADA Junko

“Ella? Is that you?” Tristan Barkley comes home early from his business trip to find a strange woman in his home. At first he’s taken in by her beauty. Then he comes to a shocking realization—this woman is Ella, his plain and unassuming housekeeper! Taking his ugly-duckling-turned-swan housekeeper out to dinner, he finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to her as they spend more time together. Not only is this new Ella (having put aside her dowdy housekeeper’s uniform) gorgeous, she’s considerate and honest. She’s perfect wife material. What will Tristan do, now that he’s found the perfect woman right under his nose?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ THE PERSONAL TOUCH! IV ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcSeeking Single Male

By Stephanie Bond & TAKAYAMA Mayu

No decent woman would put out an ad for a boyfriend! I can’t let some harlot near my little brother! In place of his brother, Greg decides to meet a woman who placed a singles ad, with the intention of turning this “Coffee Girl” down. But the Coffee Girl he meets is exceedingly beautiful. Why would she have put out a singles ad? And Lana, a coffee shop owner, is suddenly kissed by a man who’s supposed to be applying as her potential roommate. The first of three romances revolving around magazines!

So we start a multi-author series this time.

  1. Seeking Single Male by Stephanie Bond
  2. Ms. Taken by Jo Leigh
  3. Otherwise Engaged by Cara Summers
  4. Personal Relations by Heather MacAllister
  5. Mr. Right Now by Kate Hoffmann

So far, I was only able to find 2 other mangas for this series. Maybe the others were also adapted but can’t find them for now.

  1. HQcMs. Taken

    By Jo Leigh & TAKAYAMA Mayu

    This is the ad secretary Jane Dobson secretly wanted to place in “The Personal Touch!” column. Instead, shy but sexy Charles Warren has her tracking down his old college girlfriend with the goal of proposing. If he figures this is in Jane’s job description, he is sorely mistaken!
    Charles is secretly attracted to Jane, but is clueless about her feelings. Until the day she gets conked on the head by a plaster cupid — and he’s there for the fallout! Suddenly Jane’s now convinced that he’s her fiance and they are passionately in love. Worse, she wants to start the honeymoon…early. Of course, she’s mistaken.
    But is this a mistake any red-blooded, loving man would want to correct?

  2. HQcPersonal Relations

    By Heather MacAllister & TAKAYAMA Mayu

    The Plot: Courtney Weathers desperately needs a date — for her older sister! Jeff Ryan needs a break from his workaholic stepbrother. The Personal Touch! brings the teens together as partners in crime. But will it also make them family?
    Brooke Weathers is counting the days before Courtney goes to college. At least then, she might get a life — a sex life. Chase Davenport has been so busy climbing the corporate ladder and looking after Jeff, he can’t remember ever having a sex life.
    But when the two kids decide to get married, Brooke and Chase have to team up to stop them. Too bad they can’t keep their hands off each other long enough to do it….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ INTERNATIONAL DOCTORS I ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Italian Doctor’s Wife

By Sarah Morgan & WAZUMI Fusako

Abby has no living family. Her daughter, Rosa, born from artificial insemination, is her dearest treasure. Her life as a single mother and nurse is cash-strapped but happy. But suddenly, an Italian doctor called Nico appears. “You’re not fit to be Rosa’s mother,” he says. As a man who can no longer have children, he has searched out his biological daughter, Rosa, and demands to have her handed over. “I’ll never give her to you!” Abby is adamant. Seeing Abby’s strong bond with her daughter, Nico makes another proposal—that the two of them get married, even though they are complete strangers.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL SEDUCTIONS VII ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcVirgin Princess, Tycoon’s Temptation

By Michelle Celmer & TOMOI Miho

In the country of Thomas Isle lives princess Louisa, whom the people referred to as Snow White, for she has been sheltered her entire life by overprotective family members. Even now at 27 she’s still innocent. At a ball one evening, she encounters a charming man named Garrett. He’s the most prominent and affluent industrialist in the country. As if in a fairy-tale love story from her dreams, when she sees Garrett she feels like destiny is calling. Garrett also does little to conceal his affection for the princess. The overly pure princess’s love doesn’t look before it leaps. She would never in her wildest dreams have thought that this meeting was a part of some diabolical scheme…

Virgin Princess, Tycoon’s Temptation is the 7th book in a series counting 8 volumes so far.

  1. The King’s Convenient Bride
  2. The Illegitimate Prince’s Baby
  3. An Affair With The Princess
  4. The Duke’s Boardroom Affair
  5. Royal Seducer
  6. Christmas with the Prince
  7. Virgin Princess, Tycoon’s Temptation
  8. Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair

I was able to pinpoint only 4 other manga adaptations.

  1. HQcThe King’s Convenient Bride

    Illustrated by ASOU Ayumu

    Royally Wed
    Prince Phillip had sworn to do his royal duty. Someday he’d take a suitable bride–in the traditional loveless “arrangement”–and father an heir to the throne. But then he unexpectedly became king. And when he met Hannah Renault the virtual stranger who was his intended bride all his plans to keep her at arm’s length were suddenly forgotten.

  2. HQcAn Affair With The Princess

    Illustrated by ASOU Ayumu

    Wealthy architect Alexander Rafferty hadn’t returned to the kingdom just to build a luxury hotel. He’d come back to take revenge on Princess Sophie of Morgan Isle, the thoughtless young girl who’d played with his commoner’s heart years before. He meant to seduce her, coldly and cruelly, then walk away without a backward glance. But once he came to know the elegant, sensuous woman she’d become–and feel the unforgettable heat that still flared between them–he wondered if he’d ever be able to walk away again….

  3. HQcRoyal Seducer

    Illustrated by OKAZAKI Hitomi

    Mr. July: Prince Christian, heir to a royal throneHis purpose: Marriage–quick, painless, loveless
    His prey: One unsuspecting princess
    Royal must marry royal, which left Prince Christian’s options few and far between. That is…until a new princess was discovered: beautiful, innocent and unaware she’d been offered up as a pawn. He would have wed whomever duty dictated, but the lovely Princess Melissa soon had Christian more than ready for a royal wedding night. He just had to keep love out of the equation…or lose his kingdom forever.

  4. HQcChristmas with the Prince

    Illustrated by HAZAMA Kuremi

    She was just there to do a job…not fall in love with a prince But Olivia Montgomery was having a difficult time remembering that when sexy Prince Aaron kept pursuing her. How could an ordinary woman hope to resist such a seduction?And so Olivia found herself sleeping with royalty. She knew their affair had to end with the new year–Aaron was destined to marry someone of royal blood. Still, that couldn’t stop her from wishing she’d find an engagement ring under the Christmas tree.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ RUSSIAN RIVALS II ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Power of Vasilii

By Penny Jordan & JET

Laura applies for the position of personal secretary to Vasilii Demidov, a Russian businessman whose origin is also of the people of the desert. Laura has been yearning for him—this older brother of her friend—and even treasures a photo of him that she secretly took ten years ago. However, for some reason during the interview, he shows a strange animosity against Laura as he asks questions full of malevolence. Although she is furious and wishes to leave, out of his urgent need for a secretary who is fluent in Chinese he unexpectedly hires her. The next day, Laura departs for Monte Negro for a business trip alone with him!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcDevil in Velvet

By Anne Mather & SAEKI Kayono

Harriet, an antique dealer, buys a mountain villa in a village in Southern France to enjoy her summer vacation with her niece. But the mountain villa is an abysmal abandoned house…! And what surprises her more is the fact that the former owner of the mountain villa was her ex-lover, Andre. He was the man who captured her eighteen-year-old heart and sent her into fits of despair. The love and hatred she buried eight years ago comes back to life and tortures her emotions!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ PAYBACK AFFAIRS II ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcBound by the Kincaid Baby

By Emilie Rose & AI Marito

The affluent Mitch Kincaid’s livelihood hangs in the balance because of his father’s peculiar will. Unless he takes in his father’s illegitimate child and looks after him for one year, Mitch will lose his entire fortune. The child is now under the care of its aunt, Carly. “I’ll give you a hundred grand for the child. No—five hundred.” Mitch offers Carly riches, but she refuses. She claims she doesn’t need any money, and that she’ll only cooperate on the condition that she, too, lives at the Kincaid manor. Dammit, what is she after? Does she intend to slink into his bed—and push him into marrying her?

There’s just one story left and the series will be completely translated:

HQcWed By Deception

By Emilie Rose & AI Marito

Lucas had supposedly died eleven years ago, in the wedding day accident that had left Nadia in a coma. So who was this man standing outside her Dallas penthouse, claiming to be the man she’d loved? And why did her instant joy at finding Lucas alive suddenly turn to trepidation at the cool disdain in her groom’s eyes?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ INTERNATIONAL DOCTORS II ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Italian’s Passionate Proposal

By Sarah Morgan & WAZUMI Fusako

One night, Carlo witnesses a boy being attacked. Although he jumps in to help, he is mistaken as one of the thugs and ends up being punched. Carlo pins the boy to the ground to clear the misunderstanding and realizes that “he” is actually a beautiful green-eyed woman! What am I doing, lying on the street, kissing a man I don’t know? Suzannah is brought back to reality, and treats Carlo’s bruise as a way to thank him for his help. She finds out that Carlo is actually the new doctor coming to Suzannah’s workplace at the hospital! As the two also start to spend time together in their personal lives, Suzannah begins to have suspicions. “Carlo, are you hiding something?”

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ PREGNANT BRIDES I ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcDesert Prince, Bride of Innocence

By Lynne Graham & MIYAMOTO Karin

Eleanor, beautiful red-haired witch. I’ll give you a kiss so you’ll never forget this day—or me…. Eleanor has come to the kingdom of Quaram as an English tutor for the royal family. At the royal party she’s invited to, on her twenty-first birthday, she’s asked to dance by Jasim, the kingdom’s second prince. His gorgeous black hair, his hungry eyes…in that dreamlike moment spent in his embrace, she falls for him before she realizes it. But little does Eleanor know, even as Jasim passionately proclaims his love for her, he has a dreadful scheme in mind…!

And another trilogy is starting. The other 2 stories are adapted into mangas, not translated yet. I don’t mind Miyamoto-sensei’s art. It’s not my cup of tea yet there’s an old charm in it. The rest of the series is illustrated by Asou-sensei.

  1. HQcRuthless Magnate, Convenient Wife

    By Lynne Graham & ASOU Ayumu

    Russian billionaire Sergei Antonovich was famous for being knee-deep in stunning supermodels and aspiring actresses. But not one was suitable bride material. Would he ever grant his aging babushka her dearest wish and present her with a grandchild?So, why not handle this challenge as business? Without emotion, but with a contract of convenience that would grant Sergei the perfect deal: a wife he’d bed, wed, get pregnant…and then discard….

  2. HQcGreek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress

    By Lynne Graham & ASOU Ayumu

    The right mistress…but the wrong bride!
    Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Dionides made her his mistress. Her – with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle, making candles and pot-pourri! However, Atreus seemed enchanted by her curves when he made passionate love to her at his country retreat.
    But Lindy came down to earth with two bumps – first when Atreus revealed she was just his weekend mistress; his bride would be selected from the upper echelons of Greek society. The second bump she wouldn’t be able to hide…because she was carrying Atreus’s baby!

I guess art styles like Asou-san’s allow to draw fast and complete more mangas than art styles like Iwasaki-san’s for instance — or even like Hashimoto-san’s or Earithen’s. But I would buy instantly anything drawn by Iwasaki-sensei. Drawn by Asou-san’s? Sorry for her fans, I’m put off by her art. I can’t always skip her works when she’s contributing to a multi-artist series I’ve started buying before knowing she’s one of the illustrators or when I’m given a manga of hers for free. But most of the times, I would avoid purchasing her works and series she’s taking part to, even if the stories do catch my interest. That’s the publisher’s loss!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcPersonal Vendetta

By Margaret Mayo & KURODA Kasumi

Holly’s on a vacation at the cottage left to her by her grandparents. While she’s settling in, a strange man barges in and insists that the cottage is his property—and that she’d better get out! He’s the local landowner, Calum…and he kisses her as her punishment. Holly refuses to leave, determined to prove that she’s the rightful owner of the cottage. Although she already has a man, she finds herself falling for Calum. But he hates women…!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ THOSE SCANDALOUS RAVENHURSTS ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Dangerous Mr. Ryder

By Louise Allen & OGIMARU Masako

In order to escape the risk of assassination, the spy Jack Ryder must escort Grand Duchess Eva of Maubourg to England. To keep her identity a secret, Eva must act like she and Jack are a couple, and she is charmed by his good looks, wit and courage. “No matter what the danger, I will come and save you!” Jack’s earnest promise has a profound effect on Eva’s heart because she had only ever known the life of a marriage without love. But, for him, he is just doing his duty. There’s no way that he will actually be in love with her…is there?

In order to escape the risk of assassination, the spy Jack Ryder is escorting Grand Duchess Eva of Maubourg back to her homeland of England. She and Jack play the act of a married couple as they continue their journey. When they are finally confronted by the enemy chasing them, Eva is thrown into the river. Jack desperately chases her as she’s carried downriver and leaps into the cold water and pulls her delicate body from the river! “You came to save me, Jack?” “I promised I would always come save you, didn’t I?” Eva loses consciousness while being held against Jack’s sturdy chest.

The Dangerous Mr. Ryder is actually the first story of Louise Allen’s Those Scandalous Ravenhursts series.

  1. The Dangerous Mr. Ryder
  2. Outrageous Lady Felsham
  3. Shocking Lord Standon
  4. The Disgraceful Mr. Ravenhurst
  5. The Notorious Mr Hurst
  6. The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst
  7. Disrobed and Dishonored

I haven’s seen any manga adaptation for the rest of the series so far. Despite not liking Ogimaru-sensei’s art style, I can still read her works without feeling too bothered visually. On the other hand, I really like Louise Allen’s stories and characters. So I’m hoping to enjoy this manga.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ANGELIC INTERVENTION ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThose Christmas Angels

By Debbie Macomber & KUREBAYASHI Tsukiko

One pre-Christmas day, Julie gets run over by a car driven by Roy Fletcher, the president of a leading IT company. He, however, offers settlement money by saying, “My car never touched you. You decided to fall off your bike. Don’t even think about suing me.” Unconvinced of his action, Julie goes to return the money. Wearing a cynical smile on his handsome face, he replies, “Are you trying to increase the amount?” What kind of man is he! So thinking, Julie gets captivated by this attractive man…!

This book is part of Debbie Macomber’s Angelic intervention series. I’m not sure of the reading order as even at the author’s site, the several book lists are a bit confusing. I think it must be the 5th or 6th story.

So far, I could find one more manga adaptation related to this series.

HQcShirley, Goodness And Mercy

By Debbie Macomber & KUREBAYASHI Tsukiko

Alone at Christmas
Greg Bennett feels his life has been a waste. Sixty years old and he has no one to spend Christmas with, no one who cares.
Greg knows he’s made mistakes, hurt people, failed in all the ways that matter. As a young man, he fathered a child he never acknowledged. He deserted a friend in his hour of need. He abandoned his own brother, whom he hasn’t seen in years.
Listlessly wandering the streets of San Francisco, Greg finds himself in church—and whispers a simple heartfelt prayer. A prayer that wends its way to the Archangel Gabriel, who assigns his favorite angels—Shirley, Goodness and Mercy—to Greg Bennett’s case. Because Gabriel knows full well that Greg’s going to need the assistance of all THREE!
Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are determined to create a miracle for Greg. In their usual inimitable way, they set about to show him what life, joy and Christmas are all about!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ CASTALDINI CROWN II ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Prodigal Prince’s Seduction

By Olivia Gates & KYUKA Min

Gabrielle, the manager of her own publishing house, is pursuing an autobiography by the prince of the Mediterranean kingdom of Castaldini. But Prince Durante keeps up a tight guard and she gets nowhere with her calls. With no other options, she ambushes him at a party and rouses his interest with a risky line: “I have one million dollars right here. Now will you give me an hour of your time?” Her proposal amuses the prince at first, but why is he filled with such contempt the next time he sees her…?

There’s still one manga left to be translated in this trilogy:

HQcThe Illegitimate King

By Olivia Gates & KYUKA Min

At the Future King’s Mercy
Once, she’d scorned him. And illegitimate secret prince Ferruccio Selvaggio had sworn he would make her pay. Now, Princess Clarissa D’Agostino was in his power. It was time to teach her a lesson….
The future of the kingdom rested on her. Clarissa knew she had to do whatever it took to convince Ferruccio to accept the crown and save them all. Even if it meant marrying a man who believed the worst of her. Even if it meant giving him her heart.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcLucifer’s Angel
By Violet Winspear & HANABUSA Yoko

Paul Von Setan is a genius surgeon acknowledged by the world for his accomplishments. The nurse Merlin unknowingly hands the doctor powerful eyedrops, which is part of a setup. The talented surgeon resultantly becomes blind; she then cries, “I have stolen everything that should be his!” Merlin is blamed for the incident and forced to leave the hospital. Merlin wishes to help the now-blind surgeon and make up for her action. She decides to follow the man she loves under an assumed identity to the remote tropical island where he hides himself after the incident. If it’s ever possible, she is willing to give herself to him….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ LORDS OF THE UNDERWOLD 4 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Darkest Whisper
By Gena Showalter & FUYUKI Rurika

Voume 1
Gwen’s the vessel of the legendary creatures called harpies and, because of that, was caught to be experimented on. Then one day, a brawny warrior by the name of Sabin appears and releases her from her glass cage. Unfortunately, her sense of relief is short-lived. Sabin, in the distant past, suffered the wrath of the gods, and had sealed within him a terrible, dark and suspicious warrior. He wants to use the harpy’s natural prowess as a killer, and so takes her back to his castle. There he tells her that she is now his, and he carves his mark into her neck. Gwen bounces between feelings of anxiety and attraction…


Voume 2
“I will protect you, Sabin.” Gwen and Sabin are on the run from a group of fanatics and hunters who are pursuing them, until finally Gwen suffers a deep wound and the chase is ended by Sabin. She just wanted, with all her heart, to protect Sabin. Even though he wants to use her abilities as a harpy, she has still become enamored with him. Evil spirits continue to bewilder and cast suspicion on them through many sinister plots, but they overcome them with their love. Just as they start to fully trust each other, an ironic twist of fate surfaces. After all their hard work of trying to reach each other, they arrive at a final confrontation. What will become of them?

I’ve already said it and will repeat however much I want to, the chara design is plainly creepy here. What’s with Sabin’s hair? This makes him look girly. But the creepiest of all are the characters’ dead fish eyes, especially the heroine’s. I dislike this shoujo-ish trend to draw exaggeratedly big and globular eyes for the girl to make her look extra cute, but at least the heroine should still be expressive. Those expressionless faces with gigantic dead fish eyes only give me the chills in a very bad way. I dislike Fuyuki-sensei’s art style, but it’s usually bearable with her other Harlequin comics. Alas, in Darkest Whisper, it’s unbearable!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Marriage Adventure
By Hannah Bernard & KURODA Kasumi

How did my superactive parents, who run a business that does adventure tours, end up with a daughter like me who hardly leaves the house? These were the thoughts of Maria, who felt inferior to her adventurous parents. Her parents doted on Maria’s child friend Eddie, who grew up to become a famous adventurer. One day out of the blue, Maria’s parents announce that they are passing on their company to Eddie! According to them, they can’t entrust it to their daughter, who let them down and became a storybook writer. Maria doesn’t know what to think. What does this mean?! I’m adventurous, too! Then came these words from Eddie, who was supposed to be her rival: “Let me teach you everything there is to know.” Just where is he planning to take me?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ THE DE BURGHS 3 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcRobber Bride
By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao

Voume 1
Our story takes place in medieval England, where Simon, second son of the de Burgh family, has grown tired of peaceful days. “At least let me take on some robbers….” And just as he wishes, he is assailed by a band of thieves during his journey. In an unexpected attack, he and his men are taken prisoner! Even more surprising, the leader of the thieves is revealed to be a woman! Having never suffered such humiliation in his life, Simon trembles with fury. But at the same time, he slowly falls for her charm….


Voume 2
The female robber Bethia’s true identity is exposed as the only daughter of a feudal lord. Simon offers her help to reclaim her castle and save her father. “She hunts, she talks to men as equals, what an unconventional woman…I want her!” But Bethia is unsure of whether or not she can trust him, as she can’t risk exposing her men to danger. “He’s definitely attractive, but there’s absolutely no way that I will be subjected to him!”

I love Deborah Simmons Harlequin novels. She was the reason why I got hooked on Harlequin historical collection and to this day, I still think she’s my favorite Harlequin novelist for historical stories. With the Regency quartet, her de Burgh series are probably my all time favourites written by Mrs. Simmons. And I am sincerely glad the publisher is translating more mangas adapted from her stories. In fact, the de Burgh series has a special place in my heart because I discovered Mrs. Simmons when I read Taming the Wolf, the first story introducing this family, and I completely fell in love with Mrs. Simmons writing style, her humour and wits and lovable characters. The series consists of these books:

  1. Taming the Wolf
  2. The De Burgh Bride
  3. Robber Bride
  4. The Unexpected Guest
  5. My Lord de Burgh
  6. My Lady de Burgh
  7. Reynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight
  8. The Last de Burgh

I knew about the de Burgh manga series ever since I knew manga adaptations existed for Harlequin novels. But I never got enough motivation to buy the raws. Why you ask? Hidaka Nanao. I don’t dislike sensei’s art style but I sure don’t like it either. And for stories I especially cherished, seeing the previews of the manga versions were enough to make me cringe. It’s not bad, mind you. I just think Hidaka-san’s style doesn’t fit Deborah Simmons’ writing style.

From my past experience with Hidaka-sensei’s Harlequin and Romance comics, she’s a decent illustrator for drama — though her depiction of medieval times isn’t believable with small fashion details looking sometimes anachronistic or just weird, and I tend to get obsessively focused on anything wrong when I don’t like the art, like the fact that I think her art inconsistent, especially with proportions or postures —, with a tendancy to draw heroines with pathetic puppy eyes. But her attempts at comedy or humoristic scenes always fell flat with me. She’s the kind of artist who can’t make me laugh without the support of a text explaining what’s so funny. She can at best make me smile with her drawings but totally lack a sense of comedy and has to rely on the text to convey humour.

You know, there are artists’s styles I used to plainly hate at first because it’s so darn ugly but they won me because their art are insanely expressive and they know how to make me laugh or cry without even needing to spell the feeling with a text. I respect the most this ability to communicate all kinds of emotion just with their drawings, not just the sadness or sweetness, but especially the full-out hilarity. To make you laugh without the use of text is, I think, the most difficult achievement for a mangaka. Most artists can make you smile, or tear, or rage. But only few artists are able to make you laugh just looking at their drawings.

And this is the main reason why, despite loving Deborah Simmons’ stories so much, I never jump on purchasing the manga raws when I read Hidaka-sensei’s name as the illustrator. Mrs. Simmons writes sweetly sensual and moving stories. Emotions are the key, for she conveys them through a light tone and balances heavy moments with funny scenes. It’s because I love Mrs. Simmons’ books so much that I care this much.

Well, I’ll still read the English translated mangas. But I can’t guarantee I’ll purchase them right away or that I’ll purchase them at all.

  • HQcTaming the Wolf
    By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao


    Champion of Her Heart
    Though Marion Warenne’s past was but a dim nightmare, her present held a vision of glory – the formidable Dunstan de Burgh. A fierce knight who was determined to win their battle of wills, all the while protesting mightily that he did not believe in love.
    Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex, had ofttimes heard himself likened to a wolf on the prowl: fierce, brave and ever-alert to danger. How so, then, could one soft-eyed damsel escape his watchful eye time and time again? And even more dangerous, slip past his guard and find her way into his heart?

  • HQcThe De Burgh Bride
    By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao


    Sleeping With The Enemy
    It was the last thing Elene Fitzhugh intended. She only prayed her array of sharpened daggers was ample protection against Geoffrey de Burgh’s gentle coaxing and honeyed lies, for she was determined to be no man’s bride-king’s command be damned!
    Noble By Birth, Yet Wild At Heart
    Though Elene Fitzhugh had slain her first husband in the marriage bed, Geoffrey de Burgh had no choice but to make her his bride. Yet could he ever truly take to wife a woman with so fierce and passionate a soul?

  • HQcThe Unexpected Guest
    By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao

    The head of the mighty de Burgh family finds his quiet reserve shattered by the seductive young widow who stays at his keep for the twelve days of Christmas!

  • No preview because I know the publisher will release soon in English My Lord De Burgh.
    I’m just leaving the English cover and blurbs from Sofbank creative. I will update with the full data when the translation will be officially released.

    HQcVolume 1
    Stephen, the drunkest, most womanizing member of the de Burgh family, has everything he could ever ask for. But his father orders him to leave during a blizzard to escort Mistress Brighid to see her inheritance. The job is annoying enough, but to make it worse, the lady in question hides her hair in a wimple and wears a perpetual scowl. The two can’t possibly understand each other, and yet a passion akin to destiny constantly burns between them.

    Volume 2
    Stephen, the drunkest, most womanizing member of the de Burgh family, has everything he could ever ask for. But his father orders him to leave during a blizzard to escort Mistress Brighid to see her inheritance. The job is annoying enough, but to make it worse, the lady in question hides her hair in a wimple and wears a perpetual scowl. The two can’t possibly understand each other, and yet a passion akin to destiny constantly burns between them.

  • HQcMy Lady de Burgh
    By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao


    How else to explain this rash of marriages by the Brothers de Burgh? Robin de Burgh alone swore to remain unwed, despite ironic fate, which used foul murder to mate him with The One – spirited Sybil, a damsel in distress who insisted she needed him not!
    When convent walls became more prison than refuge, restless novice Sybil knew ’twas time to leave. But never did she expect to trade her wimple for a wedding veil, even when Sir Robin de Burgh, knight most impudent, demanded she put her life – and her heart – in his hands!

  • HQcReynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight
    By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao


    The “black sheep” of the de Burgh family is a title Reynold wears well. Outcast and injured, this knight is journeying alone. But his bitter pilgrimage is interrupted by a very determined damsel who holds him to his knight’s vow–to protect and serve Sabina Sexton knows her reluctant rescuer is skeptical about her quest. But the danger is very real, and wary Sabina must place her life–and her heart–in this dark and dangerously attractive knight’s keeping….

  • HQcThe Last de Burgh
    By Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao


    Destined for the convent, Emery Montbard disguises herself as a boy and enlists the help of chivalrous knight Nicholas de Burgh.
    From a proud, dynastic family, Nicholas has a strong code of honor—which is challenged when he notices the provocative curves of his mysterious companion. Doesn’t she realize that she gives away her true identity every time she moves? But Nicholas also hides a secret—one that lies at the very heart of him and can never be revealed…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcInnocent Sins
By Anne Mather & JET

Upon hearing news of her father’s death, Laura returns to her hometown in Wales for the first time in over ten years.Waiting for her there is her older stepbrother, Oliver, with whom she once shared a forbidden love. “And I told myself that I would never make the same mistake again….” Laura is troubled by her realization that, even now, her love for him has not been extinguished. But Laura is unaware of the role that her stepmother, Stella, played in their separation and in her father’s death!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ PAYBACK AFFAIRS III ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcWed by Deception
By Emilie Rose & AI Marito

Ever since her husband died eleven years ago, Nadia has been busy playing and working to take her mind off things. Now, according to her father’s strange will, Nadia is to shut herself in a Dallas penthouse. Her curfew is at midnight and she is not allowed to see any of her friends or go to work. If she disobeys these conditions, she will lose all of her inheritance. What is my father trying to do by keeping me locked in? Two months after this lonely and depressing life started, her penthouse neighbor, who has been away, suddenly appears in front of her. But the minute she sees him, Nadia faints out of shock!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Twelve Nights of Christmas
By Sarah Morgan & AKIMOTO Nami

A few days away from Christmas. Evie, evicted from her home, falls asleep in a suite at the hotel she works at as a cleaner. Her boss told her she could use the room as a special treat. At dawn, she awakes to the feeling of sweet lips, and sees an extremely sexy man before her eyes. Just then, a camera flash goes off, and a paparazzo runs away. What just happened? When she takes a good look at the still-upset man, he turns out to be the hotel’s owner, Rio. He is worried about the trap, and asks several things of Evie. Then he declares, “I will announce my engagement to you.”

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Greek’s Ultimate Revenge

By Julia James & MORI Motoko

“Separate the woman from my husband!” Begged by his sister, Nikos agrees to seduce Janine, make her fall for him and get rid of her. With the hidden ulterior motive, Nikos approaches Janine. As he learns more about her, he catches himself bearing unexpected feelings for her. Janine, without noticing his hurtful plans, is on the verge of falling in love with him…!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ THE FUN FACTOR 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcOh-So-Sensible Secretary
By Jessica Hart & SAGARA Kyouko

It’s Summer’s first day meeting her boss, Phin Gibson. The ever-diligent Summer is nervous about meeting him and comes to the office bright and early, only to have Phin show up late, looking like he’d just rolled out of bed—definitely not the look of the executive of a big corporation! The truth is there’s not a person in the U.K. who doesn’t know who he is. He’s the younger brother of the head of a major department store chain, but also stars in his own nature show where he explores deserts and jungles. In fact, he has no interest in the company. Sure, he may be handsome, but he’s also completely childish. The exact opposite everything Summer had been expecting. But will her initial impression give way to something more?

This is a multiauthor series counting 10 books so far:

  1. Oh-So-Sensible Secretary by Jessica Hart
  2. Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds by Nina Harrington
  3. Winning a Groom in 10 Dates by Cara Colter
  4. Deserted Island, Dreamy Ex! by Nicola Marsh
  5. The Bride’s Baby by Liz Fielding
  6. Molly Cooper’s Dream Date by Barbara Hannay
  7. How to Lasso a Cowboy by Shirley Jump
  8. Girl in a Vintage Dress by Nicola Marsh
  9. Mr. Right There All Along by Jackie Braun
  10. Swept Off Her Stilettos by Fiona Harper

I could find only 2 other manga adaptations for this series:

  1. HQcTipping the Waitress with Diamonds
    By Nina Harrington & NAKAYAMA Sara

    Take one hot chef…
    The world’s finest chef, Brett Cameron, has a tough choice to make. Carry on with his new restaurant dream or answer a plea for help and return to where it all began….
    Add a sweet, stressed waitress…
    Sienna Rossi is out of her depth trying to rescue her aunt’s bistro. The dishwasher’s leaking, there’s sauce in her hair and the frying pan’s just caught fire! Through the smoky haze she sees a vision in shimmering chef’s whites: Brett, her teenage crush!
    Did the temperature just rise a few degrees?

  2. HQcWinning a Groom in 10 Dates/a>
    By Cara Colter & NASHIMOTO Haruta

    As a teenager, geeky Sophie adored gorgeous Brandon. He protected her from the bullies, but was too tough for the sweet small-town girl to crack. Then he left for the army….
    Now the rebel’s back–just in time to rescue Sophie from attending her ex-fiancé’s engagement party alone. He’ll be her stand-in boyfriend and convince everyone they’re wildly in love!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Bride’s Baby
By Liz Fielding & AYABE Mizuho

The moment she first saw her best friend’s fiancé, Tom, Sylvie could feel her heart rate rising. She quells those feelings and focuses on preparing her friend’s wedding as the professional event planner that she is, but then the bride disappears right before the wedding! Sylvie ends up spending a passionate night with Tom, to comfort him during his time of loss. She then sends him a letter telling him that she’s pregnant with his child, but when she doesn’t hear back from him, Sylvie feels betrayed and unwanted. What are the chances that they’d be reunited by a magazine project to design her “dream wedding,” which lands her in the role of the bride and him as the groom?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ FINDING MR. RIGHT 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Billionaire Date
By Leigh Michaels & OGATA Rin

Kit has been put in charge of the PR for a charity fashion show. Two models disappear right before the show, and although she fills in for them at the last minute, the show ends in utter failure. The chairman of the event, Jarrett, arrogantly demands that she fundraise fifty thousand dollars in one month to make up for the lost donations. Jarrett is the owner of one of the biggest lingerie companies in America, and he is sexy enough to appear in advertisements with his models. “I know!” Kit has an idea. “I’ll plan a bachelor auction and make him join, too! If it’s successful, I’ll be able to raise the funds and get my revenge!”

And here we go with the beginning of a new series. The other books already have manga versions.

  1. HQcNo sample in Japanese for the second story of this trilogy, as I know for sure this one will be released very soon in English, maybe next month or later. You still get to see the English version of the cover as well as the blurb from Softbank.

    The Playboy Assignment
    By Leigh Michaels & OGATA Rin

    Susannah has been put in charge of PR for an art museum. Things get hectic when a wealthy man who was supposed to donate his collection meets an unexpected death. Of all people, his heir turns out to be Marc, Susannah’s past lover. Although they had once been deeply in love, their difference in status had pulled them apart. Susannah is worried: “I can’t believe I have to negotiate with him now.” Marc almost seems to sense Susannah’s desperate feelings, for he makes an astonishing announcement at a party. “I’ll donate one painting for every time she goes to bed with me.”

  2. HQcThe Husband Project
    By Leigh Michaels & OGATA Rin

    Everywhere she looked, there babies…and Alison longed we’re for one of her own. She wasn’t yearning for wedding bells, though: Alison was happily single — she simply wanted to be a mother Then along came Dr Logan Kavanaugh. He knew everything about making babies, and he needed a wife If Alison agreed to marry him, she could have her baby — and a gorgeous husband she never even knew she wanted…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcA Fragile Beauty
By Lucy Gordon & MISATO Ryoko

“Vicki, you’re as beautiful as the spirits of the night. Will you marry me?” Vicki was given this passionate proposal by Claudio Varelli, the second son of a prominent, wealthy Italian family. However, three months later, the day before they are to announce their engagement, Claudio’s brother, Maurizio, informs her, “You are going to marry me.” Vicki plummets from the peak of happiness to the depths of darkness. In the end, Vicki is persuaded by Maurizio saying, “This is the only way to save both you and the Varelli family,” and she begins her married life with him. Maurizio’s love engulfs her like a gentle hug, but Vicki’s heart is always full of uneasiness. Maurizio! Do you pity me? Do you love me? Or are you just trying to protect your family’s reputation? Vicki begins “a journey to find true love” on the set of a lavish household befitting that of a wealthy Italian family….

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ SONS OF PRIVILEGE ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. HQcThe Greek Tycoon’s Secret Heir
    By Katherine Garbera & SAGARA Kyouko

    Ava fell in love with Christos, the second son of a wealthy family, while in Greece. But their happiness didn’t last long. Suspected of cheating on Christos with his older brother, Stavros, Ava was chased out of Greece. So when Christos comes for her five years later, Ava can hardly believe her luck. She thinks he finally believes that her son is indeed his own, and not his brother’s—but her hopes are quickly crushed. Staring at her coldly, Christos informs her that Stavros and his wife died in an accident, and he’s come for Stavros’s son—the family’s secret heir!

  2. HQcThe Wealthy Frenchman’s Proposition
    By Katherine Garbera & SAGARA Kyouko

    Sheri fell in love with her boss, Tristan—but playboy Tristan is the second son of the Sabinas, a wealthy French family. Capable but timid, Sheri gave up on her love. But one day, Tristan asks her to spend ten days in Greece with him. While her heart tries to leap out of her chest, he tells her that he only needs her to be part of the bridal party at his best friend’s wedding. Wanting to be with him, Sheri accepts his proposition, even though she knows how painful it might end up being….

Just one manga left to be translated and the series will be completed.

HQcThe Spanish Aristocrat’s Woman
By Katherine Garbera & SAGARA Kyouko

When Count Guillermo de la Cruz announced his engagement to plain-Jane heiress Kara deMontaine just minutes after meeting her, the jet-set gaped in shock. But none was more stunned than Kara. The man of her dreams had just offered marriage–as an act of revenge against his former lover.
She should have said no. But something in Gui’s primal stare showed her he was far from indifferent to her. Could Kara tame this royal playboy and show Gui they could find happily ever after…with each other?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcDream Again of Love
By Phyllis Halldorson & SHINOZAKI Kakuko

Eight years ago, when she was sixteen, Mary lived with her missionary parents in a Central American country. Her first love was Flynn, a doctor who was deployed there. But her parents are killed during a coup d’état massacre, and Mary’s life is also in danger. Flynn is carrying proof of his American citizenship, and the only way for Mary to get home is to marry him.

I’d be curious to see how this ebook will fare. Abstract covers like this always make me wonder if they aren’t a mistake for the targeted audiences. It can work when the author or artist are top best-sellers so that their names only are enough to sell a book. But the author here is not so well-known and though I do like Shinozaki-san, the Harlequin comics aren’t yet that recognized amongst regular shoujo readers and Shinozaki-san’s name can’t be so big to attract alone newbies.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ LORDS OF THE UNDERWOLD 5 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Darkest Passion
By Gena Showalter & Earithen

Angel Olivia appears out of nowhere in front of Dark Warrior Aeron. She claims that she went through numerous obstacles just to come to see Aeron. Aeron, who had no interest in women before, is shaken after spending time with Olivia, who conveys her love to him with her purest heart. Aeron can’t accept her love since he is a sinner, and he does not think he is a match for an angel. At the same time, demon Legion becomes very jealous to see Aeron being so stirred by Olivia and eventually makes a deal with Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, in an attempt to possess Aeron for herself.