April 2014

This month’s releases have started to to be out. Wait a few more days to find them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.

Week 1


Well, we continue with the de Burghs, though it’s still not the first or second story of the series. There are others series along that are resumed, and we get the conclusion to the Castaldini trilogy. All in all, this batch looks nice to me.

Week 2


What a huge release today. Some of them I already have as raws. Among those I don’t know yet, I can’t wait to read the adaptations by Takayama-sensei, Mao-sensei and Uesugi-sensei.

Week 3


I already read Vengeance is Mine in French. It was published years ago as an anthology of 2 stories, the other one being Enchantment in Venice, illustrated by the same mangaka. Despite my utter dislike of this artist’s art style, I clearly remember enjoying Enchantment in Venice, and hating Vengeance is Mine.
So this week, we get the end of Finding Mr. Right series, resume a sheikh theme series and start the Moretti legacy. I’m more interested in Senke Yu’s book in this set.

Week 4


Not much to say about this week’s releases. Except for one manga (because dead fish eyes and microscopic mouth with botox lips don’t appeal to me visually), I think I’ll buy most of them.

Week 5

Nice releases this week. We’re resuming the Kolovsky series as well as the Monte Carlo Affairs. All artists of this set have nice arts, some better than others. The Boss’s Inexperienced Secretary seems very fun. Will buy this one first.

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HQcA Secret Disgrace
By Penny Jordan & INOUE Emiko


And here comes the time for me to show my new acquisitions. Information and samples for these mangas are compiled in my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection. And as usual, if someone is interested in scanlating a story or more, listed at that page, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

Harlequin comics

  • Barbara Cartland & AIKAWA Momoko: The Heart Triumphant
  • TAKAGUCHI Satosumi: Story of a flower and the prince
  • Adrienne Basso & UESUGI Kanako: A Night to Remember
  • Sharon Kendrick & MIDORI Yukako: The Mediterranean Prince’s Passion
  • Lynn Raye Harris & NARUKAMI Yutta: Kept for the Sheikh’s Pleasure
  • Anne Ashley & HANABUSA Yoko: The Earl of Rayne’s Ward
  • Jennifer Taylor & FUJIOMI Miyako: Their Little Christmas Miracle
  • Emilie Rose & AI Marito: Executive’s Pregnancy Ultimatum
  • Abby Green & NOWAKI Nei: The Virgin’s Secret
  • Justine Davis & KASUMI Mayu: A Whole Lot of Love
  • Natalie Anderson & SHIOMIYA Yuki: Bedded by Arrangement
  • Margaret Moore & IWASAKI Yoko: A Lover’s Kiss

In this set, there are 2 mangas that have obvious flaws between what the plot is promising and what the artist draws. First is Narukami Yutta’s adaptation of Kept for the Sheikh’s Pleasure. Sensei has a questionable sense of Arabian fashion. I doubt the heroine can wander around an Arabian country as scantily dressed as she is most of the time. In private, I guess it is tolerated, preferably in the bedroom for the hero’s eyes only, but it’s not much plausible that she goes out like that. You wonder how come she’s not raped as soon as she sets a foot outside, or just arrested for public indecency. Narukami-sensei’s sense of Arabian male clothes is also questionable at times. The low-cut square collar doesn’t look much manly on a man. And towards the end, there are a few scenes where I had the impression sensei was confusing Arabian fashion with the ancient Greece.

The other manga, Kasumi Mayu’s adaptation of A Whole Lot of Love, presents a major flaw to me. I’m frustrated in this case because the art style is pleasant and consistent, the story looks interesting, everything seems to be done nicely. But the synopsis says the heroine is a plus-size woman. Heck, the main appeal of the story is that the heroine is a “big” girl. But Kasumi-sensei’s design just delivers a normal figure heroine. You can’t even start to describe her as plump. She’s just an average lady, who looks tall, healthy on a rather lean side, and has a slim waist any girl would envy. So that’s hard to believe that a crowd could be laughing at the heroine for being a “fatty” when they aren’t that thinner than her. If only sensei had just drawn the heroine with say, at least 20 pounds more of excess weight, the story would have looked a little more realistic visually and the heroine would still be cute.