June 2014

We’re in June now and here comes the first batch of releases for this month. Wait a few more days to find them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.
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~ • ~ • ~ • ~ PREGNANCY & PASSION 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcWanted by Her Lost Love
By Maya Banks & HIDAKA Nanao


I share from time to time raws of smutty joseis and shoujos. Not here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Don’t ask. Search a little around, you’ll find.

I just uploaded this batch. The files will be up for a week before I take down the links.

  1. Hatsukoi Office ~ Chokotto Love cm volume 1, by Megumi Kei
  2. Ego volume 1, by Masaki Kazuyoshi
  3. Taiyou to tsuki ni koishite volume 1, by Natsuo Kou
  4. Ai no Kemono, by Mitsurugi
  5. Gekkou Kitan, by Sugimoto Farina
  6. Ishakoi ~ Isha no Koi volume 1, by Hayashi Kumiko
  7. Mitsudan ~ Koibito Jikan volume 1, by Mizutani Kyoko
  8. Ningyohime ~ Utakata no tsuki ~ volume 1, by Okada Junko
  9. Ohoshisama no Iutoori, by Suwa Ayako
  10. Sefure no Hinkaku volume 1 to 5, by Minato Yoriko
  11. The Love Letter, by Senkawa Natsumi
  12. The Red Shoes, by Ikesumi Chieko
  13. Ai no Chigiri volume 1 to 3, by Masaki Kazuyoshi

All in all, the Ai no Chigiri series is still the one I enjoy the most among the 13 mangas. I like fun porn, unpretentious with sweet romance.

Latest Harlequin comics raws acquisitions added to my collection. Details, information and samples are available at my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection page.

Harlequin comics

  1. Emma Darcy & TOBA Shoko: Bride of His Choice
  2. Sharon Sala & NAKAYAMA Sara: Ryder’s Wife
  3. Candace Camp & TAKAYAMA Mayu: No Regrets (translated)
  4. Rebecca Winters & KOBAYASHI Hiromi: The Forbidden Marriage (translated)
  5. Janette Kenny & KIRISAKA Mao: Innocent in the Italian’s Possession
  6. Alexandra Sellers & TAKAGI Yuri: Sheikh’s Betrayal (translated)
  7. Kim Lawrence & WAZUMI Fusako: The Carides Pregnancy (translated)
  8. Alice Sharpe & RYOU Atsumi: Make Me a Match
  9. Kate Walker & FUJIMOTO Sami: The Hired Husband
  10. Kate Hewitt & TODA Megumi: The Sheikh’s Love-child
  11. Grace Green / Laurey Bright & MATSUNAE Akemi: A Miracle for Christmas / Marrying Marcus
  12. Maisey Yates & UCHIDA Kazuna: A Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy

Though the only information I can get about Ryou Atsumi is that she is a shoujo mangaka, for some reason, the first time I saw her art, it rang a bell, reminding me of a BL mangaka’s art style. After looking at 3 more Harlequin comics drawn by her, I still have this nagging feeling she may be initially a BL mangaka. I usually prefer BL artists to shoujo artists for their arts but in Ryou-sensei’s case, it’s very not a compliment because her art style is typically the kind I dislike in BL genre.

First, because her characters look like teens, however old they are supposed to be. Second, when I look at her heroine’s face, I see a boy with a ridiculous wig. Sometimes, it’s okay, but in Make Me a Match, I can’t help seeing a boy in disguise, with straight short hair and a lousy fringe that I see on so many guys in BL mangas. But it’s like the artist has reminded herself she’s drawing a girl so she’s added those annoying wavy extensions to convey a somewhat girly vibe. Though, the wavy strands don’t blend with the whole hairdo.

In spite of her efforts, if her male lead design is decent, her heroine still looks male. The shape of the face, the masculine features, the thickness of the neck, the flatness and angles of the body… all this is screaming “boy” to me. You add this to the very doubtful sense of female fashion from the artist, not the kind that you think she just has bad taste but you get the feeling the artist doesn’t know what a “girl” wears. Yeah, you get the picture I absolutely dislike Ryou-sensei’s art style.

Whether you like their art styles of not, shoujo mangakas have a sense on how to draw girls, to the point that even their males often look girly. But with Ryou-sensei, she doesn’t know how to draw a girl and all her characters look like men. That’s the kind of flaw you sometime notice with BL mangakas. I don’t know if Ryou-sensei is one but I have strong suspicions.

Fortunately, I have other artists to brighten my mood. Like Uchida-sensei. She’s primarily a BL mangaka but her art style is good, consistent and mature. And she can draw pretty women!The heroine of A Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy is all womanly, pretty sexy in a very female way, thank you very much!
The manga looks quite fun and I hope to see it translated very soon.

As usual, if someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.