A new month, other weekly Harlequin comics releases. Wait a few more days to find them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.

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Balloons & Chapters have announced starting September, the releases for Harlequin comics will be out twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. I can’t keep up with so many updates and my other hobbies — I have a real life to live. So this month will be the last when I list all releases with their details. For the future, I invite you to go directly to Balloons & Chapters if you want to know a few days before they appear at other ebookstores which are the newest Harlequin comics in English. But if you don’t care for a few days, less than a week later, these digital mangas should be available at amazon.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL REBELS 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Prince’s Pregnant Bride
By Jennifer Lewis & HASHIMOTO Takako

The small Pacific island kingdom of Rahiri has just lost its king, and now the widowed queen, Lani, must follow tradition and marry the king’s younger brother. Alun is a famous Hollywood director—and an infamous playboy, according to the tabloids. Alun’s not thrilled about the arrangement, either, and coldly snubs Lani. The former king was already terrible enough to her, and now that treatment continues with the little brother, too. But when they share an impromptu kiss, Lani’s body is overcome with a passion as hot as the jungle. Can she carry on this arranged marriage while hiding an unspeakable secret?

So, this one is the first story of a trilogy, all of them have a manga version. I’m only presenting the cover of the second book, At His Majesty’s Convenience, as I know the translated version will be released very soon.


As for the third book, Claiming His Royal Heir, I don’t know if the release is scheduled yet.
Claiming His Royal Heir

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL SCANDAL ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

  1. HQcNot Fit for A King?
    By Jane Porter & KOBAYASHI Hiromi

    No matter how much we look alike, the prince will never love me. Hannah, an American secretary, agrees to switch places with Princess Emmeline, just for two hours. There must be a reason that made her ask me for such a favor. Besides, it’s only for a few hours. But Emmeline doesn’t return for days, and Hannah ends up having to meet King Zale of Raguva, pretending to be the princess!

  2. HQcHis Majesty’s Mistake
    By Jane Porter & FUJITA Kazuko

    Emmeline, the Queen of Brabant, asks her friend Hannah to switch places with her for a few hours. Her objective is to ask her lover, Alejandro, to take responsibility for a certain matter. But when she sees him at a nightclub, he treats her like dirt, and Makin, who is Sheikh of Kadar and also Hannah’s boss, goes over and talks to her. She mustn’t let him find out her true identity! With an aggravated look on his face, he forcefully takes Emmeline away from the nightclub.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL REBELS 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcAt His Majesty’s Convenience
By Jennifer Lewis & HASHIMOTO Takako

Jake, a young businessman in New York, is called back to his homeland, Ruthenia, to succeed the throne and is followed by his personal assistant, Andi. Three years after the rebuilding of his country, Jake is pressured by this staff to get married within the month, by Independence Day. But at the daunting party where Jake must choose a future queen from the women of numerous powerful families, Andi gets into an accident and loses her memory! Unlike her usual brilliant but straitlaced self, Andi becomes naively charming. Then one day, the two are caught together by the media and Jake publicly announces that he is “engaged” to Andi.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcA Scandalous Situation 2
By Patricia Frances & FUJITA Kazuko

Iantha plunges into marriage with Robert, a baron, still uneasy about it all. How will she ever go to bed with him? Meanwhile, a sinister man attacks her once again. Right after Iantha and Robert learn that one of the guests at their Christmas party was part of the group that assaulted Iantha, the man is murdered. And then they receive letters warning them to stop investigating. But Robert remains a rock for Iantha as the culprit tries to crush her spirit. Robert’s gentle embrace, his kisses that work their way into her very soul—he cradles her with all of his being…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ AFFAIRS TO REMEMBER 3 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcA Woman to Remember
By Miranda Lee & SHINOZAKI Kakuko

Bewitching green eyes and a stunning body dressed to seduce… Photographer Luke St. Clair can’t forget the woman who’d boldly picked him up at a party. He’d woken the next morning to find her gone; she didn’t even tell him her name. A year and a half later, a stroke of luck leads him to discover her identity: Rachel Manning. She is a model…and married! Determined to uncover her true motive behind their night of passion, Luke decides to book her for a photo shoot…

So it seems this story is the third of the Affairs to Remember series:

  1. A Kiss To Remember
  2. HQcA Weekend To Remember
  3. A Woman to Remember

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcShades of A Desperado
By Sharon Sala & MORISAKI Reiko

EMT Rachel Brant is troubled by a mysterious onset of sleepwalking episodes. Night after night, the same man, who apparently is her lover, appears in her dream. A tragic ending always awaits them. Haunted by the visions, Rachel struggles to understand what is happening. One day, she encounters the spitting image of her dream lover. Irresistibly attracted to the dangerous man, she warns herself not to get too close—fearing the same tragic fate as her dream.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcSensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant
By Jennie Lucas & OKADA Junko

Traumatized by her lover’s betrayal, housekeeper Louisa Grey has withdrawn from romance and dedicated herself to her job. But she is secretly and hopelessly in love with her playboy boss, Argentinian billionaire Rafael Cruz. When Rafael comes home to discover her sobbing alone in the kitchen, he grabs her wrists, pushes her against the wall and savagely kisses her. But a fortuitous fate awaits them after their explosive night of passion…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcJust the Way You Are
By Janice Kaiser & MOMOSE Natsu

Aspiring screenwriter Britt Kingsley knows that she has written a hit screenplay when she finishes “Dream Girl,” but struggles to find her break in Hollywood as an unknown. Desperate to get her script read, she schemes to work as a secretary at a talent agency to make professional contacts. The opportunity comes when she picks up a phone call from acclaimed film director Derek Redmond. Pretending to be her boss, Britt successfully promotes her own script. When she meets him under these false pretenses, she is troubled to find herself irresistibly drawn to him…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ WESTERLING 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Spanish Consultant
By Sarah Morgan & ARISAWA Ryo

Katy Westerling is shocked to see who her doctor is when she arrives at the hospital after an injury. It is none other than Jago Rodriguez—her ex-lover and, apparently, an ex-banker. When had he become a doctor? Eleven years has passed since their passionate affair, but he is still dangerously attractive. Katy cannot believe her fate—she is due to start work in his department in two weeks’ time.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ HUSBAND HUNTERS 3 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcContract Baby
By Lynne Graham & SANAZAKI Harumo

Polly replies to an advertisement to become a surrogate mother in order to cover the costs of her mother’s surgery. But her world is rocked when her mother dies soon after Polly becomes pregnant. Devastated and alone, Polly goes to live in a house prepared for her by the biological father. Soon after, she discovers that the biological father, a rich bachelor, chose to go with a surrogate because of his deep lack of trust in women. So why does he continue to try to get close to her, keeping his true identity a secret?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ FALCON DYNASTY 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcMiss Prim and the Billionaire
By Lucy Gordon & OKAMOTO Keiko

Years ago, Cassie discovered that she had been played and betrayed by her boyfriend, the second son of the billionaire Falcon family who once became close to her by acting as if he were poor. When they finally reunite as magnate and his assistant, Cassie has already changed and Marcel doesn’t seem to recognize her. Unlike her glamorous modeling past, she is now a stern-looking office worker with glasses and pulled-back hair. But toward the Marcel whom she once loved, she isn’t so sure she wants to pretend as if nothing happened…

  1. HQcRescued by the Brooding Tycoon
  2. Miss Prim and the Billionaire
  3. HQcPlain Jane in the Spotlight
  4. Falling for the Rebel Falcon
  5. The Final Falcon Says I Do

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL HOUSE OF ILLYRIA 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcBy Royal Demand
By Robyn Donald & OKADA Junko

Sara is hired to work on remodeling the interior of a castle, so she goes off to the Dukedom of Illyria. The Prince of Illyria, Gabe, was once Sara’s fiancé. But when the family treasure that Gabe lent to her went missing, he accused her of being the thief and canceled their engagement. Sara thought that there’d never be another chance for a mere interior designer like her to meet a prince, but Gabe is waiting for her in Illyria, and he hasn’t forgotten a thing. He looks at her coldly and declares that she won’t leave his castle until she returns the “stolen” necklace!

This manga is the first in the Royal House of Illyria series:

  1. By Royal Demand
  2. HQcThe Rich Man’s Royal Mistress
  3. HQcThe Prince’s Convenient Bride

I have the raws for this manga. But I don’t like Okada-sensei’s art. The story doesn’t interest me much and even if I would have loved the novel, for me, the artist has a dull story-telling technique and limited facial expressions. Up to now, I’ve found all her books boring or so-so.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Purchased Wife
By Michelle Reid & OGOSHI Natsue

Mere days before the ceremony, Nell finds out a cruel truth: her marriage is based on a contract. Her husband, a Greek business tycoon ten years her senior, purchased a virgin wife for fifty million dollars. One year later, Nell awakens in a hospital bed after a car crash only to find her husband, Xander Pascalis, there to greet her. After rejecting her on their first night together, the two have always lived apart. However, on this day, Nell sees nothing but anger on his face. “So, has your lover already tasted your forbidden fruit, when I’ve yet so much as laid eyes on it?”

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Wedding Surprise
By Trish Wylie & AYABE Mizuho

Caitlin decides to be cast in the new TV show Fake Fiancé when she discovers her father’s enormous debt. The distasteful plot of the show is for two strangers to pretend they are lovers and expose their lies at their wedding three months later. When the participants successfully complete three months without being discovered, they are paid a large sum of money. Caitlin’s fake fiancé, Aiden, appears to be a wild and intimidating man, and enjoys giving Caitlin the cold stare for some reason. Caitlin soon regrets her decision, but she is resolved to complete this job to save her family. But when she finds out Aiden’s true identity, her heart succumbs to him…!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ DESERT BRIDES 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Sheikh’s Unsuitable Bride
By Liz Fielding & RYO Atsumi

Diana has been specially selected to be the driver for Sheikh Zahir, an Arabic prince, during his visit to England. This is the first time a woman has ever driven for the royal family, so Diana has to be on her best behavior! But perhaps because women drivers are so rare, the beautiful Sheikh Zahir, with his dangerous aura, ignores the sullen looks from his aide and strikes up a conversation with Diana. In the end, Diana can’t resist him, and on the very night they meet he steals a kiss from her lips. But he’s probably just fooling around…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Gentleman Thief
By Deborah Simmons & MURATA Junko

In the famous resort town of Bath, England, a magnificent emerald necklace is stolen. Aspiring detective Lady Georgiana is on the case with her handsome assistant, Lord Ashdowne. Georgiana soon discovers that two of the three suspects are innocent. Her third suspect is none other than Ashdowne himself! Ashdowne is a nobleman who is as smart as he is handsome. And Georgiana can’t find his motive. Furthermore, she is starting to fall in love with him after working on the case together. Can she really go after him as the culprit?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Kanellis Scandal
By Michelle Reid & FUJIWARA Akira

After losing both her parents in a terrible car accident, Zoey is suddenly slated to inherit Greek billionaire Theo Kannelis’s fortune. Swamped by the press, she is unable to even leave her own house. In the midst of the media circus, she is visited by Theo’s protegé, a businessman named Anton. Having gained a reputation as a playboy through his numerous flings with beautiful women, he appears to be next in line to inherit the elderly Theo’s international corporation. He tells Zoey, “I’ll take you away to someplace safe, where they can’t find you,” but it must be a trap! Several hours later, after being misled by Anton, she finds herself being spirited away to Greece!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcPlaying the Greek’s Game
By Sharon Kendrick & NAKAHARA Migiwa

Finally overcoming the hurt she experienced from her previous marriage, Emma is now a successful interior designer. However, she suddenly comes under suspicion from Zack, the older brother of her friend who introduced her to the job. “Did you get that job by sleeping with my little brother?” He knows that Emma’s previous husband was a famous musician who died from a drug overdose, and he fears that his brother is her next target. “I won’t be fooled… Under that frightened disguise of yours lies a wicked monster!” says Zack in an angry tone as he approaches Emma…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ HIRED: FOR THE BOSS’S PLEASURE 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Billionaire Boss’s Innocent Bride
By Lindsay Armstrong & UINO Rio

After being suddenly dispatched for a last-minute interpreting job, Alex is left speechless at the arrogant attitude of her employer, Max. Even though she is confident in her ability to do her job, Max is looking not only for a skilled interpreter, but a beautiful companion to accompany him in high-society events. After being evaluated by Max, she is forced to transform herself into a gorgeous socialite! Alex reluctantly decides to follow his demands. In the midst of things, he bluntly issues her a warning: “Don’t go against me. Especially when I’m in a good mood.” How far will his arrogance go?

It seems this books is the first of a multi-author series:

  1. The Billionaire Boss’s Innocent Bride
  2. HQcMistress: Hired for the Billionaire’s Pleasure
  3. Her Ruthless Italian Boss
  4. HQcMediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ COUNT ON A COP ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcAccidentally Yours
By Rebecca Winters & MORI Motoko

Gaby is an immigration lawyer in the city of San Diego. One fateful day, an array of seemingly random incidents happen and suddenly she finds herself face-to-face with Anatoly, a member of the Russian mafia. With her instincts screaming at her to stay as far away from him as possible and her heart fluttering at the sight of him, Gaby is confused as to what she should do when Anatoly makes his feelings known to her.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ COUNT ON A COP ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcMy Private Detective
By Rebecca Winters & MORI Motoko

Heidi Ellis is on a mission to save her friend Dana, who’s been wrongfully incarcerated for murder. With that goal in mind, Heidi enrolls in a criminology course taught by a retired detective. A twist of fate leaves Heidi in the hands of the attractive substitute teacher and much younger detective, Gideon Poletti.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL SEDUCTIONS 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe King’s Convenient Bride
By Michelle Celmer & ASOU Ayumu

At the age of sixteen, Hannah Renault was chosen to marry Phillip, the prince of England’s Morgan Isle. After eight years of preparation, her wedding has finally arrived, and she’s excited to be married to the man she fell in love with at first sight so many years ago. Hannah is a genuine and loving person, and she has long dreamed of her love-filled marriage to Phillip. When Phillip admits that he has never loved anyone and likely never will…how will she respond? And who is that dark-haired woman with such hostility in her eyes?

This one is the first of a series:

  1. The King’s Convenient Bride
  2. The Illegitimate Prince’s Baby
  3. HQcAn Affair With The Princess
  4. The Duke’s Boardroom Affair
  5. HQcRoyal Seducer
  6. HQcChristmas with the Prince
  7. Virgin Princess, Tycoon’s Temptation
  8. Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ SECRET PASSIONS 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Secret Love-Child
By Miranda Lee & TAKAI Mio

Isabel was only interested in getting married and having a family. Just when she finds the right man to marry to achieve her goal, he calls off the wedding—he’s fallen in love with another woman! He says he was driven away by Isabel’s lack of love for him. With the wedding canceled, and in possession of two tickets to Dream Island, which was supposed to be her honeymoon destination, Isabel can’t figure out what to do. She decides, after a drinking binge, to invite her wedding photographer, Rafe, as her lover and live one last fling. Their dream vacation is cut short, but was it enough to melt Isabel’s icy heart or was it just a dream not to be revisited?

So we get another story from the Secret passions series:

  1. A Secret Vengeance
  2. The Secret Love-Child
  3. HQcAt Her Boss’s Bidding

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcHer Unexpected Baby
By Trish Wylie & TOMOKO Sato

Dana and Adam are constantly at each other at Donovan and Lewis Design Studio, but with him being a ladies’ man and her a single mother, it’s to be expected. When Adam offers to be Dana’s date to a reunion to show up her ex and the father of her daughter, a night of work becomes dangerously mixed with pleasure. Soon, the pair bounce from bickering at each other to Adam helping out Dana, whether it be fixing her roof or fixing her heart. Why are they so sweet together now? Could it be because of her unexpected baby?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ CAVENDISH CHRONICLES 6 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcOne Knight in Venice
By Tori Phillips & NAKAMURA Chisato

The age of the Inquisition was terrifying for many. Despite being the daughter of the duke’s doctor, Jessica is an accomplished healer in her own right, and yet must keep her face hidden from society. Cursed with a birthmark under her left eye, she’s perceived by the wary populace as a spawn of the devil. When the future Earl of Thornbury, Francis Bardolph, comes to Jessica to treat an old wound, he may end up healing her fear of the world and her father. With a jealous courtesan angling for a brighter future, will Jessica be forced to stay in the shadows, or can she dance with Francis at the carnival?


Scorned by a distasteful courtesan, the sweet healer Jessica Leonardo has become the target of the Catholic Church. Accused of witchcraft and under claims that she’s the daughter of the devil, her trial will cast a light on the true ugliness that surrounds her. Her case may have been decided by birth: is her blemish that of a kiss from Satan or a mark from jealous angels? Can Francis Bardolph save Jessica and whisk her away to safer countries, or will her prayers go unheeded?

I’m not crazy of medieval romances and not too fond of Tori Phillips either. But she often creates unusual pairings.

  1. HQcSilent Knight
  2. HQcHQcMidsummer’s Knight
  3. HQcHQcThree Dog Knight
  4. Lady of the Knight
  5. HQcHQcHalloween Knight
  6. One Knight in Venice
  7. Twelfth Knight
  8. HQcHQcThe Dark Knight

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcAt the Billionaire’s Bidding
By Myrna Mackenzie & SHINOZAKI Kakuko

Atop a hill on the outskirts of town lies an adorable castle that has been the inspiration behind Caroline O’Donald’s fairy-tale fantasies ever since she was a little girl. Now as an adult, she’s put herself up for auction and, lo and behold, her beloved castle’s prince is the winning bidder! Assuming the castle will be more magnificent in real life than it is in her dreams, she steps inside only to find that it’s run-down and in need of a lot of love…much like its prince, the handsome recluse Gideon Tremayne!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ FANTASY IN THE NIGHT 1 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcFantasy for Two
By Penny Jordan & SASAKI Misuzu

Mollie Barnes is on the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime, one that would take her out of this quaint little English countryside town and bring her to the big leagues of London. A story may have just fallen in her lap when a gang of transients unsettle the peace and tranquility, but is the bigger headline the fact that the local nobleman Alex secretly harbors a sweet heart beneath his brusque interior? Will dozens of travelers upset everything, or can Alex and Mollie find that life in this village can be a fantasy for two?

To complete this duet, there’s only one story left that has a manga version but yet to be translated: One Night in His Arms.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcBought for the Marriage Bed
By Melanie Milburne & TODA Megumi

Nina’s twin sister, Nadia, is a vindictive gold digger. The only good thing Nadia’s ever brought into this world was her daughter, Georgia, of whom Nina is very fond. When Nadia’s devilish ways threaten to separate Nina from her beloved niece, Nina does the unthinkable. She pretends to be Nadia and agrees to marry Marc Marcello, Georgia’s uncle. Marc is a notorious playboy and their marriage would be in name only, but Nina is left with no other options—she’d do anything to save Georgia from growing up in foster care.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcWishing and Hoping
By Susan Meier & INOUE Yoko

Since she was fourteen years old, Tia has loved and wished for a relationship with Drew, a man twelve years her senior. Now at the age of twenty-four, a twist of fate has brought her face-to-face with Drew. For one magical night, all her dreams seemingly come true. Once Drew realizes that she’s the daughter of his good friend, the age difference between them takes a toll on his conscience. Will Tia be able to overcome the obstacles ahead and finally have the relationship with Drew she’s always wished for? Or are a baby and a callous marriage of convenience all that her wishing has amounted to?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ LONDON’S MOST ELIGIBLE PLAYBOYS 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcSurrender to the Sheikh
By Sharon Kendrick & JET

Rose Thomas is a strong and independent woman. At her best friend’s wedding she actually meets a real-life prince. In a whirlwind of dissatisfaction and fear for the future, Rose finds herself in Marvan, the prince’s country. Will the star-crossed lovers be able to change their destinies?

The rest of the manga series, also illustrated by JET, is yet to be translated.

  1. HQcThe Unlikely Mistress
  2. Surrender To The Sheikh
  3. HQcThe Mistress’s Child

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcMarried by Arrangement
By Lynne Graham & INOUE Yoko

A Spanish marquis and a British housecleaner may appear to have nothing in common, but when Sophie’s sister passes away soon after her husband, she leaves her darling daughter, Lydia, to both Sophie and the uninterested Antonio. He has a business to run and estates to live on; what could he share with this “trailer trash”? Sophie loves Lydia like she’s her own, but to what extent? Would she get married to Antonio just so she can stay with her niece? Will their love truly be nothing more than being married by arrangement?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcHer Stand-In Groom
By Jackie Braun & SOMA Jinko

Welcome to Danbury Department Stores, where you’ll find the hottest fashions at low, low prices, and you might even have your choice of suitors! Be careful, as which one you choose will end up running Danbury! Could it be the blond Derek or the raven-haired Stephen that you’d like to ring up as your husband today? With the fate of the company resting on who gets married first, which one would you like to return for your stand-in groom?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYALTY DUO ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcCavelli’s Lost Heir
By Lynn Raye Harris & AKIMOTO Nami

On a cold, rainy night Lily Morgan waited for the man she loved but he never came. She didn’t see Nico Cavelli again, until two years later when she’s mistakenly arrested in his country. Finding her in jail isn’t the only surprise waiting for Nico. He decides to break off his arranged engagement in order to marry her after finding out she had kept the secret of their son from him. Lily gets to marry the man she fell in love with, but is he the same man he used to be? Is Nico really ready to have a family to love?

The book is part of a duet, the other story is The Prince’s Royal Concubine.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcHer Boss’s Marriage Agenda
By Jessica Steele & HASHIMOTO Takako

Erin Tunnicliffe was raised by her overprotective father in the rural town of Babington. In order to help her friend out, she temporarily moves to the bustling city of London. Finally, she thinks to herself, my life can begin! The instant she sees Joshua Salbury, she falls in love with him, and he seems to share her feelings! But fate conspires against her and she must abandon the idea of a relationship with Joshua. Leave it to her reckless mother to ruin everything…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcMistress of the Groom
By Susan Napier & HOSHIAI Misao

After trying to save her best friend from a loveless marriage, Jane Sherwood has been constantly harassed by the upset groom, Ryan Blair. From bankrupting her to having her kicked out from her apartment, Ryan has been getting his revenge for the past three years. One night, Jane decides she needs some revenge of her own and punches Ryan so hard it leaves her hand injured. To make up for such a humiliating spectacle, Ryan attempts to make Jane his mistress and takes care of her while she heals. Just how much more suffering will Ryan put her through? Is he really trying to get revenge or is there something else behind his actions?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL HOUSE OF ILLYRIA 2 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Rich Man’s Royal Mistress
By Robyn Donald & OKADA Junko

Princess Melissa of Illyria is doing an internship in a travel lodge in New Zealand. One evening at the lodge, she delivers a meal to the royal suite and knocks on the door, upon which she hears a man’s voice. In that moment, she remembers…that voice belongs to her brother’s friend Hawke. She’d worked so hard to forget him, and thought she’d sealed those memories inside her heart forever. But seeing him again in such an unexpected fashion brings back memories of how they met a year ago on the night of her cousin’s wedding…

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ ROYAL HOUSE OF ILLYRIA 3 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Prince’s Convenient Bride
By Robyn Donald & OKADA Junko

Jacoba is a model. Wearing a crimson dress, she awaits her entrance during the filming for a perfume commercial, but the actor she’s supposed to work with can’t make it. Suddenly, a handsome man appears and intimates that he is Jacoba’s partner…and his name is Prince Marco of Illyria! He runs the very business conglomerate that makes the perfume. The two of them move as one until the shoot is over, but Jacoba fears that he might learn of her tumultuous heritage. If he finds out, it could start a hideous blood feud!

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

HQcThe Tycoon’s Secret
By Kasey Michaels & BEPPU Chizuko

Right in the middle of the busy Christmas season, Paige, a run-off-her-feet decorator, receives an unbelievable Christmas present—a large luxury van complete with her store’s logo. While Paige is still reeling from the unexpected gift, a man, the very picture of a playboy, appears. He’s the representative of a wealthy philanthropist, and he has come to deliver Paige’s personalized van, along with an invitation to a Christmas dinner party. All the while, a sensual smile meaningfully plays about his lips… What is this handsome man up to?