First post of the year. Wish you all the best.
I’ve been busy collecting smutty mangas on this holiday season, so less time to browse the romance manga field. My remaining Harlequin comics summer purchases are still waiting in my account at some ebookstore, waiting for me to screencapture them. But I’m the queen of procrastination… That BAD!

I really need to at last copy them in my hard drive. Well, for the time being, I still manage to buy a few more romance mangas added to my list:

Harlequin comics

  1. Paula Marshall & SACHIMI Riho: Rebecca’s Rog ue
  2. Barbara Hannay & NANAHOSHI Sae: Blind Date with the Boss
  3. Lynne Graham & NARUKAMI Yutta: The Stephanides Pregnancy
  4. Judith McWilliams & HAZAMA Mori: Did You Say… Wife
  5. Helen Bianchin & OHASHI Suguru: Purchased by the Billionaire
  6. Emma Darcy & TODA Megumi: The Costarella Conquest
  7. Kate Hewitt & ARISAWA Ryo: Zoe’s Lesson
  8. Sherryl Woods & NAKAMURA Chisato: A Love Beyond Words
  9. Leigh Michaels & NAKAYAMA Sara: The Boss’s Daughter
  10. Penny Jordan & HIROSE Mihoko: Master of Pleasure
  11. Catherine George & YONETANI Takane: City Cinderella
  12. Lucy Gordon & SACHIMI Riho: Tycoon for Hire
  13. Catherine George & SOH Michiko: Leader of the Pack
  14. Sharon Kendrick & FUMIZUKI Kyoko: Finn’s Pregnant Bride
  15. Margaret Barker & ITO Kako: Christmas in Paris
  16. Marjorie Lewty & KOBAYASHI Mine: Misleading Engagement
  17. Miranda Lee & HOSHIAI Misao: The Millionaire’s Mistress
  18. Rosalie Ash & KARI Erika: The Trophy Wife
  19. Deborah Simmons & TSUYA Satomi: The Companion
  20. Sophie Weston & TSUJI Rikako: The Sheikh’s Bride

And the non-Harlequin mangas:

  1. Carole Buck & KASUGA Kaoru: Simply Magic
  2. SANAZAKI Harumo: Bara no tiara
  3. Kat Attalla & NATSUME Aiko: Royal Blue
  4. HASHIMOTO Takako: Aoki Umi no Koibumi
  5. MIKAZUKI Kougetsu & TATSUMI Jin: The Hotel Magnate’s Cinderella
  6. Gaston Leroux & Mirai & YATSUKI Yako: PersonA~Phantom of the Opera~
  7. Nigana & KOUZUKI Sachino: Arabian Romance~Hanayome wa Ou no Ude de Madoromu
  8. MIZUSHIMA Shinobu & TAKAHASHI Itsumi: Bought Wedding

Details, information and samples are available at my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection page. If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

This time around, because I was so into smut shoujos and joseis these last months, I’ve picked 4 of them to include into the romance mangas. They have Western settings or at least are toying with Western romance criteria, mixed with that exotic Japanese flair.

RcPersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~, as the title hints, is inspired by Gaston Leroux’s novel Phantom of the Opera. But the manga seems to be directly based on an otome game, adapting one of the routes, I think.

• • ► Go to wikipedia for a definition of what’s an otome game.

Though the manga ends sadly, it satisfies a part of me. When I watched the movie version starring Gerard Butler, I couldn’t fathom why Christine would choose her foppish suitor over the dark Phantom. At least, the manga indulges this fangirl’s fantasy, even if it ends in fire and death and tears.

Phantom of the Opera

I can’t say the manga is good. It’s not because there’s no happy end, but because I think the storytelling is very confusing. I felt several times that I was jumping from one scene to another without transition, unable to make sense out of the pictures. Maybe if I could read the text, it’d be clearer, but I have the feeling it wouldn’t change the convoluted impression.

Despite that, I did enjoy the manga. It leaves me with a bittersweet feeling, not sadness but more like nostalgia. Like I’ve truly seen a beautiful and poetic love story and though the lovers didn’t get to live happily ever after together, their love would nonetheless last after they’d be no more.

I’m not sharing publicly the mangas I list in my Harlequin and romance mangas collection. The raws that belong to me personally are digital mangas that I screencap myself. Like I repeated again and again, they are exclusively for scanlators who would request them to work on translating them.
But if you’re curious about PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~, go to IcarusBride’s place. She shares her very own scans of the complete manga — the real printed book— so you can read it there.

The 3 other smutty mangas are Japanese original works, adapted from josei light novels.

RcThe Hotel Magnate’s Cinderella features gorgeous art style by Tatsumi Jin. I especially like that kind of realistic, sophisticated and detailed drawing technic. The artist is also the illustrator for the light novel series.

Truth be told, I wanted to love this manga because the age gap between the hero and heroine made it so visually different from your usual romance manga, with a hero who looks realistically mature but still attractive to a just barely legal maiden. But something was definitely amiss.

he Hotel Magnate’s Cinderella 1he Hotel Magnate’s Cinderella 2he Hotel Magnate’s Cinderella 3

The art is beautiful and the layout undoubtedly professional. I believe the weakness of this manga is the characterization. Or maybe it was too short to develop properly the characters. I was rather frustrated by the feeling of wrong chemistry between the hero and heroine. In the first sex scene, it just screams rape. At least one panel or one page more would have been necessary to show that the girl isn’t adverse to the act, that she feels some pleasure. But no, it looks like bloody rape, then in the next page, it’s already morning with birds chirping and she’s sprawling naked on bed, smiling like she’d spent the best night of her life. WTF!?

And well, the hero is always frowning and making angry sour faces like he’s gulped down buckets of lemons and vinegars, never smiling or showing a softer visage. I don’t get how the girl can fall in love with that angsty guy.

There is potential in the manga, but really, either the mangaka wasn’t allowed enough pages to render the characters’ feelings and build properly their chemistry, or the artist just failed in the characterization of the male lead.

RcArabian Romance ~ Hanayome wa Ou no Ude de Madoromu manga version is illustrated by Kouzuki Sachino. I like a lot this artist’s drawings. It’s obvious the mangaka is familiar with drawing smut and boy, does she draw dirty graphic scenes! *drools*

Arabian RomanceI’m glad she is the illustrator for the manga, as the light novel was illustrated by Nanjou Papiko whose art is less appealing to me.

The story is loads of fun and smutty. Put in a shaker clichés after clichés of Arabian sheikhs and sex slavery market with the classic auction scene we fangirls just luuuurv, add a damsel in distress whose ample bosom distract you whatever she’s wearing because her boobs just look like they want to spill out of her clothes, toss a butler with glasses who could be a closet sadist and a sheikh with a pervert personality, shake like crazy and you get one cheezy deeply satisfying smutty read!

RcAnd at last, I’ll be talking a little about Bought Wedding.
I love it!

Bought WeddingThe manga is illustrated by Takahashi Itsumi whereas the light novel is illustrated by Sugawara Ryu. I rather like Takahashi-sensei’s smutty works and though she isn’t the author of Bought Wedding, she designs very cute and sweet characters. And well, the sex is yummy. You feel the love before, during and after sex. You see them falling in love between two intense sex sessions. This is love… and sex!

From what I can catch based on the pictures, Elizabeth is a noble lady and Rafael is probably not a blue blood but some wealthy businessman. They met at a ball, start to feel attracted to one another. They met again some years later. Now, the girl’s family is ruined, and Rafael comes to propose that Elizabeth marries him so their debts would be paid. Agreeing to this bargain, Elizabeth goes every night to Rafael’s house and into his bed to assume the training of her wifely duties until their wedding day…

You see, it’s simple, basic pr0n smut. Not much drama, just sweet romance with lots and lots of enjoyable R18+ moments.