I’ve just uploaded a new batch of smutty mangas. Not here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Don’t ask. Search a little around, you’ll find.

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  1. Mousou Red by Mitsurugi
  2. Tabete mo Ii kana? Koneko-chan by Wakana Mitsuru
  3. Sensei, Anone by Kimi Sae
  4. Okaeri by Kimi Sae
  5. Love Relation by Natsuo Kou
  6. Sweet Pain by Sakurai Kanako
  7. Soushokuna kare no ren’ai shoumei by Sakurai Kanako
  8. Ren’ai devu~yuu by Tanaka Minori
  9. Aoi Haru by Sugimoto Farina
  10. Natsu no Aijin by Sugimoto Farina
  11. Ego volume 2 by Masaki Kazuyoshi
  12. Kocchi Muite, Sensei! by Takasuka Chisa
  13. Scandal Trap by Takasuka Chisa
  14. Dear My Hero by Senkawa Natsumi
  15. Hush! by Hinase Yuuki

You have until the 20th of February to grab them. After that date, the links will be removed.

Have a happy Valentine’s day!

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PS: I have a request.
If you know someone who can translate from Japanese to English (or to French) and would be interested in scanlating Mou Hitori no Oujo / もうひとりの王女 — aka Love Leaves at Midnight, written by Barbara Cartland and illustrated by Sakuraya Hibiki, LQ sample available at this page — could you suggest them to contact me, please?