I still haven’t screencapped all the Harlequin comics left from last summer shopping spree. Gosh, this is so hopeless… In my defense, there are not a lot left, about 20 or 30, I think. But I keep buying more, crazy collector me!

Alright, this is the new batch I’m adding to my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection page (details, information and samples available there) :

Harlequin comics

  1. Susan Kearney & MIYAMOTO Karin: Royal Target
  2. Amy Fetzer & MORI Motoko: Undercover Marriage
  3. Jacqueline Baird & OGATA Hiromi: Picture of Innocence
  4. Barbara Shenck & AKINO Nanami: The Playboy and the Nanny
  5. Kate Hardy & MAKI Akemi: In the Gardener’s Bed
  6. Anne Mather & OHASHI Kaoru: His Forbidden Passion
  7. Tessa Radley & NOWAKI Nei: Spaniard’s Seduction
  8. Annette Broadrick & HOSHINO Masami: Danger Becomes You
  9. Josie Metcalfe & MIURA Hiroko: Her Longed-For Family
  10. Penny Jordan & UCHIDA Kazuna: The Marriage Demand
  11. Susan Napier & KURODA Kasumi: Secret Seduction
  12. Elizabeth Harbison & HAZAMA Kuremi: Wife Without a Past

And the non-Harlequin mangas:

  1. Linda Howard & SANAZAKI Harumo: After the Night (2 books)
  2. HASHIMOTO Takako: Koi wa Suteki na Mahou
  3. Elizabeth Boyle & NAKAMURA Chisato: Something About Emmaline (2 books) (scanlated)
  4. Elizabeth Boyle & NAKAMURA Chisato: This Rake of Mine (2 books)
  5. Jane Austen & MOCHIZUKI Reiko: Pride and Prejudice (2 books)
  6. Carla Kelly & KISHIDA Reiko: Reforming Lord Ragsdale
  7. MAFUNE Runoa & YAMADA Pan: Royal Prince no HatsukoiKyuutei Netsuai Romance
  8. NAGATANIEN Sakura & KOUZUKI Sachino: Keiyaku no KissDaifugou to Kizoku Reijou

If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

There are only 2 smutty additions this time: Royal Prince no Hatsukoi and Keiyaku no Kiss. Both are kinda disappointing for me, though they are sweet reads. I’m especially enthusiast about my Reforming Lord Ragsdale purchase. I’ve never read anything written by Carly Kelly, but this manga is sure something really different and lively. I’m not going to comment more about it though hope a scanlator or some publisher will decide to translate it because the manga is very good!

So, I’m gonna talk a little bit about my impressions about the 2 smutty mangas of my selection.

RcRoyal Prince no Hatsukoi – Kyuutei Netsuai Romance is very mild in fact. There’s only one sex scene at the end and it is rather tame.

Royal Prince no HatsukoiBoth manga and josei light novel versions are illustrated by Yamada Pan-sensei. I can’t say I’m too fond of that type of art style, but it’s cute.

With a crossdressing theme and a female lead enrolling into the Royal guard, I thought the heroine would be a headstrong lady fighting her own battles without anyone’s help like lady Oscar in Versailles no Bara.

But though the mangaka shows at the start that Cyril knows swordsmanship, there’s no ambiguity about her gender for everyone. She is a female guard. But in the one scene where the need to show her fencing skills becomes imperative, she’s just standing frozen all dolled up in her pretty military uniform while the prince she’s supposed to protect defeats their assailants, all by himself, in a show of male smugness.

Yeah, right… So much for expecting a heroine who wouldn’t be another damsel in distress to be saved by the hero…

Ah well, at least the romance is sweet and the background about the prince and Cyril’s first encounter adds even more sweetness. As for the plot, I don’t know what’s going on in this manga. There’s some sort of mystery.

I already wrote a similar note previously and am just pasting it again with a little change for the manga title.
I’m not sharing publicly the mangas I list in my Harlequin and romance mangas collection. The raws that belong to me personally are digital mangas that I screencap myself. Like I repeated again and again, they are exclusively for scanlators who would request them to work on translating them.
But if you’re curious about Royal Prince no Hatsukoi – Kyuutei Netsuai Romance, go to IcarusBride’s place. She shares her very own scans of the complete manga — the real printed book— so you can read it there.

Keiyaku no KissKeiyaku no Kiss — Daifugou to Kizoku Reijou light novel version is illustrated by Sugahara Ryu. Though I like this mangaka’s art style in her BL works, I wince a bit at her shota fetish and the cover of Keiyaku no Kiss — Daifugou to Kizoku Reijou shows a very lolita-ish heroine.

RcNow that I notice this, it makes me wonder if the story states that Julia — the female lead — looks more jailbait than barely legal because I also thought with a twinge of disappointment when I first looked at the manga version that Kouzuki Sachino-sensei drew a very “young” girl. I keep remembering the ample bossom of the curvaceous heroine in Arabian Romance ~ Hanayome wa Ou no Ude de Madoromu so Julia’s budding breasts and leaf thin petite body unsettle me a bit.

All in all, it is a sweet story. I guess I enjoyed so much Arabian Romance, I was sort of expecting the same type of crazy entertainment from Keiyaku no Kiss, but it is just a nice predictable erotic romance. At least, the sex is hot and at the same time heartwarming.