May 2015

The May releases is the last time I’m gonna list the Harlequin comics published in English. The publisher has announced on May 18 there will be releases every day starting from that date. I can well anticipate that I can’t keep up with daily releases and have a life. So this is the last time for good that I’m compiling the official English translated Harlequin comics into a post.

For the future, just go check at amazon which Harlequin comics are released.

May 1st

  1. Susan Fox & Hiroko Fukuhara: The Man She’ll Marry
  2. Jessica Steele & Kaya Tachibana: When The Loving Stopped
  3. Laura Wright & Azusa Kurokawa: Her Royal Bed
  4. Anne Ashley & Kaoru Shinozaki: Tavern Wench 2
  5. Barbara McMahon & Ryuko Tatsumi: The Nanny And The Sheikh
  6. Kate Walker & Megumi Toda: Cordero’s Forced Bride
  7. Nicola Marsh & Akemi Maki: Hired By Mr Right
  8. Carly Phillips & Kana Koishikawa: Simply Sinful
  9. Lee Wilkinson & Reiko Morisaki: Mistress Against Her Will
  10. Liz Fielding & Emiko Inoue: The Secret Life Of Lady Gabriella

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May 4th

  1. Susan Stephens & Ayumu Aso: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress
  2. Nicola Marsh & Takane Yonetani: Hot Nights With A Playboy
  3. Kay Thorpe & Mio Takai: Bought By A Billionaire
  4. Renee Roszel & Ayumi Sasaki: Getting Over Harry
  5. Mary Lyons & Harumo Sanazaki: Escape From The Harem


My wide screen monitor broke about a month ago. I can’t buy a new one right now and am using a spare smaller monitor. It takes me four to six times longer to screencapture a manga. But for now, I have to make do. This is forcing me to slow down my manga purchases, only buying those I absolutely want.
What a pain as campaigns and bargains fly out of my reach for lack of time.

Here are the latest additions to my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection (details, information and samples available there) :

Harlequin comics

  1. Emma Darcy & KOSAKI Kei: The Bedroom Surrender
  2. Kat Adams & AKINO Nanami: The Ace of Hearts
  3. Liz Fielding & MAKI Akemi: His Little Girl
  4. Penny Jordan & KONO Wakana: The Blackmail Baby
  5. Susan Napier & TAKAKURA Tomoko: Honeymoon Baby
  6. Michelle Reid & BEPPU Chizuko: The Ranieri Bride
  7. Lucy Gordon & OKAMOTO Keiko: Plain Jane in the Spotlight
  8. Karen Leabo & ORIHARA Mito: Beach Baby
  9. Debbie Macomber & SHINOZAKI Kaoru: Wanted: Perfect Partner
  10. Charlotte Lamb & HANABUSA Yoko: Desert Barbarian
  11. Susan Wiggs & KURODA Kasumi: Cinderfella
  12. Trish Morey & SASAKI Misuzu: Forced Wife, Royal Love-child
  13. Shari Anton & INOUE Emiko: Christmas at Wayfarer Inn
  14. Rebecca Winters & MAKI Akemi: The Duke’s Baby
  15. Diana Hamilton & FUJIWARA Motoyo: Bought: One Husband
  16. Melanie Milburne & TACHIBANA Mieko: The Fiorenza Forced Marriage
  17. Rosemary Carter & KISHIDA Reiko: Daredevil
  18. Catherine Spencer & MINATO Yoriko: The Costanzo Baby Secret
  19. Miranda Lee & JET: The Boss’s Baby
  20. Penny Jordan & NARUKAMI Yutta: A Savage Adoration
  21. Judy Christenberry & TAKAYAMA Mayu: The Bride’s Best Man
  22. Christie Ridgway & HANATSU Yoshiko: The Bridesmaid’s Bet
  23. Elizabeth Bevarly & OCHA Machiko: The Virgin and the Vagabond
  24. Jennifer Mikels & SHINOZAKI Kaoru: The Marriage Bargain
  25. Ann Major & HASHIMOTO Takako: Seize the Moment
  26. Emma Darcy & FUJIMOTO Sami: His Bought Mistress
  27. Heather MacAllister & HIGASHIZATO Kirico: Mr. December
  28. Nancy Warren & TAKAI Mio: Indulge

If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.