The May releases is the last time I’m gonna list the Harlequin comics published in English. The publisher has announced on May 18 there will be releases every day starting from that date. I can well anticipate that I can’t keep up with daily releases and have a life. So this is the last time for good that I’m compiling the official English translated Harlequin comics into a post.

For the future, just go check at amazon which Harlequin comics are released.

May 1st

  1. Susan Fox & Hiroko Fukuhara: The Man She’ll Marry
  2. Jessica Steele & Kaya Tachibana: When The Loving Stopped
  3. Laura Wright & Azusa Kurokawa: Her Royal Bed
  4. Anne Ashley & Kaoru Shinozaki: Tavern Wench 2
  5. Barbara McMahon & Ryuko Tatsumi: The Nanny And The Sheikh
  6. Kate Walker & Megumi Toda: Cordero’s Forced Bride
  7. Nicola Marsh & Akemi Maki: Hired By Mr Right
  8. Carly Phillips & Kana Koishikawa: Simply Sinful
  9. Lee Wilkinson & Reiko Morisaki: Mistress Against Her Will
  10. Liz Fielding & Emiko Inoue: The Secret Life Of Lady Gabriella

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May 4th

  1. Susan Stephens & Ayumu Aso: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress
  2. Nicola Marsh & Takane Yonetani: Hot Nights With A Playboy
  3. Kay Thorpe & Mio Takai: Bought By A Billionaire
  4. Renee Roszel & Ayumi Sasaki: Getting Over Harry
  5. Mary Lyons & Harumo Sanazaki: Escape From The Harem

May 6th

  1. Barbara McMahon & Yumi Imamura: The Husband Campaign
  2. Charlotte Lamb & Kei Kosaki: The Girl From Nowhere
  3. Patti Standard & Mihoko Hirose: Pretty As A Picture
  4. Diana Hamilton & Kazumi Tojyou: A Husband’s Price
  5. Catherine George & Ao Chimura: The Rich Man’s Bride

May 8th

  1. Maggie Cox & Hiromi Ogata: Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife
  2. Sandra Marton & Natsue Ogoshi: The Sheikh’s Convenient Bride
  3. Rebecca Winters & Motoko Mori: The Royal Marriage Arrangement
  4. Rebecca Winters & Motoko Mori: Italian Groom, Princess Bride
  5. Julia James & Kazumi Kamiya: The Greek’s Virgin Bride

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May 11th

  1. Penny Jordan & Takako Hashimoto: A Royal Bride At The Sheikh’s Command
  2. Julie Elizabeth Leto & Noriko Hara: Insatiable
  3. Tiffany White & Mayu Sakura: Male For Sale
  4. Maggie Cox & Ryo Takumi: Public Mistress, Private Affair
  5. Susanne McCarthy & Soraha Himura: His Perfect Wife

May 13th

  1. Caroline Anderson & Misuzu Sasaki: The Tycoon’s Instant Family
  2. George Catherine & Yoko Hanabusa: Devil Within
  3. Lynne Graham & JET: The Disobedient Mistress
  4. Jacqueline Baird & Karan Dan: The Billionaire’s Blackmailed Bride
  5. Sandra Field & Maoko Nagasaki: The Tycoon’s Virgin Bride

May 15th

  1. Trish Morey & Masako Sone: For Revenge…or Pleasure?
  2. Kate Hardy & Rurika Fuyuki: Surrender To The Playboy Sheikh
  3. Deborah Simmons & Satomi Tsuya: The Companion
  4. Day Leclaire & Kaishi Sakuya: The Bride’s Proposition
  5. Audra Adams & Kasumi Kuroda: Rich Girl, Bad Boy

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May 18th

  1. Penny Jordan & JET: The Sheikh’s Blackmailed Mistress
  2. Marion Lennox & Shoko Kuriki: Wanted: Royal Wife And Mother
  3. Robyn Grady & Midori Seto: Naughty Nights In The Millionaire’s Mansion
  4. Shirley Jump & Akiko Miyagi: The Bridesmaid And The Billionaire

May 19th

  1. Raye Morgan & Yukako Midori: Bride By Royal Appointment
  2. Emma Darcy & Yumiko Igarashi: The Impossible Woman

May 20th

  1. Elizabeth Mayne & Amii Hayasaka: Heart Of The Hawk 1
  2. Carole Mortimer & Emiko Inoue: His Very Personal Assistant

May 21st

  1. Suzanne Brockmann & Min Kyuka: Letters To Kelly
  2. Barbara McMahon & Mizuho Ayabe: The Pregnancy Promise

May 22nd

  1. Robyn Donald & Yoko Iwasaki: Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife

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