August 2015

I feel like an utter failure. Don’t laugh but despite my efforts to scan the Harlequin comics purchased a year ago, there are still some left unattended. I’m terrible, buying more and more and unable to find the time to screencapture them all in my greed. I try, I swear that I try!

Well, in the meantime, I’m adding this batch to my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection page (details, information and samples available there) :

Harlequin comics

  1. Jill Shalvis and INOUE Emiko: Blind Date Disasters
  2. Kim Lawrence and KUREBAYASHI Tsukiko: Luca’s Secretary Bride
  3. Olivia Gates and TODA Megumi: The Sheikh’s Redemption
  4. Jennifer Taylor and WAZUMI Fusako: Jungle Fever
  5. Karen Templeton and IDE Chikae: Honky-tonk Cinderella
  6. Michelle Reid and AI Marito: House of Glass
  7. Sharon Kendrick and ASO Ayumu: The Greek Tycoon’s Baby Bargain
  8. Amanda Browning and KOBAYASHI Hiromi: His After-Hours Mistress
  9. Christine Rimmer and HOSHIAI Misao: Prince and Future… Dad?
  10. Sandra Marton and TODA Megumi: The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife
  11. Jennie Adams and NATSUMI Rin: Nine-to-Five Bride
  12. Linda Goodnight and NOWAKI Nei: Her Prince’s Secret Son
  13. Betty Neels and ISHIKAWA Mami: Love Can Wait
  14. Jennie Lucas and IKEZAWA Satomi: To Love, Honor and Betray
  15. Chantelle Shaw and KOHAKU Yu: The Greek’s Acquisition
  16. Jane Donnelly and KUREBAYASHI Tsukiko: Max’s Proposal
  17. Sharon Kendrick and NANAHOSHI Sae: A Tainted Beauty
  18. Chantelle Shaw and HORI Erio: Untouched Until Marriage
  19. Kate Hardy and NAKAMURA Chisato: The Doctor’s Royal Love-child
  20. Heidi Rice and HASUMI Toi: Unfinished Business with the Duke
  21. Lynn Raye Harris and UCHIDA Kazuna: Revelations of the Night Before
  22. Jacqueline Baird and OKAMOTO Keiko: A Husband of Convenience
  23. Jessica Hart and FUMIZUKI Kyoko: The Convenient Fiancee
  24. Sarah Morgan and SAKURA Haruhi: A Bride for Glenmore
  25. Kim Lawrence and TSUYA Satomi: Maid For Montero
  26. Cathy Williams and SHINOHARA Masami: The Italian Billionaire’s Secret Love-child
  27. Heather MacAllister and KOBAYASHI Mine: The Paternity Plan
  28. Carol Marinelli and HANATSU Yoshiko: The Italian’s Touch

If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

But I’d really like for scanlators to look at the Romance mangas instead of the Harlequin ones. It’s not that I don’t like Harlequin comics. It’s just that they are now consistently translated and released by the publisher. So sooner or later, the Harlequin manga you’re interested in will be officially translated. In comparison, the Romance mangas are hardly picked up by anyone so far.

It’s been a while I haven’t shared something naughty. Surprise! I’ve just uploaded a new batch of smutty mangas. Not here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Don’t ask. Search a little around, you’ll find.

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  1. Himegimi wa Dare no Mono! by ADUMI Yuu
  2. Midara – Yajuu na Otouto na Amai Oshioki by ADUMI Yuu
  3. Ouji-sama ni Chu by HORI Erio
  4. Furachi na Bodyguard by HORI Erio
  5. Sefure no Hinkaku volume 1 to 7, by MINATO Yoriko
  6. Yuuwaku x Session by MINADUKI Kano
  7. Kikan Gentai Kaikan Tsuki!! by IBUKI Misato
  8. Love Stoic by YUUKI Hazumi
  9. Rakuen de Matte Ite by AIDA Sachiko
  10. Teiou no Okiniiri by AIDA Sachiko
  11. Jewelry Designer wa Romanticist by YUUKI Rion
  12. Nikushoku Danshi ni Taberarete by MIZUGUCHI Maiko
  13. Tsuki ni Kuchizuke by AMANO Chigiri
  14. Lion by HINASE Yuuki
  15. 100-nen Romance by SENKAWA Natsumi
  16. Cinderella, an Oppressed Bride by HAZUKI Tsuyako
  17. Kuruwa Genji by BANDOH Iruka
  18. Sleeping Beauty in the Lewd Dream by HAZUKI Tsuyako
  19. Madame Pearl by IKESUMI Chieko
  20. Die goldene Gans by TAKEZAKI Mami

You have until August 31 to grab them. Past that date, the links will be removed.

Have a nice summer holiday. ^_^