Here comes the new batch of naughtiness for this year Halloween. Don’t ask where to get them, I won’t answer except to say they aren’t here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Search a little around, you’ll find.

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  1. Aigan Danshi, by Adumi Yuu
  2. Hard-boiled ni Aisaretai, by Magami Ray
  3. Mou Kodomo ja Nai!, by Nami Rinko
  4. Jirashi Jouzu na Yubisaki, by Kujyo Takaomi
  5. The Bloody Kiss, by Tatsumoto Mio
  6. Gekkou Romance Koi Engi, by Satora Meu
  7. Kami-sama Dou ka!, by Minaduki Kano
  8. Onii-chan no Ijiwaru, by Kodama Naoko
  9. Shinai~Mio to Ren no Monogatari~, by Masaki Kazuyoshi & Ouren
  10. St. Egotist, by Magami Ray
  11. Fushidara na Suit-tachi, by Motozaki Tsukiko
  12. Kedamono Ou-sama, by Ibuki Misato
  13. Rohas no Mori no Boukun Ouji volume 1 & 2, by Tanaka Rin
  14. Watashi no Dorei-kun, by Ibuki Misato
  15. Elite Gentei – Himitsu no Ikemensou, by Motozaki Tsukiko
  16. Koi wa Ninkyou, by Aiba Kyoko
  17. Sefure no Hinkaku volume 1 to 7, by Minato Yoriko
  18. Himitsu no Hanazono, by Sugimoto Farina
  19. Ijippari × Ijiwaru, by Amano Chigiri
  20. Kokoro Koto no Ha, by Senkawa Natsumi

As you can see, some are new, some are familiar.
You have until November 8 to grab them before I remove the links.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Happy Halloween to you all!

PS: I’ve never explained clearly why I consider some requests for reupload and ignore others. Thus I’ll say this once so you’ll know.
– I don’t reupload whole past sets. If you’re interested in a specific manga, name it.
– I prefer posting more “new mangas” than past uploads. So the reuploads don’t exceed one third of a batch.
– I don’t reupload mangas that have been licensed in English and released by the publisher.
– Scanlators’ requests are exceptions.