November 2015

I was planning to post this in December but only a few hours ago, a friend reminded me it’s Thanksgiving day in North America. So I’ve just decided to advance the sharing of this batch. You won’t find the mangas here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Don’t ask. Search a little around, you’ll find.

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  1. Sakuma Haruko: Oniichan, Sawatte?
  2. Magami Ray: Seishojo wa Yajuu ni Nureru
  3. Tatsumoto Mio: S to M no Kemono
  4. Kawashima Sai: Suki de Doushiyoumonai
  5. Minamoto Kazuki: Ikemen Wakashachou to Kindan no Heya
  6. Masaki Kazuyoshi: Mayoke Darling
  7. Harumiya Panda: Hatsujou Doberman
  8. Watayuki Shokora: Slow-Up My Girl
  9. Minaduki Kano: Kedamono Hitsuji no Emono
  10. Hori Erio: Sensei to Watashi
  11. Miyata Waltz: Hatsukoi Connect
  12. Shiga Sawori: Shachoushitsu de Hitorijime
  13. Minaduki Kano: Itoshi no Joker
  14. Aida Sachiko: Konya mo Kimi o Nemurasenai
  15. Hori Erio: Koneko-chan Kenshin Meirei
  16. Shiota Michiko: Hentai Kareshi Zukan
  17. Magami Ray: Milkyway Ecstasy
  18. Asaoka Akino: Autabi Anata wo Suki ni Naru
  19. Motozaki Tsukiko: Fushidara na Suit-tachi
  20. Senkawa Natsumi: 100-nen Romance

You have until the 10th of December to grab them. After that date, the links will be removed.

For those who celebrate this date, have a happy Thanksgiving day!

After reading the first chapter of Amelita’s Viewfinder fanfic Abduction, I couldn’t help sketching the silly piece at the bottom of this message. I’m not gonna post this to the Yamane com. Maybe it could offend some fans and I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling. This is just me going overboard goofy, inspired by this fanfic. At least, Amelita was positively amused.

Like all disclaimers, I swear I don’t own Viewfinder characters, they are Yamane-sensei’s properties. I used her own drawing for the chibi faces, all the nonsense around these faces are me fooling around with Amelita’s ideas (alien abduction — OMG tentacles! — , Katy Perry’s song E.T.) and my daft sense of humour. I really, really mean no harm.


A Dance Through TimeFor those of you who can read Italian, I’m sure you’ll end up finding this nice surprise. I just saw it looking at DC team’s place, where they have released the first chapter of Yume no Kishi ni Futatabi, aka A Dance Through Time, based on Lynn Kurland’s novel and illustrated by Tsuji Rikako.

I don’t know Italian myself. At least, I know French and some Spanish, and learned latin in my long gone junior high years. So even though I don’t understand everything, I can still vaguely grasp the meaning of the Italian translation.
A heartfelt thank you to the team. I wasn’t expecting them to release something so soon.

Now, if only some group or someone decides to start scanlating into English or French those Romance comics (based on Western works and original Japanese mangas) still sitting forlornly in my hard drive…