October 2016

Hello, the new set of raws is here!

Long time no see. I’ve been involved these last few months with scanlation… still am. So less time for screencapturing and sharing. But well, Halloween is coming very soon. My team mate allowed me a few days to myself — read she’s too busy with RL to translate — before returning to scanlation hell. So I decided to prep up a few scans for the smut fiends. ( ̄ω ̄)

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  1. TAKASUKA Chisa: Honey Hunt
  2. SHIOTA Michiko: Danna-sama wa Yakimochi Onzoushi!
  3. TSUKISHIMA Aya: Ore ni ochi na yo
  4. PIERRE Yamamoto: Magical Mint Night
  5. Ao Meguro: LOVE karute ~Koi no yamai wa shinkouchuu!~
  6. YAMADA Mei: Choukyou S Office
  7. MINAMOTO Kazuki: Gesu koi-kun no Karada ni koishiteru (DL LE)
  8. KIMI Sae: Kokoro no Kajitsu
  9. MINAMI Haruko: Kedamomo to Hanayome – Gouin Shachou no Kekkon Meirei
  10. NATSUO Kou: Souryo to riyuu ari hanayome
  11. DOUMORI Aji: Sukidakara×Sukinanoni
  12. AOYAMA Risa: Koi ni Ochitara
  13. YAMAGUCHI Nene: 2-kai ni Ichido wa Iki o Haku
  14. MEGUMI Kei: Kinai – Haitoku no Triangle
  15. HACHIKUMO Rin: Ijiwaru joushi to o miai sengen!!
  16. HINO Kaen: Kekkon Gokko.
  17. YOKODA Yoko: Katabutsu shachou no mitsuai ruumu
  18. TANAKA Minori: Itadakimasu!
  19. NATSUO Kou: S no Kagi M no Kagiana
  20. KOMADA Hachi: Kichiku Sensei no Ai Dorei

You will not find the mangas here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Don’t ask. Search a little around, you’ll locate them.
You have until November, 20 to get the whole batch. Past that date, the links will be removed.

Have a nice read!

[UPDATE 27/10/2016]Added part 99 to 102

I like a lot Kouduki-sensei’s art style —so lovely art!
I don’t post often about what I actually collect — aside from Harlequin and Romance comics, of course! I tend to grab whatever I find on the Internet, dump it somewhere in my hard drive and forget about it until something comes up reminding me I did get it.

I’m presently following a few series online, like the works released in the Next comics web magazine. It started because I saw one day Fleur, by Nagato Kayo. I still don’t know what’s going on in this series. So if you’d like to write a summary, I remind you that I’ve posted the raws of the first 3 volumes (digital versions) somewhere — not telling and don’t ask, if you search a bit you can find where they are.

But I’m digressing. I don’t know if anybody has already mentionned Kouduki-sensei’s sheikh theme recent work. It looks like it was out in January this year. I’m tempted to buy the digital version when there’ll be one if nobody posts scans of the physical book until then. For now, I’m sharing the free chapters I’ve collected online.


I’ve removed the links from volume 1 to 8 because someone has shared the scans of the printed books somewhere around the internet. Good hunting.

I’ll continue from volume 9 with the magazine releases until the scans for the tankoubon version appear somewhere.
I’ve already bought the first tankoubon, digital version, and am planning to purchase the rest of the series.

Title: Kokuyou no Sheikh wa Ai wo Sasayaku
Author: KOUDUKI Rin

VOLUME 1: part 1 to 7
VOLUME 2: part 8 to 14
VOLUME 3: part 15 to 21
VOLUME 4: part 22 to 32
I missed part 28 when it was released. From my vague memories, I think it was about 8-10 pages long.
VOLUME 5: part 33 to 45
VOLUME 6: part 46 to 59
VOLUME 7: part 60 to 72
VOLUME 8: part 73 to 85 (more…)

And here comes the chapter 3 of Reforming Lord Ragsdale! At long last!


Go find out the details of today’s release at PopiahL‘s place.

It is PopiahL’s first scanlation project, so I’m pointing to you that feedback is appreciated. A kind word or just a comment showing interest always do someone good.
(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Now, the part where we need everybody’s help.


About a month ago, PopiahL had tried reaching out to Transient Mirage, offering her translation services for the Wallflowers series. But no reply as of now. They haven’t been much active this year — their last post dates from January…

So I’m asking the people reading this message to pass the word that if someone possesses one or more books of the Japanese manga series and is willing to share the scans for a potential scanlation, could they please contact PopiahL at her site:

Old edition:

1. Kabe no Hana – Hishoyaka na Shoka no Yoru no / <壁の花>ひそやかな初夏の夜の (scanlated by Transient Mirage)
2. Kabe no Hana – Koi no Kaori wa Akikaze ni Notte / <壁の花>恋の香りは秋風にのって
3. Kabe no Hana – Fuyuzora ni mau tenshi to / <壁の花>冬空に舞う堕天使と
4. Kabe no Hana – Haru no Ame ni Nurete mo / <壁の花>春の雨にぬれても
5. Kabe no Hana no Seiya / 壁の花の聖夜


Or new edition:

1. Kabe no Hana – Hishoyaka na Shoka no Yoru no + Kabe no Hana – Koi no Kaori wa Akikaze ni Notte
2. Kabe no Hana – Fuyuzora ni mau tenshi to + Kabe no Hana – Haru no Ame ni Nurete mo + Kabe no Hana no Seiya


It seems relevant to give precedence to the Wallflowers series, since the first manga has already been scanlated. But PopiahL is actually interested in any Lisa Kleypas manga — if you’re a little curious, take a look at her deviations.
( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧