November is nearing. There’s not yet any release but I’m still gonna give you a list of a few upcoming ones.
When they’ll be officially out, wait a few days or weeks before these mangas are listed at amazon and other ebookstores.

I won’t keep listing the upcoming releases that I know about in the future so don’t get used to it. Some will be out very soon and I assume the rest will be out in the following weeks. I don’t know which ones are released when, that’s the publisher’s decision.


  1. Nina Harrington & Sara Nakayama: Tipping The Waitress With Diamonds
  2. Christina Hollis & Rinri Morioka: The French Aristocrat’s Baby
  3. Ally Blake & Yoshiko Hanatsu: Millionaire To The Rescue
  4. Penny Jordan & Akiko Miyagi: A Stormy Spanish Summer
  5. Jennie Adams & Motoyo Fujiwara: The Boss’s Unconventional Assistant
  6. Tracy Sinclair & Tsukiko Kurebayashi: Forgive And Forget
  7. Diana Hamilton & Saki Hanamure: A Spanish Vengeance
  8. Lynne Graham & Misao Hoshiai: The Frenchman’s Love-child
  9. Miranda Lee & Eve Takigawa: The Passion Price
  10. Susan Mallery & Hibiki Sakuraya: The Sheik And The Pregnant Bride
  11. Raye Morgan & Riho Sachimi: Found: His Royal Baby
  12. Lucy Monroe & Kei Kusunoki: Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess
  13. Penny Jordan & Natsue Ogoshi: Blackmailing The Society Bride
  14. Lori Foster & Yu Senke: Married To The Boss
  15. Leanne Banks & Miwa Tachiki: CEO’s Expectant Secretary
  16. Jessica Steele & Amu Taniguchi: Her Hand In Marriage
  17. Abby Green & Motoko Mori: The French Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress
  18. Jane Porter & Yukako Midori: Taken By The Highest Bidder
  19. Margaret Way & Yayoi Yoshida: Once Burned

Upcoming HQc
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Some I already bought as raws, some I’ve just bought. Guess one of these days, any raws I purchase will be already translated. That’s life. Doesn’t matter, I’m a collector, so I still want my raws.

Alright, October has started for me. I don’t believe I’ll continue updating the Harlequin comics releases in English.
Wait a few days or weeks before these mangas are listed at amazon and other ebookstores.

WEEK 1: Thursday

  1. Miranda Lee & JET: The Blackmailed Bridegroom
  2. Susan Mallery & Natsu Momose: High-powered, Hot-blooded
  3. Sara Craven & Yu Senke: The Innocent’s Surrender
  4. Melanie Milburne & Misuzu Sasaki: Bedded And Wedded For Revenge
  5. Jennifer Greene & Takako Hashimoto: Bachelor Mom
  6. Vicki Lewis Thompson & Riho Sachimi: Mr. Valentine
  7. Deborah Simmons & Yukako Midori: The Last Rogue

WEEK 2: Monday

  1. Tori Phillips & Kazuko Fujita: Fool’s Paradise 3
  2. Raye Morgan & Riho Sachimi: Abby And The Playboy Prince
  3. Lynne Graham & Kazuko Fujita: A Stormy Greek Marriage
  4. Cathy Williams & Toyo Isshiki: At The Italian’s Command
  5. Janette Kenny & Kinuko Nakayama: Captured And Crowned
  6. Emilie Rose & Satoru Nagasawa: Paying the Playboy’s Price
  7. Cindy Gerard & Yoshiko Hanatsu: Storm of Seduction
  8. Penny Jordan & Kaoru Shinozaki: Passion And The Prince


I’ve just uploaded the raws for these smutty joseis and shoujos. Not here, at ID romance junkie, but somewhere else. Don’t ask. Search a little around, you’ll find.

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  1. ARUMA Jirou: Ecchi na Ojou-sama to Shitsuji no Kindan Gohoushi
  2. MIKUNI Hajime: Kemono na Ouji-sama
  3. NATSUO Kou: Taiyou to tsuki ni koishite volume 2
  4. TAKAHASHI Itsumi: Shokuzai Maid no Amaigo Houshi
  5. MOMOKA Kou: Ijiwaru Ookami to Ojou-sama ~Ikemen Darake no Kenchiku Jimu~
  6. HINASE Yuuki: Gokigen Hachimitsu Holiday
  7. KAZAMA Kota: Ijiwaru Kare no Aishikata
  8. SAKURAI Mineko: Kimi no Monogatari Boku no Monogatari volume 1
  9. SENKAWA Natsumi: Kokoro Koto no Ha
  10. SENKAWA Natsumi: The Love Letter
  11. AIBA Kyoko: Koi wa Ninkyou
  12. IKESUMI Chieko: Madame Pearl
  13. TAKEZAKI Mami: Die goldene Gans
  14. BANDOH Iruka: Kuruwa Genji volume 1 to 3
  15. HAZUKI Tsuyako: Sleeping Beauty in the Lewd Dream

The files will be up for a week before I take down the links. Enjoy.

Have a happy Halloween everybody!
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Here we go again with a bunch of Harlequin comics I bought this summer. There are still over 40 mangas sitting in my account at that ebookstore where I got them and that I need to screencap.

Harlequin comics

  1. Myrna Mackenzie & SHINOZAKI Kakuko: At The Billionaire’s Bidding
  2. Robyn Donald & KAMIYA Kazumi: The Stone Princess
  3. Michelle Celmer & ASO Ayumu: An Affair With The Princess
  4. Susan Stephens & EIDA Kyoko: Count Maxime’s Virgin
  5. Lynne Graham & HASHIMOTO Takako: A Mediterranean Marriage
  6. Christina Hollis & OGURA Tsukushi: The Count of Castelfino
  7. Lindsay Armstrong & UINO Rio: The Billionaire Boss’s Innocent Bride
  8. Kathryn Jensen & SATO Tomoko: I Married A Prince
  9. Abby Green & NANAHOSHI Sae: The Legend of de Marco
  10. Sarah Holland & HAMADA Rieko: Red-hot Lover
  11. Alaina Hawthorne & TAKAKURA Tomoko: Make-believe Bride
  12. Maggie Cox & EIDA Kyoko: The Rich Man’s Love-child
  13. Jessica Hart & YONETANI Takane: Newlyweds of Convenience
  14. Kim Lawrence & YUMI Eko: Mistress by Mistake
  15. Emilie Rose & ICHINOSEKI Rinko: Scandalous Passion
  16. Marie Ferrarella & TODA Megumi: The Bachelor
  17. Vicki Lewis Thompson & KODA Ikuko: Every Woman’s Fantasy
  18. Sarah Holland & OGOSHI Natsue: The Dominant Male
  19. Jackie Braun & HIMURA Soraha: The Game Show Bride
  20. Kim Lawrence & OGATA Hiromi: Under The Spaniard’s Lock And Key

And the non-Harlequin mangas:

  1. Olivia Christine & HIDAKA Nanao: Oujo to Bodyguard
  2. SANAZAKI Harumo: Prince to Ai no Kaori
  3. YANAGIWARA Ichihi & TOMOI Miho: Counterclockwise Waltz
  4. Julianne Maclean & SASAKI Misuzu: Be My Prince
  5. SAKAI Miwa: Gouman Sheikh ni Goyoujin
  6. Zoe Akins & Katherine Albert & Dale Eunson & TAKAYAMA Mayu: How to Marry a Millionaire
  7. Barbara Cartland & SAGARA Kyoko: A World of Love
  8. Lynn Kurland & TSUJI Rikako: A Dance Through Time (2 books)

Details, information and samples are available at my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection page. If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.

September has started. I don’t know if I’ll list all books yet or just those I notice from time to time, as there’ll be bi-weekly releases at Ballons & Chapters from now on. It’s too time consuming and real life and other hobbies occupy already a bit part of my time. At least for this month, I’ll try to list everything in a simplified version. But after that, I’ll see.
Wait a few more days to find them listed at amazon and other ebookstores later.

WEEK 1: Monday

  1. Tessa Radley & MIDORI Yukako: The Apollonides Mistress Scandal
  2. Tessa Radley & MIDORI Yukako: The Desert Bride of Al Zayed
  3. Kim Lawrence & SAKURA Haruhi: Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon
  4. Sylvia Andrew & HARA Chieko: Annabelle 1
  5. Sylvia Andrew & HARA Chieko: Annabelle 2
  6. Michelle Reid & ITO Kako: The Marriage Surrender
  7. Lynne Graham & ASOU Ayumu: The Greek Tycoon’s Blackmailed Mistress

WEEK 1: Thursday

  1. Sarah Morgan & Miyako Fujiomi: Italian Doctor, Sleigh-bell Bride
  2. Tessa Radley & Yukako Midori: The Kyriakos Virgin Bride
  3. Michelle Celmer & Ayumu Aso: An Affair With The Princess
  4. Michelle Reid & Junko Murata: Ethan’s Temptress Bride
  5. Linda Goodnight & Naoko Kubota: The Millionaire’s Nanny Arrangement
  6. Michelle Reid & Min Kyuka: The Markonos Bride
  7. Jacqueline Baird & Hiromi Ogata: The Greek Tycoon’s Love-child
  8. Abby Green & Aya Tsukishima: Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress


Arabian PearlYou know, Arabian Pearl is being scanlated by Decadence Scans, who have recently merged with their sister group Transcendence.

So the lovely ladies from Decadence/Transcendence have just released the second chapter of it. My, that’s one smutty part!
What am saying, the whole manga is smutty anyways!

Needless to say that I enjoyed greatly understanding the back story for those dirty bits. LOL.
Go to Transcendence have a look at the latest chapter if you haven’t yet, and thank the scanlator for their nice job.

Here we go with some of the Harlequin comics I bought this summer. There are still over 50 of them that I haven’t found the time to screencap yet.

Harlequin comics

  1. Sarah Morgan & TAMAI Makiko: The Greek’s Blackmailed Wife
  2. Jo Leigh & KOHSAKI Kei: Ms. Match
  3. Kasey Michaels & SACHIMI Riho: Bachelor on the Prowl
  4. Jessica Steele & TOMOI Miho: A Nine-to-Five Affair
  5. Penny Jordan & INOUE Emiko: A Secret Disgrace
  6. Maureen Child & BEPPU Chizuko: Have Bride, Need Groom
  7. Jackie Braun & ASO Ayumu: The Tycoon’s Christmas Proposal
  8. Roxanne St.Claire & HANATSU Yoshiko: Like A Hurricane
  9. Helen Brooks & KAMIYA Kazumi: The Bride’s Secret
  10. Sara Craven & NATSUMI Rin: One Reckless Night
  11. Sherryl Woods & YOSHIDA Yayoi: Marrying A Delacourt
  12. Ruth Ryan Langan & SACHIMI Riho: Rory
  13. Miranda Lee & JET: Love-slave to the Sheikh
  14. Marion Lennox & FUJIOMI Miyako: Rescue At Cradle Lake
  15. Betty Neels & SHINOZAKI Kaoru: The Promise of Happiness
  16. Deborah Simmons & HIDAKA Nanao: The Unexpected Guest
  17. Penny Jordan & HIMEKI Kaori: Time Fuse
  18. Metsy Hingle & IIZUKA Akiko: Wife with Amnesia
  19. Jennie Lucas & OGATA Rin: The Virgin’s Choice
  20. Lucy Gordon & TAMAI Makiko: The Pregnancy Bond
  21. Michelle Celmer & SAKURANO Nayuna: The Oilman’s Baby Bargain
  22. Sara Craven & FUJITA Kazuko: Count Valieri’s Prisoner
  23. Anna Cleary & SHINOZAKI Kakuko: My Tall Dark Greek Boss
  24. Sara Craven & UESUGI Kanako: The Highest Stakes of All
  25. Gail Ranstrom & TSUYA Satomi: Saving Sarah (2 books)
  26. India Grey & KIRISAKA Mao: Her Last Night of Innocence
  27. Nancy Warren & AMANO Nasuno: Under the Influence
  28. Anne Stuart & HASHIMOTO Takako: A Dark & Stormy Night

Details, information and samples are available at my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection page. If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.


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